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Transcript of Mobile SEO Pros National SEO Strategies that Work

  • National SEO Strategies that Work!

    Mobile SEO Pros!

    19215 Slate Creek Drive Walnut CA 91789

    Mobile SEO Pros!

    5042 Wilshire Blvd. Suite# 32510

    Los Angeles, CA 90036

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    Whats the Right SEO Strategy?

    This paper will explain how the Mobile SEO Pros can help your business compete with

    some of the biggest names in your industry through unprecedented SEO strategies.

    We will also reveal why most SEO firms have continued to follow ineffective SEO

    strategies that simply DONT work and made it seem so difficult to succeed!

    The fact remains that the vast majority of consumers today search the

    web before making a purchase decision. In fact, people now search

    the internet more often on mobile devices.

    This means two things. First, that its crucial to be highly visible on the web.

    Second, your strategy must include mobile. Unfortunately, most SEO firms simply

    dont offer mobile strategies at all. At best, they may

    outsource a mobile website to be created based on your

    current website. The Mobile SEO Pros design our SEO

    campaigns with Mobile as the priority. This is critical to

    understand because as consumers continue to use mobile

    devices for searching the web, a mobile-first SEO strategy

    will make the difference for your business.

    Lets face it, getting to page 1 of Google is extremely difficult for most businesses.

    Google just raised the bar even higher by requiring every business website to be

    mobile-friendly. Googles mobile algorithm will confinue to evolve over time with

    consumer behavior and the Mobile SEO Pros can be your trusted source.

    This is why organizations need a comprehensive internet

    marketing strategy for both traditional SEO and Mobile

    SEO to increase their online presence, capture targeted

    web traffic, and convert that traffic into leads and sales.

    The experts at the Mobile SEO Pros can help your business

    achieve those lofty goals.

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    Search Engine Optimization Overview

    High level, professional website optimization requires

    many hours of analysis and investigation by qualified

    SEO professionals. The end result can be astounding

    because your websites visibility and productivity can

    increase dramatically. Thus, saving you enormous

    sums of money that would otherwise been spent on various advertising

    campaigns that can often be dwarfed by a productive highly visible website.

    Organic SEO is not a fixed science where anyone can simply step in and find

    success using a cookie cutter approach. In fact, its quite the opposite.

    Unfortunately, most companies in this industry are still using antiquated methods

    developed years ago that no longer work. To make matters worse, most of them

    are unaware of the actual strategies and formulas that are achieving

    extraordinary results that customers expect to achieve when they hire them. This

    is why you must be very careful about who you choose to do this essential work.

    Mobile Friendliness is NOW MANDATORY!

    Case in Point, Googles most recent algorityhm

    update required that all website be mobile-friendly by

    April 21st 2015. For those websites that did not comply,

    lost between 30-50% off all their web traffic coming to

    their site because Google dropped them from the

    mobile search results.

    Take Googles MOBILE-Friendly TEST.

    The good news is, our "Organic" SEO solutions can accommodate the small

    businesses compete with Fortune 500 companies with a finely-tuned campaign

    that wont break the budget.

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    The Unfortunate Truth about So-Called Expert Internet Marketing Agencies

    For years, Corporate America has trusted and relied upon so-called Marketing

    Experts to help them manage and improve their search engine presence and

    brand awareness. Unfortunately, most of the results from the big firms have been

    marginal at best while costing small businesses tens of thousands of dollars.

    Many small business owners have felt left out in the cold because theyve been

    told they need to spend outrageous amounts of money to compete with the big

    players in their space. This is absolutely NOT true!

    Business owners are often presented a false narrative that achieving high organic

    rankings takes 9-12 months. This is completely false. As a result, they often get

    trapped into long-term contracts with the promise of recouping the investment

    down the road. Theres no need to commit to long contracts to see results!

    All of our SEO campaigns are based on a month-to-month aggrement.

    The Mobile SEO Pros have proven SEO strategies that work

    and we dont require long term contracts to get the job done.

    The SEO experts at the Mobile SEO Pros have been involved in SEO over 5 years.

    We are seasoned professionals that have helped many clients get through all the

    Panda and Penguin updates and we continue to stay abreast of Googles latest


    On April 21st 2015, Google unleashed the Google Mice algorithm update. The

    Google Mice update is what Google calls the mobile-friendly algorithm update.

    This is by far the biggest signal Google has ever given businesses in terms of letting

    them know what they have to do to comply. If your business is not mobile-friendly

    today, we can help you become mobile friendly and mobile optimized quickly.

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    Mobile SEO Pros Success Strategy

    The key is to SEO success is to take a reasonable

    approach. In other words, we dont recommend

    trying to hike the biggest SEO mountain (I.e most

    difficult keywords) right out of the gate. Targeting

    slightly less difficult keyword phrases that have

    buyer intent is the best play.

    What are buyer Intent style keyword phrases? An example of a buyer intent

    keyword phrase would be Plastic Containers for sale, vs Plastic containers. Using

    this strategy does three things for your SEO effort. #1 It enables your website to get

    ranked quicker and establish trust with Google. Once ranked for clearly buyer

    style keywords it shows very clearly if your website converts visitors into buyers or

    not. #3 You actually make sales instead of just get a lot of traffic to your site!

    Our Track Record

    Getting a website onto Google's page 1 organically is a monumental feat. At the

    Mobile SEO Pros, we get our clients ranked on a regular basis. Most importantly,

    we keep them ranked consistently over time to enable them to capture targeted

    customers looking for their products and services daily! In fact, 87% of our clients

    reach page 1 of Google Organically within 90-120 days. Within 180 days they

    can expect to be stabilized and anchored in those high positions.

    We have a team of proven SEO professionals that continually evolve their strategies based on Googles expectations. This is what separates

    us from the crowded field of SEO firms worldwide today!

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    Page 1 of Google is the Goal Period!

    Google is the Big Dog. Google controls 70% of

    the search engine market while all other search

    engines share the remaining 25%.

    When it comes to Mobile search, Google is even

    more dominant. They own close to 90% of the

    mobile search market today.

    Google has been working on their mobile search algorithm since 2011 and are

    committed to mobile for the foreseable future. We are commited to helping our

    clients stay in lock step with Google over time as the shift to mobile continues.

    Unfortunately, there are only 10 Organic plots of land on page 1 and every

    company is competing for that small and most sought after piece of real estate

    on the web. However, by choosing the Mobile SEO Pros you can take advantage

    of your competition that are not focussed on mobile at all.

    Our SEO strategies are designed to increase our clients presence on Google for

    both mobile and desktop search. We provide realistic goals and expectations

    and deliver measurable results that are consistent and cost-effective. We

    understand the difficulty every business faces when looking for a trustworthy

    partner that can deliver extraordinary web marketing results at a reasonable fee.

    Choose us based on our integrity and proven strategies.

    Our SEO Organic strategy is based on a proven formula. This formula consists of

    5 major components: Keyword Analysis, On-Page SEO. Mobile Optimization, Fresh

    Relevant Content & Strategic Content and Social Link building. We satisfy

    Googles appetite for resourceful content, social signals for the searcher. In turn,

    Google responds favorably by delivering extraordinarily fast and stable results for

    our clients within 3-6 months.

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    Impact of Mobile Usage on SEO Strategy

    Over the last few years we have made our core principles about helping clients

    transition to mobile while keeping well grounded in traditional SEO disciplines.

    The reason is very simple. As you can see below, according to Similar Web,

    during the 4th quarter of 2014, mobile searches were close to 50% of all web

    searches nationwide. Mobile search numb