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    OCTOBER 2020

    State Advocate - Brian Dukart Brother Knights, If you have submitted the Service Program Personal Report Form 365, emails have started coming from supreme to the Program Director, Community Director and Family Director on information to complete the safe environment and background checks. These are important to complete right away as you have 30 days to finish the training. If you have not received an email from supreme, please let me know and I will have them resend the information. Again, this is very urgent as it is a requirement to receive Star Council. I check these reports weekly and if a council is not compliant I will make phone calls to see what questions you might have. The requirement is more vital than ever, not only as an obligation to the order but also to help protect our youth. Please contact me with any questions. Vivat Jesus!

    Membership - Brian Kingsley, Membership Director Father McGivney Beatification Recruitment Contest To honor the upcoming beatification of our Founder Fr. Michael J. McGivney which will be held on October 31, 2020, State Deputy Mike Steiner and I developed the following recruitment contest. The primary objectives of the contest is to grow membership in our order and drive participation at our annual convention that will be held in Minot on April 16-18, 2021. What a great way to honor the beatification of our founder by bringing new members into our order. Here are the details of the contest: Contest rules:

    1. Running September 21, 2020 thru October 31, 2020.

    2. Primary focus will be on new member recruit- ment and getting them into our local councils.

    3. A member must show in your council roster, so if you recruit online, they must be moved into your council for them to count.

    4. Each council recruiting 3 new members will each receive 1 paid Single Registration to the state convention April 16-18, 2021. Form 100’s need to be sent

    to [email protected] and [email protected] or if a member is transferred into a council

    from the online portal, you need to notify the state

    membership Director so it can be tracked and claim

    your entry.

    “God With Us”


    Program - Kevin Cowles, Program Director

    Worthy Brother Knights,

    As the summer starts to get away from us and fall is definitely in the air, now is the perfect time to begin thinking about your Coats for Kids orders. By ordering your coats early, you will be able to rest easy knowing that you will already have coats on hand when the weather starts to get cold. The Knights of Columbus launched the Coats for Kids program to ensure that every child in need would have access to a warm winter coat. Since the program started in 2009, councils have purchased and distributed more than 500,000 new winter coats to children throughout North America. For more information about the Coats for Kids program visit For pricing and ordering information please visit Supplies Online via officers online on the Supreme website. Coats for Kids is a featured program so remember to check the requirements for the number of coats purchased to qualify for the double credit on your councils SP-7 application.

    Oct. 2020 1-2 6340 Reynolds

    3-4 11714 Thompson

    5-6 13670 Cooperstown

    7-8 782 Fargo

    9-10 6570 Fargo

    11-12 9126 Fargo

    13-14 9477 Casselton

    15-16 10982 Fargo

    17-18 6465 West Fargo

    19-20 7083 Fargo

    21-22 9642 West Fargo

    23-24 11930 Fargo

    25-26 2205 Wahpeton

    27-28 4778 Lidgerwood

    29-30 5451 Lisbon

    31-1 10989 Forman

    October 2020

    1-2 5490 Gladstone 3-4 6308 Dickinson 5-6 1515 Dickinson 7-8 9950 Dickinson 9-10 2826 Mott 11-12 5477 Lefor 13-14 9675 New England 15-16 9948 Regent 17-18 4004 Glen Ullin 19-20 4185 Richardton 21-22 8313 Hazen 23-24 8953 Beulah 25-26 2760 Mandan 27-28 4974 Flasher 29-30 6186 Mandan 31-1 14816 Mandan


    mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

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    Worthy Brother Knights Our Brother Knights in North Dakota and throughout our Great Order have had to adjust to the “new normal” brought about due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. As Brother Knights we are a ready to step up to the challenge during these trying times…..we need to focus not on what we “can’t do” but rather focus on what we “can do” during these times. As Knights of Columbus there is much that we can still accomplish:

     “ASK” a follow Catholic man to join our Order

     Conduct food drives

     Support local blood drives

     Support Pro-Life causes (Novena for the Cause of Life) From Oct. 4-12, I invite you to join our brother Knights and all Catholics in a Novena for the Cause of Life. Through this novena, which features the teachings of Pope Francis on the sanctity of all human life, we can deepen our commitment to the Gospel of Life and support the most vulnerable through prayer. I ask that you encourage the councils to support this powerful opportunity as we unite in prayer to end abortion, euthanasia and other social ills that result in broken families and unhappiness and which threaten the most vulnerable. For additional information please go the

    October District Tours Oct. 12 District 12 7:00 pm Oct. 25 District 14 1:00 pm Oct . 25 District 10 5:30 pm (Other Districts will be scheduled /rescheduled)

    State Deputy - Mike Steiner

    The defense of life and the promotion of human dignity in every stage and condition

    are preeminent concerns of the Knights of Columbus and the entire Church.

    From October 4-12, during Respect Life Month, Knights are called to join all Catholics in prayer

    with Pope Francis for an end to abortion, euthanasia and the many social ills that bring illness,

    broken families, unhappiness and premature death, especially for the most vulnerable.

    During each unique day of the novena, you can reflect on a quote selected from the teaching

    of Pope Francis on the sanctity of life, pray a decade of the rosary, and conclude with St. John

    Paul II’s prayer from Evangelium Vitae. By reflecting on the teachings of Pope Francis and call-

    ing upon the help of Our Lady for 9 days, we can deepen our commitment to the Gospel of Life

    and support the most vulnerable through prayer. The prayers and reflection for the novena can

    be found at the Supreme website:

    Sign up to receive the novena prayer each day.


    OCTOBER 4-12