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Mobile articulation Probes

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  • 1. Developed by Barbara Fernandes, TrilingualM.S; CCC-SLP

2. What is Mobile Articulation Probe (MAP English) ? Map is an Iphone Application that is revolutionizing the way to provide articulation therapy. You can download it on your Iphone and practice articulation anywhere. 3.

  • Why is Mobile Articulation Probe (MAP English) the most useful tool in articulation therapy?
  • It allows you to focus on the therapy not on keeping track of accuracy; map will keep track of accuracy for you.
  • It utilizes real pictures instead of those face drawing that do not represent reality
  • It is portable; easy for drill therapy or home health
  • It gives you all sounds in the English language with more than 400 words.


  • Keeps track of progress over time so you can monitor students progress in therapy;
  • It groups Phonemes by mode of articulation for easy access.
  • You kids will enjoy articulation therapy a lot more when you start using some technology in therapy;
  • Share this tool with your parents so they can practice articulation at home too.

5. First you can enter all your caseload or you select between previously entered students. 6. Choose how you want to practice: by phoneme or by mode of articulation. Then it is time to choose which position of the word you are practicing. 7. You decide wheather the production was correct or not; and MAP will keep track of their percentage of accuracy for you! 8. You can use MAP English for additional information during evaluation or for practicing articulation skills in therapy. Now instead of trying to find words for a specific sound- you will have quick access to sounds in all positions of the word. All you have to do is press button. 9. No.Once you have downloaded the application to your phone you do not need internet or phone signal to use the application. If you work in a school where signal is low, you do not have to worry. MAP will work even without any phone reception. 10. No. Map was designed to help as many people in therapy as possible. When you compare prices between having all sounds of the English language with the price you pay per deck of phoneme cards. Map is a very inexpensive way to have all phonemes at the click of a button. You pay an average of $13 for a deck of one sound. With MAP you pay only $29,99 for all sounds in the English language. 11. Yes. Once you purchase Map on your phone you will receive a receipt on your e-mail.Your school district may refund your money that way. Check with your school district for eligibility to receive a refund. Map is a therapy tool like any other one. 12. Visit the App store on your Iphone to download Mobile Articulation Probes It is easy and quick! For more information visit