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Shazcor, the premier wallpaper installers in Vancouver has the experience and knowledge to install a wide range of wallpapers and wall coverings.

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  • 1. Types of Wallpapers Pick The RightOne!

2. There are many ways to increase the appeal of your home and one ofthe most popular methods is Installing Wallpapers. 3. Nowadays a huge assortment of wallpapers with different patterns,textures, and designs are available in the market. Among the mostpopular are vinyl, flocked, grass cloth, and more. 4. By doing some research, the homeowner is sure to find exactly what isdesired to create the home of his or her dreams. 5. VINYL WALLPAPER Vinyl wallpapers offer a wide range of colors, patterns, finishes, andtextures are durable and easier to clean when compared to othertypes of wallpapers. These wallpapers are moisture than plain paper, grease resistant andare good for kitchens and bathrooms. 6. FLOCKED WALLPAPER Flocked wallpaper is available in both a soft and hard texture surface.The hard texture feels like pointy rugged paint splatters while the softtexture wallpapers covering looks and feels like velvet. This wallpaper is not washable, so the room it is used in should bechosen wisely. These wallpapers are good for dining room and livingroom. 7. GRASS CLOTH WALLPAPER Grass Cloth is an ecofriendly and budget friendly way to add warmthand curl appeal to any room in your home. Grass cloth wallpaper is easy to apply but unfortunately thesewallpapers can become stained, and does not wear very well, so ismost appropriate for low traffic areas. 8. HOW TO INSTALL?Now you may aware of the different types of wallpaperavailable on the market. Get help from PROFESSIONALWALLPAPER INSTALLER IN VANCOUVER to truly turn your houseinto a home. For more,Visit :