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  • MONTY&


  • Richard Price, Second House

  • Nicholas Ashby

  • Melbourne State of Design 2009

    Space Re Place*

    The proposal is to span as a wall across the whole of one of the smaller rooms,

    A banner/flag/billboard/notice of presence/curtain/headdress/hat/gang patch/colour/jersey/logo/entry.

    Made of liquid colour and lit from behind.At room scale made of hand scale pieces.


    !DOCTYPE httt PUBLIC -//W3C//DTD XHTML//EN design.for.change//proposal/_/22/junE//.{N_A}>

  • D I YA studio in Hastings with Melanie Dodd

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    We would like to imagine the housing out Hastings ways to be all beachy, quaint, timber, modest and simple.But really, I didnt think it look much different to the city suburbs.Lots of crappy new polystyrene houses with porticos and Bunnings water features out front, right next to thedouble/triple car garage.The old 60s housing is cool though, cute, plenty of asbestos, gardens, hills hoists, plenty of room to pitch a tent out back/front.but there doesnt seem to be that many of these..- Lots of lace curtains, everywhere, every window has them, no matter what the house is like, new, old, fancy, un fancy, they all have dolly granny lace in the window. People must really not want to see outside, of maybe they just dont want glare on the TV, maybe they are all grannies.. Everyone has at least 7 cars per person, and then at least 9 more either on blocks or just left in the rain with more rust than Wood Marsh.So for all these cars people seem to have big double/triple garages, but then they must fill their garages with junk and pool tables as all the cars are parked on the grass verge or the front lawn,Front Lawn, its also a pretty key suburban speciality for Australia.I couldnt see any evidence of any of these front lawns getting used for anything other than storing cars though, which just seems like a waste of space, but then maybe not, space is cheap out there and you have to put cars somewhere..I find myself constantly comparing what I see in West Park to the terrace house I live in here in Carlton, we dont have front lawns around here, we dont really have back ones either. But then half of us dont even have cars.My house doesnt have a front fence, and neither do half the houses in West Park, so thats one thing we have in common..At my house here in Carlton, there is only one way in, you come through the person sized gate and up to the front door, there is about 3m between the front door and the road.

    Nearly all the houses in Hastings have big wide concrete driveways, and the fences wrapall round so the only way in is up the big drive to the garage, and then there is either a door just off to the side or some have access through the garage itself as well.By-passing the entrance altogether.The new plots are interesting as well, they are clear, obviously, but they have the driveways built already, so the whole house design starts with how the car arrives at it..The garages themselves, in the new houses are those odd

    integrated ones

    The houses that havent had them built from day one just have those prefab, kit-set steel ones made by Bluescope (Rainbow) down the road. Efficient, cheap, easy to build, can be erected by anyone. Butnobody parks in them anyway so it doesnt really matter,.Then there is the caravan park,

    I visited one of them, great little houses on portable steel frames, their portability again seems ironic as it seems they dont move them very much,

    Most people seem to stay close to 15 years.

    And oddly enough the main complaint of one of the residents I talked to was that feeling of unease about the parks permanence, not knowing whether they will be there next month, concerns over rent increases, park sale etc. The people that live there took great care as well in building up their gardens perfectly around their caravans, in a way anchoring them, as you really cant move a caravan if youreimmaculately attended-to garden is in the way, then base boards to

    cover up the wheels and plenty of seashell wind chimes and you wouldnt think they could move at all..And obviously corrugated iron is pretty popular,Its a bit of a stereotype now but its the perfect material really if it rains a lot, if youre going to put it together yourself, you dont have all that much money and you want a fancy clean colour.So why not just use it, using anything else would be like ordering the spaghetti from a Thai restaurant.And the Bluescope plant is next door.

  • *Big garages with big doors, big drives and big fore-shores.

    He plays drums, Yea I made it last year, its a kangaroo.(letterbox)

    Burt Munro lived in his garage and he had a lemon tree

    My dog lived in the shed and Mum said he was part of the family

    My housemate is a scientist.

    She could always see me coming through that lace, if not, she would hear my car.

    People make caravans feel like home

    Eaves? na, we have awnings.

    lemons Green.dishwashers distance,

    laced station.

    I wear flames and skulls,

    drink red bull.


    .//$329*$350(set) **$400$569*$619$290*/$155$59$135$50



    .somewhere around the $35,000mark.probably $50,000 ++ with concrete services etc.+ youll be want-ing some floor-ing probably and turf, drive fencing etc.





    W08 W06 W01

    D04 D03 D01 D02 D05


    W02W05 W10 W03W09

    $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ //Single Garage with 1 x tilt/door- inclusive of all fixings, 3 x portal frames, super purlins, & cliplock colourbond cladding (full courbond colour range) /extra steel portal frame/extra tilt/door/AC face, outdoor grade treaded plywood from local + imported timber_2.4 x 1.2_$34.14/m/Pink Batts (Walls) 65mm_$47.36 per/pack (16)_$5.92/m//typical wall and ceiling area=59.6m2


    Win-dows +Doors



    .$3290...$320.$465.$1860 (full shed).$284.16

    aprox $6250 x 5 +/- some stuff =$31,250

    In a dumb attempt to domesticate this suburban

    family of kit set garages, doors and windows, all sourced

    from ebay, have been built in where required. For folk that prefer tiled pitched roofs and

    mouldings on their doors, recycled fittings only seemed


  • Tell us about your lace?Lace speaks a lot for the obsessive privacy of much of suburbia. Residents tendency to cover a window even when they want it open or to decorate or fancy a view less picturesque. Lace is pretty none the less and the nostalgia of lace strung curtains above a kitchen sink is as important as the old sash frames they blow in front of. A house without eves needs eves, in this case awnings are easiest, only where needed, plus one for the front door. They are striped only because I like stripes.

  • World - Architecture - Workshop - 09

    Post - Oil - Cities

  • World - Architecture - Workshop - 09

    Post - Oil - Cities

    Yes exactly - why not just take one step out of the process by using the wind to move yourself in the first place?It just seems stupid not to use wind when travelling over an ocean from country to country instead of relying on fuel, when the wind is there, its making the journey with you anyway.

    Ah..... kinda, more the infrastructure for them.As soon as we had cars, petrol and tankers, the port became a changeover point, containers being taken straight from boat to truck to be delivered straight to warehouse. Before this the docks, would sell and distribute to sellers, store, warehouse, pack, exchange, sort etc, etc, etc.So Docklands became redundant because theres no holding and sorting in the city any more. Heaps of shit used to go down at Docklands - it was a dock, like in the movies, with gangsters and markets. So it was abandoned and the port slowly moves away from the city. If docks become important again, it seems obvious to use Docklands as a dock once more as its already set up for it.

    So as a result, what was your architectural proposal? The architectural proposal was to reinstate Docklands as a port and at the same time to integrate what it is currently trying to be, a city. The idea of having the industrial and commercial port functioning at sea level going straight up into the city above. And it relates to everyones obsession with high density and mixing program, blending it up into one tight little nugget. I also dont see why it wasnt even just a little like that in the first place. I strongly feel they could have incorporated a bit more of Docklands history when they did the Masterplan, with a market, a ferry terminal, using the wharfs and the water etc.With a lot of big cities - the harbour is the centre. Sydney is a good example. Melbourne doesnt really have that. There was nowhere to look to, no crux, which was why Federation Square came about. Here the industrial marketplace is a dock and becomes the focus, as it was in history, and is commonly is the place of most activity. If a dock is active 24-7 it is always populated and busy and naturally becomes a focal point.So talk me through some of the images you generated as a result.Utopias, pyramids, grand scale epic interventions.Boats are fucking awesome. Thats a duck boat. Some Swedish guys started putting giant kites up the front of cargo ships to save something like 20 percent on fuel costs per trip.

    Jacques Cousteau made a boat with two aeroplane wings, no sails to rip no rigging to tangle, he was a guru.In a timeline,