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Transcript of Mobile Distributed Systems - German Pavilion · PDF fileSecurity Projects Interactive Open ......

  • M. Sc. Ing. Alejandro Ramirez Wireless QoS and security Ad-hoc mesh networks Network-based wireless

    Dipl.-Inf. Robert Schmohl Mobile distributed systems Mobile services Operating systems for mobile

    Dipl.-Inf. Robert Drfel Operating systems Embedded systems Distributed Java

    Dipl.-Inf. Ulrich Dmichen Mobile services Mobile communication Wireless

    Dipl.-Inf. Wolfgang Haberl Automotive systems Real-time networks Embedded

    Prof. Dr. Uwe Baumgarten Operating systems and networks Mobility and

    Contact InformationTechnische Universitt Mnchen Institut fr Informatik Lehrstuhl Betriebssysteme und SystemarchitekturBoltzmannstrae 3 85748 Garching bei Mnchen

    Phone: +49 89 289 18564 Fax: +49 89 289 18557 Web:

    Mobile Distributed Systems

    Operating Systems



    Interactive Open Dialog PlatformUbiquitous service generation for heterogeneous envi-ronments of mobile devices

    SymobiDesign and development of reliable operating systems for embedded systems and mobile devices

    BlueSpot SystemMulti-hop wireless mesh networking for mobile services based on the Bluetooth standard

    Infrared Multi-Hop Sensor NetworkPHY and MAC development for IR-based ad-hoc networks

    Cooperation Partners in Industry and Academia

    Siemens AGBMW GroupO2 GermanyGiesecke & Devrient GmbHComnos GmbHMiray Software AGBundesamt fr Sicherheit in der InformationstechnikFraunhofer Institut fr Sichere InformationstechnologieTechnische Universitt Darmstadt

    Mobile Distributed Systems Research Group

    Research Profile

    Technische Universitt MnchenFakultt fr Informatik

  • Lectures and Courses

    Lecture Mobile verteilte Systeme Seminar Current trends in wireless networks


    Security engineeringThreat, vulnerability and risk analysisSecurity modelsMethods for secure software developmentModel-based source code analysis (COMA)

    Secure operating systemsSecurity management and policiesMonitoring and recovery

    Network securitySecure communicationSecure protocolsPhysical layer securitySecure wireless networks

    Protocols and mechanisms for secure systemsApplications of cryptographySecure filesystem (GSFS)

    Secure mobilityPersonal trusted devices (PTD)Secure ad-hoc networkingLocation based security

    Mobile Distributed Systems

    Mobile communication and networksAd-hoc networks, mesh networks (e.g. BlueSpot)Infrastructure based networks (GSM, GPRS, UMTS)WLAN, Bluetooth, WiMAXNetwork-based positioning

    Mobile servicesInfrastructures for mobile servicesDistribution of mobile servicesApplications (VoIP, Context Awareness. QoS)Distributed Java VM

    Context-aware and location based servicesTerminal and network based LBSLocation based information retrievalApplications (e.g. location messages, buddy alert) Mobile communitiesMobile solutions for communities (COSMOS)Evaluation of LBS for communities

    Automotive and telematicsCar-to-car networks (C2C)Secure traffic data management

    Software ArchitecturesHeterogeneous component systemsSelf-management (healing)

    Operating Systems

    ArchitecturesMicrokernel (Sphere, Symobi)Standard kernel (Linux extensions)Security kernel (LucaOS)

    Mechanisms Filesystems (GSFS)Dynamic kernel extensionsSoftware defined radio

    Special quality aspectsMobilityReliabilitySecurity

    Operating systemsLinuxWindows (CE, .NET)SymbianOSOSEK / AUTOSAREmbeddablesSymobi

    Embedded devicesGumstixBlueSpot

    Competences and Research Interests

    Lectures and Courses

    Lecture Sichere RechnersystemeLab course Sichere verteilte Systeme

    Lectures and Courses

    Lecture BetriebssystemeLab course Betriebssysteme

    Stand: Oktober 2007