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A mobile trends presentation developed for a session at a Fortune 100 company on 9/29/08.

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2. hi, my name is greg 3. i work for crayona strategic consultancy that helps its clients achieve positive change and impact by joining the conversation. 4. brb 5. 6. 2005 Was The Year Of Mobile 7. so will 2009 be the year of mobile ? 8. lol 9. lets talk about the human mouth 10. consumption and communication 11. mobile disconnect Practically everyone has a mobile phone,but after 15 years the only killer apps areinteractions between people: voice, text andringtones (just as communicative as a phonecall). Carriers and media companies have foryears desperately tried to force consumptiononto the phone (WAP sites, video, etc), andconsumers don't grasp on like they do withcommunication-based products. It seems tome any new technology will be utilized bypeople primarily to talk to each other. - former Director of Innovation, AT&T Wireless 12. mobile ads: the dirt on the lollipop 13. mobile ads: zomg. fail. 14. the 5 cs of mobile value 15. communication 16. can your brand make this better ? video runs during voiceover 17. choice 18.