MoAbility - An iconmobile presentation at IA Konferenz 2011

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Transcript of MoAbility - An iconmobile presentation at IA Konferenz 2011

  • How Mobile Changes Our Life's



  • iconmobile

    This integration and our track record means we can deliver on what we design: Our user experience insights are real, relevant, and actionable. Our technology is solid, scalable, and deployable. We deliver solutions, not slideware.

    Each individual, on every team, within every discipline, is responsible for understanding the impact of their work on the overall project. Our teams are passionate, talented and experts in mobile.

    We are neither a consultancy, nor a design agency, a technology supplier or a service provider. In fact iconmobile is all of these things, knowing the market not only from one perspective, but from a myriad of perspectives. We bring an unique holistic approach to the entire product lifecycle.

    iconmobile group is one of the leading international design agencies and technology suppliers in the mobile applications and services world.

    Christian Drehkopf, Thomas Kueber


  • iconmobile 2US Bureau of the Census

    7,113,079,000people living on this planet

    by 3:00 PM, 20.05.2011 Today !

  • iconmobile 3International Telecommunication Union

    5,300,000,000mobile subscribers equals

    77% of the world population

  • iconmobile

    Global mobile app downloads have increased by

    1600% in the last three years

    4research2guidance, March 2011

  • iconmobile 5Juniper Research, April 2011

    500,000,000 people worldwide to use their

    mobiles as metro and bus tickets by 2015

  • iconmobile

    2010 Iconmobile's research studies focused on the habits of over 200 mobile phone users with different backgrounds


  • iconmobile

    London Berlin

    on more than 3 continents.


    Los Angeles


    SeoulHong KongMumbai



  • iconmobile

    Global Learning: Center of mobile innovations has changed.


    epicenter ofsoftware innovation

    epicenter ofhardware innovation

    both here before 2007

  • Mobility

  • iconmobile

    Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.

    Albert Szent-Gyrgyi (Nobel Prize 1937)


  • iconmobile





    Insights on mobile user behavior three different clusters

  • iconmobile 12

    I love the feature to download the news on my device and read them on the go when I am in the metro.

    accessories for iPad to carry while jogging

    Adapt to my changing priorities, when moving in public landscapes.


  • iconmobile

    Make the car become my workstation.


    Taxi cabs should have cellphone chargers.


  • iconmobile 14

    I dont like the idea of video calls, because you never know who looks at your face on the other side.

    I do not use any Facebook or Foursquare after or before I go to work. They do not need to know that I leave earlier or come late because I am hanging out at Starbucks.

    I dont care about privacy, as long as you do!


  • iconmobile

    My whole device is my identity.



    Sometimes we just sit and see what kind of new apps we have.

  • iconmobile

    When I have some time, let me enjoy a little prime time.


    Now, five minutes waiting can be fun.


  • iconmobile 17

    My Facebook feed is my personal soap opera.

    I keep in touch with my wife through Email, texting and play scrabble.

    Make it easy to stay in touch.communication

  • iconmobile

    I sometimes think it is too much. I dont want to read over and over again how drunken my friends got over the weekend.


    Just give me a break to focus on the important communication.


    I tried to detox from Facebook.

  • Ability


  • iconmobile 20

    Example: TagesschauDesign with time

  • iconmobile 21

    Example: Google VoiceDesign for overview in communication

  • iconmobile 22

    Example: NotificationsDesign alive

  • iconmobile 23

    Design for light touchesExample: Facebook

  • iconmobile 24

    Design for trustworthinessExample (bad): iPhone Tracker

  • iconmobile 25

    Design to control remotely

    Example: Direct TV

  • iconmobile 26

    Design for ecosystems

    Example: Apple AirPort Express

  • iconmobile 27

    Wrap-Up MoAbilityDesign abilities Design for ecosystems Design to control remotely Design for trustworthinessDesign aliveDesign with timeDesign for light touchesDesign for overview in communication

    Mobile needs public landscapes. car as a workstation. privacy identity. prime time. stay in touch. communication.

  • Thank you!

    Thomas KberChristian Drehkopf

    iconmobile GmbH Methfesselstrasse 30-36 10965 Berlin Germany