MOOCs a gogo: a practical introduction

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Transcript of MOOCs a gogo: a practical introduction

DAE Tuesdays

@The Level


Provide first class knowledge to students and lecturers in the domain of Digital Arts and Entertainment (broadly speaking)

Create a community of interested people who want to know more than what traditional lectures can provide

Bridging gaps between school and industry, between lecturers and students or between different curricula


First class knowledge

Create a community

Bridging gaps


Possible speakers

Ghislaine Chabert Immersive experiences through screens University of Savoie

Leslie Vandenbroeck 3D sculpturer - Former-DAE student

Poria Torkan Guerilla games showcase

David Claerbout Claerbout studios

Tim Vandeguchte IP problematic for starters

and lots more

Screen experiences

3D character artist

Guerilla Games producer

Video artist

And now ...

Session 1



The Case of Coursera

The Case of Coursera


Educational Utopia?

How to remediate?

No problem as long as it lastsA regular school can provide thisWhen integratedin a school infrastructureis dependableThis is alsochecked on aschool levelCombine toenhanceThis is a need for all learningSolution: create thebest of both worldsby integrating the MOOC experience in a traditional schoolenvironment


General principles

Autonomy: decide for yourself

Mastery: enhance your skill and knowledge

Purpose: your life's mission


Time based: start and ends

Weekly videos, quizzes and assignments

Larger assignments use peer assessment (multi faceted)

Certification of accomplishment


Some examples on Coursera

Some examples on Coursera

Some examples on Coursera

Some examples on UDacity

Some examples on EDx

For whom?

For students

LearnGet a broader perspective

Enhance your classical lectures

ExcelLearn from the best

Become the best: form elite study groups with a common interest

Prepare for a future study career?

For educators

LearnKeep up to date

Broaden your perspective

UseUse as study material for your students

Create and organize study groups


To big a
MOOC for you?


A smaller alternative

Fitting to your needs

How does TED-Ed work?


Course builder



To MOOC or not to MOOC,that is not the question.

How to MOOC,that is the question.