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  • 1. Mobile DisastersLessons from the Mobile Web, 2007-2013

2. Welcome to MobileMarch!@dnord#mobiledisasters@mobilemarchtc#mobilemarch 3. Mobile DisastersMobile web is growing up slowly (just like theweb did)There are problems, but also reasons for themThere are definitely solutions(Spoiler alert: responsive design, extensivetesting, and common sense) 4. Dan NordquistExpert 5. Mobile DisastersYoure in the wrong place. 6. Mobile DisastersYour friends are on mobile, too, right? 7. Mobile DisastersYour zoom has been disabled. 8. Mobile DisastersDownload our app. Please. 9. Mobile DisastersWe would like to use your currentlocation. Or whatever. 10. HAVE A QUESTION? CALLMobile DisastersThese are phone numbers. You wouldntunderstand them. 11. Mobile DisastersSwipe left to erase everything withoutconfirmation. Surprise! 12. Mobile Disasters Guess what? 13. Mobile DisastersEnter your PIN. No, your mobile PIN. 14. Mobile DisastersThis video is not available on mobile.Whatever that is. 15. ThankYou!@dnord