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  • 7/28/2019 Molly Dress


    Molly Dressblythe knitBy knitnorth (mary b)

    SIZE12" Blythe Doll

    NEEDLES:set of four 2.75 mm [USsize #2] needles

    WOOL:Lang Jawoll sock yarn[75% superwash wool,18% nylon,7% acrylic 206yards per 50 gram ball]Fingering / 4 ply (14 wpi)

    I love Jawoll! It is alighter weight than mostsock yarns, which is greatfor doll clothes. The bestthing about it is eachskein includes a 5g spoolof reinforcement thread ~perfect to sew on buttons,sequins etc!


    two doll sized buttons

    sequins, beads[optional]

    a great,easy littlemod dressfor yourblythe.



  • 7/28/2019 Molly Dress


    [k]not so short?pattern tweakingBy Knittygirlie

    The original pattern makes formore of a long shirt or very

    very short dress. Fancy a

    longer dress?

    Knittygirlie has kindly allowed

    me to include her tweaks:

    Follow the pattern above to teyelet row. Repeat eyelet ro

    2 more times for a total of 3

    eyelet rows.

    Knit 13 rows (instead of 10rows)then continue with pattern aswritten . . .

    Patterneasy peasy


    CO 40 sts. leave a tail aprox3 inches long

    Knit 2 rows. Join - being

    careful not to twist. Eyelet Row: *K2tog YO*


    Knit 10 rows

    Reduce row: *K3, K2tog*repeat (end up with 32 sts)

    K1P1 Rib for 4 rows

    Knit 12 rows

    Divide for Front:

    K16 turn, P16 (leave other

    16 sts on other two needlesto hold sts)

    K1P1 for 3 (or 4) rows

    Cast off Purl wise


    re-attach yarn (16 sts)

    Stockinette 4 rows (K on RS,P on WS)

    Next row P on RS

    Eyelet Row: *K2tog YO*

    repeat P 1 row

    Cast off Purl wise

    FINISHINGUse yarn tail from bottom tosew the bottom 2 rowstogether. Weave in ends.

    Sew on 2 buttons to the topfront edges (use the eyeletholes as button holes) Ifdesired, sew on sequins and/or

    beads to skirt portion. Weavein ends. Block as desired.

    TIPMake sure to give your dress awash before you clothe yourgirl - you dont want dye fromthe wool dying your Blythe!



    This sexy little version was

    knit by Ashley Pagnotta

    using South West Trading

    Company Bamboo.

    photo courtesy of Ashley Pagnotta

    Knittygirlies strawberry

    the original pattern makes for quite a mini dress(or a tunic length top). Knitttygirlies tweaksmake for an oh-so-pretty demure summer dress

  • 7/28/2019 Molly Dress


    I HIGHLY recommend blocking. Use a littlesoap/shampoo and water in the sink to getout any extra dye in the yarn to prevent itfrom staining your girl. Rinse well and blotwith towel let dry on a white paper towel ornapkin. This will show if there is any moredye bleeding out of garment. If so re-wash

    and rinse well till NO more color comes out.Let dry on white paper towel or napkin.Then add buttons, sequins, otherembellishments Knittygirlie

    (below) photo courtesy of Knittygirlie

    I originally posted this pattern on my blog [] in September of2007. ... and i have to say while i hoped it wouldbe useful i never really expected to see it knitby others!

    thank you:

    Rebecca [Knittygirlie] for you tweaks, photosand those inspiring knits (the hand madeappliqus are amazing!)

    Ashley Pagnotta for the use of your lovelyphoto

    Thank yousor how i love ravelry + online knitting



    about knit north

    mary lives and knits in the Yukon.

    She loves sparkly things whichmay be why she doesn't mind

    the snow.