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Monarchy Period. Return to Canaan. Return under Joshua’s leadership Wage war against other groups Philistines in the east are particularly threatening Control iron. Religion and Society During this Time. Judges (Elders) ruled over each tribe Laws from the Pentateuch Mosaic Covenant. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Monarchy Period

Question of a King

Monarchy PeriodHistorical BooksBooks of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings provide history of IsraelKnown by scholars as Deuteronomistic HistoryTheological bias

Settling in Joshua and JudgesEvidence of new settlement in the highlands Some distinctive architecture: 4 room house and layout Some distinctive potteryMerneptahs stele (1207) mentions IsraelQuestion: How did they settle in Israel?

Return to CanaanReturn under Joshuas leadershipWage war against other groupsPhilistines in the east are particularly threateningControl iron

Religion and Society During this TimeJudges (Elders) ruled over each tribeLaws from the PentateuchMosaic Covenant

Question of KingshipTwo Groups:Group A: Monarchy is a gift from God

Group B: Monarchy is an insult to Gods authority

Period of the MonarchyThe United Monarchy (ca. 1020-920 BCE)Saul (1 Sam 13-31)David (2 Sam 1 1 Kings 2:11)Solomon (1 Kings 2:12 11:43)The Divided Monarchy (920-722 BCE)(1 Kings 12 2 Kings 17)Judah alone (722-587 BCE)(2 Kings 18 25)

Saul1 Samuel 13-31Great military leaderSaul tries to keep the nations togetherHigh disapproval ratingsDoes not follow Religions LawsEmotionally unstable

Sauls SuicideSummons spirits from the dead before going into battle against PhilistinesIs outnumbered Realizes all hope is lostCommits suicide

David (1000 961)2 Sam 1 1 Kings 2:11Court MusicianSamuel Anoints him kingLearns from Sauls mistakesConquers Jebusite city: JerusalemRetrieves Ark of the CovenantDefeats PhilistinesGolden Period in Hebrew History

King Solomon1 Kings 2:12 11:43Built Temple to house the Ark of the CovenantHeavy taxationKnown for his wisdom922, Solomon dies, Davids Empire divided

(1) KingdomDavids Line will have a kingdomKingdom is different from owning plot of landPs 89:27

(2) DynastyDavids descendents will continue to ruleKeeping it in the family

(3) AdoptionDavid anointedMade him an adopted Son of God2 Samuel 7:14

(4) UnlimitedDavids Dynasty will be EVERLASTINGReach the Ends of the Earth

(5) JerusalemGod established Jerusalem as spiritual centre of CovenantCitadel of Zion

(6) TempleSign of the CovenantBuilding where God physically resides withinAll people are invited

(7) WisdomGod will give the wisdom to governGives Solomon the knowledge needed to ruleUnderstand the Law