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  1. 1. *APPLICATION OF LIMITS IN SOFTWARE ENGINEERING. Group members: *Moneeba Anwar. *Romaisa waheed. *aimal khan.
  2. 2. KEY POINTS IN PRESENTATION limits in switch statement. limits in loops. limits in if else statement. limits in arrays. limits in classes. memory limits in windows. pc time limits and algorithm stability. limits in over flow under flow .
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION TO LIMITS. definition: A point or a level beyond which something does not exceed . 0r limit of f(x) is such that x approaches a is l. limitx->af(x)=l.
  4. 4. EXPLANATION OF LIMITS. The limit of the function shows the behavior of the function when the value in domain f(x) either become very small or very large. A limit describes the behavior of a dependent variable when its independent variable takes extreme values.
  5. 5. EXAMPLES OF LIMITS. lets consider this function : y = 1/x. As you know, this typical function is not defined at x = 0 because the division by zero is not admitted in real numbers. Therefore we cannot compute the value of y when x = 0. However, we can observe how the function behaves near x = 0 : this is the concept of limit. Lets see how this function behaves when x approaches zero from the right: limx->0+ 1/x = infinity. we uses limit in speed as time approaches to zero .the formula is shown as v t0 = distance /time. which is called instantaneous velocity .
  6. 6. + Applications of limits
  7. 7. LIMITS IN SWITCH STATEMENT. In switch we use cases which limitize the user to use either one of any case.
  8. 8. A so in this way we can use limits in switch statements to solve programing problems.
  9. 9. LIMITS IN LOOP. The use of limits in for loop for(i=0;i