Mobile SEO (2015) | Blue Mango Interactive (Ektor Tsolodimos)

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Transcript of Mobile SEO (2015) | Blue Mango Interactive (Ektor Tsolodimos)

  1. 1. Mobile SEO Ektor Tsolodimos
  2. 2. Introduction Mobile SEO by Ektor Tsolodimos Local SEO by Roswell Balentien Quick scans of your websites GHG Academy SEO session
  3. 3. Ektor Tsolodimos, 26 SEO Specialist @ Blue Mango Marketer & Photographer @ ML Music (guitar), cooking & traveling Introduction
  4. 4. Mobile SEO is similar to Classic SEO, but with more emphasis on certain technical aspects. Note: definition of mobile may vary Google: Not mobile-first, but cross-device What is mobile SEO?
  5. 5. People freak out about it lately Its been on Dutch national news (NOS) Why about mobile SEO?
  6. 6. Minor impact on rankings Actual impact
  7. 7. You should invest in mobile-friendly websites anyway: Confirmed ranking signal (though not as crucial yet) Good for UX/CRO But rankings is not eveything
  8. 8. As of now there is just as much mobile searches as desktop searches (while mobile continues to grow). Mobile search data Further information: Penetration (NL) Infographic Slideshare Video
  9. 9. Social: Tweets in Mobile SERP Apps: Deeplinks in Mobile SERP Organic vs. paid results KW iphone 6 on desktop: 9-11 organic results (4 above fold) 15 paid results (15 above fold) KW iphone 6 on mobile: 8-10 organic results (1,5 above fold) 7 paid results (4 above fold) Mobile search characteristics
  10. 10. So again: what is mobile SEO? Mobile SEO is similar to Classic SEO, but with more emphasis on certain technical aspects. Conclusion: Similar in how websites are judged Different in how mobile search looks Different in how mobile searchers behave
  11. 11. Every website/brand (unlike Local SEO) Some industries in particular Who might benefit form mobile SEO?
  12. 12. 1. Content delivery (be relevant) Keyword research: usage, relevancy & relations (further reading & visual example) 2. Technical aspects (meet requirements) Make your content efficient, understandable, reachable & readable 3. Authority signals (increase your popularity) Show search engines that you the best in what you do by providing: Backlinks, social signals, citations, reviews, bookmarks etc. Step 1: understand regular SEO Mobile SEO
  13. 13. Extra emphasis on following technical aspects: 1. Make your website(s) as fast as possible 2. Responsive web design or separate mobile version 3. Allow crawling of CSS, JS & images (via Robotx.txt) 4. Take UX serious (touch-friendly spaces? too much text?) 5. Dont use Flash, pop-ups or not supported video players Bonus: optimize for local & app search Step 2: take this into consideration More about this later
  14. 14. Step 3: thats it, youre done
  15. 15. In-depth Mobile SEO
  16. 16. Hard to say, one thing is for sure though: the faster the better. Also really good for UX/CRO in general (read more) Best indication available: Google PageSpeed Insights (free) Be aware: even gets only 72% & 85% (mob./deskt.), and thats a really fast website. What is fast loading website?
  17. 17. There are basically 2 options: Responsive web design Separate mobile website Though Google also says: Google does not favor any particular URL format as long as the page(s) and all page assets are accessible to all Googlebot user-agents. What type of website for mobile SEO? Googles recommendation
  18. 18. Responsive web design is aimed at crafting sites that provide optimal viewing experience (e.g. easy reading and navigation with minimum resizing and panning) regardless of device, resolution and aspect ratio. What is a responsive website? Further information: Live demo: Google documentation
  19. 19. A separate mobile website is either a sub domain ( or a sub folder ( that has been specifically developed with mobile devices in mind. What is a separate mobile website? Further information: Live demo: Google documentation
  20. 20. Pros/cons of both options Responsive website advantages Responsive website disadvantages Consolidation of backlinks, social shares etc. Compromises have to be made No redirects, possible mistakes etc. Cheaper/easier to develop & maintain Mobile website advantages Mobile website disadvantages More freedom regarding design & UX Multiple URLs can be complicated Easier to get fast-loading websites Costs more (investment & maintenance)
  21. 21. Both are acceptable by search engine standards and have their own pros and cons Personally, I would recommend responsive web design in most cases (and so does Google) Conclusion on the debate
  22. 22. Relatively unknown Can be really important Can be really difficult as well SEO/ASO have become more similar Test: search for travel app or AirBnb on your Android device App Store Optimization (ASO)
  23. 23. Title of your app Keywords/categories Total amount of downloads Rating score & amount of reviews These are the basics, but of course there is more. Download this free e-book Rank higher with ASO
  24. 24. WordPress tips
  25. 25. Dont use you too many plugins (there is a plugin for this issue) Use free CDN (use Cloudflare or Jetpack) Minify some of your code & enable caching (W3 Total Cache) Reduce image size (compress beforehand + Lazyload & WP Smush) Host videos, slides & photos externally (YouTube, SlideShare & Flickr: embed) Further readings: 15 easy ways to speed up WordPress WordPress speed tips
  26. 26. 1. Before improving your WP website, measure both mobile- & desktop speed using Google PageSpeed Insights. 2. After improving your WP website, measure again. A. Satisfied? Well done! B. Not satisfied? Keep optimizing! Measure your results
  27. 27. You shouldnt be worried too much about robots.txt, it should be OK by default (same for XML sitemaps when using Yoast-plugin) Use a responsive website, seriously. Check also this blog post. Also takes care of potential duplicated content. As far is Flash/pop-ups/strange video players etc: you shouldnt (and probably arent) using those anyway. WordPress general mobile tips