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2. 3. Setting We have decided to choose an autumnal, forest setting. We will experiment with filming at different times of day e.g. sunset, duskA forest scene represents an artistic image. My music video research has inspired me to use a forest scene, as it perfectly represents the rock/alternative/indie genre of music.Having a street scene will represent the rebellious side of the band the rock side to their music.The fireworks are something we hope to work with. It will look very dramatic, and again very artistic, which is definitely what we want the music video to present. 4. Wardrobe We have decided to stick to a simple wardrobe styling for the band.Blacks, whites and greys. T-shirts, shirts and jeans. Anything bright would detract from the rock/alternative genre, which conventionally sticks to our chosen colour scheme.We have stuck to a reasonably broad styling brief smart casual. We want to have the personality of the band shine through, with the common conventions of rock and alternative music videos still there. 5. Props/other The song we have chosen to use is called Matches so fire is a necessity!Sparklers, fireworks, candles and of course matches.The fire will add drama to the music video, which will capture the attention of the audience.