Mnemonic Devices and Other Helpful Hints in the Mathematics Classroom Bob Koff, Ed.S. Georgia...

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download Mnemonic Devices and Other Helpful Hints in the Mathematics Classroom Bob Koff, Ed.S. Georgia Perimeter College INNOVATIONS 2012 March 5, 2012

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Transcript of Mnemonic Devices and Other Helpful Hints in the Mathematics Classroom Bob Koff, Ed.S. Georgia...

  • Mnemonic Devices and Other Helpful Hints in the Mathematics ClassroomBob Koff, Ed.S.Georgia Perimeter College

    INNOVATIONS 2012March 5, 2012

  • IntroductionArithmetic and AlgebraGeometryTrigonometryCalculusRandom ThoughtsBLOOMS TAXONOMY


  • Mnemonic:

    Greek: mnemonikos mindful

    Mnemosyne: Greek goddess of memory

    A device intended to assist memory.

  • Top dog in the house4554To determine which number in a fraction is the dividend and which is the divisor

  • PEMDAS: To determine the order of operations

    Parentheses, Exponents, Multiply/Divide, Add/Subtract

    PleasePleaseExcuseEducate My Dear*My Daughters*Aunt Sally*And Sons*

    *on the same line since they have the same priority

  • (Product of the denominators)

  • FOIL: To determine the product of two binomial expressions

    First, Outer or Outside, Inner or Inside, Last

    (a + b) (c + d) = ac + ad + bc + bd

  • SOAP: To determine the signs of the terms in the factors of the sum or difference of two cubes.

    Same, Opposite, Always Positive

    (a3+b3) = (a+b)(a2-ab+b2)

    (a3-b3) = (a-b)(a2+ab+b2)

  • Bunny Face: To determine the terms of the sum or difference of two cubes

    (a3+b3) = (a + b) (a2 ab + b2)

  • Definition of slope: Rise over Run;

    We say the sun rises which implies vertical change while we run across or run cross country which implies a horizontal change.

    The letter repesenting slope is m think of a mountain slope.

  • Zero Slope

    The slope of a horizontal line is Zero.

    The first stroke when writing the letter ZIs a horizontal stroke,

  • Undefined SlopeThe slope of a vertical line is said to be Undefined, we say it has No slope.The first stroke when writing the letter N is a vertical stroke.

    When calculating slope, if a Nonzero Number is obtained over a zerO, the fraction N/O vertically spells NO which represents uNdefined.

  • You cant stand on a beachball.

    You cant divide by zero

  • VUX & HOY: To determine the type, slope and equations of certain lines

    VUX: Vertical, Undefined, X = a

    HOY: Horizontal, zerO, Y = b

  • Absolute Value Function:

    Y = |x|

    The shape of the graph is a V for value

  • Definitions of complementary and supplementary angles:Complementary Angles: Two angles whose sum is 90oSupplementary Angles: Two angles whose sum is 180oAlphabetically C comes before S, numerically, 90 comes before 180C, S 90o, 180o

  • Area and Circumference of a circle:A = r2 Apple pie r squareA = r r Apple pie r roundA circles area is pi r squareaC = d Cherry pie deliciousC = d Cherry pie-d

  • To define the trigonometric ratios;

    Sin = Opposite/HypotenuseCos = Adjacent/HypotenuseTan = Opposite/Adjacent

    1. SOH-CAH-TOA 2. Some Old Horse Came A-Hopping Through Our Alley 3. Some Old Horse Caught Another Horse Taking Oats Away 4. Some Old Horses Chase And Hunt Till Old Age 5. Some Old Horses Can Always Hear Their Owners Approach

  • 6. Some Old Hippie Caught Another Hippie Tripping On Acid 7. Some Old Hippie Caught A High Tripping On Acid 8. Some Old Hippie Came Around Here Tripping On Acid 9. Some Old Hag Cracked All Her Teeth On Asparagus10. Some Old Hags Cant Always Hide Their Old Age11. Some Old Hobos Cant Aways Hide Their Old Age12. Some Officers Have Coaches And Horses To Order Around13. Silly Old Harry Caught A Herring Trawling Off America14. Silly Old Hippies Can Always Have Tons Of Acid15. Silly Old Hitler Caused Awful Headaches To Our Airmen

  • 16. Sir Olivers Horse Came Ambling Home To Olivers Aunt17. Saddle Our Horses, Canter Away Happily To Other Adventures18. See Old Harry Catch A Herring Trawling Off America19. Snellvilles Old Hospital Can Always Help The Odd Accident20. Sex On Hard Concrete Always Hurts, Try Other Areas

  • Definitions of sin, cos, & tan in that order:

    1. Oscar Had A Headache Over Algebra2. Oscar Had A Hangover Over Alcohol3. Oscar Has A Heap Of Apples (or Acorns)4. Oscar Had A Hit Of Acid5. Oscar Had A Hold On Ann6. Old Hippies Are High On Acid7. Old Houses Always Have Old Attics8. Oh Heck, Another Hour Of Algebra

  • For the definitions in other orders: 1. The Old Aunt Sat On Her Coat And Hat 2. The Old Arab Sat On His Camel And Howled 3. The Cat Sat On An Orange And Howled Horribly (ratios, numerators, denominators) 4. Old Harry Spills All His Coffee Over Aunties Tablecloth

  • To determine where the trig functions are positive:

    Starting in the first quadrant and going counter-clockwise in the order the quadrants are numbered; All functions are positive in quadrant ISine is positive in quadrant IITangent is positive in quadrant IIICosine is positive in quadrant IV

  • 1. All Students Take Calculus 2. All Students Take Chemistry 3. All Schools Teach Crap 4. All Stores Take Cash 5. All Science Teachers Care 6. A Simple Trig Chart 7. Another Stupid Trig Class 8. A Smart Trig Class

  • 9. Aunt Sally Tickles Cobras (Cats, Camels, Cougars, Chimps, Caribou)10. After School To College11. Add Sugar To Coffee12. All Silver Tea Cups13. Albany State Teachers College

  • Which trig functions are odd, which is even, by the numbers:1. sine2. cosine3. tangentSince 1 & 3 are odd numbers, sine & tangent are odd functionsSince 2 is an even number, cosine is an even function

  • For derivatives and antiderivatives of sin & cos, use the wheel in a: Clockwise rotation for a functions derivative and

    Counterclockwise for a functions antiderivative.

    (equate counter with anti)

  • Antiderivativessincos-sinDerivatives-coscossin-sin

  • The Quotient Rule I

    If the numerator is hi and the denominator is ho and de means the Derivative, we have

    d(hi/ho) = ho-de-hi minus hi-de-ho over dx ho-ho.

  • Quotient Rule II

    If the numerator is hi and the denominator is lo and de means the derivative, we have

    d(hi/lo) = lo-de-hi minus hi-de-lo all over dx lo2

  • Measures of Central Tendency

    Mean: The sum of the values, divided by the number of values. The usual method of calculating an average by teachers. Since teachers are Mean, this is known as the mean.

    Median: The grassy area or wall that runs down the middle of a highway is known as the Median. The middle value of a set of values.

    Mode: The most frequently occurring value. A four letter word starting with m-o. Mode most.

  • Primitive Pythagorean Triples: In each case the square of the first value is the sum of the other two values, which differ by one.3: 4: 55: 12: 137: 24: 259: 40: 41

    11:60: 61

  • Squaring a number that ends in five:

    52 = 25652 = 4225152 = 225752 = 5625252 = 625852 = 7225352 = 1225952 = 9025452 = 2025 1052 = 11025552 = 3025 1152 = 13225

    The digit(s) in front of the 5 times the next integer with a 25 on the end gives the product. For example; 652 is 6 times 7 is 42 with a 25 on the end yielding 4225.

  • Converting some fractions to decimals:Digits over 9 are repeating decimals of that digit. 5/9 = .555

    Digits over 99, 999, etc. are also repeating decimals of those digits. 23/99 = 232323, 5/99 = .050505, 5/999 = .005005

  • Remembering Pi:May I have a large container of coffee? 3.1415926How I want a drink, alcoholic of course after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics. All of thy geometry, Herr Planck, is fairly hard3.14159265358979323846264

  • For some easy multiplying:Never multiply by 4, just double twice.Instead of trying to multiply by 25, think in terms of twenty-five cent pieces. For example, what is 17 x 25 ? Ask how much would I have if I had 17 quarters? Since 4 quarters make one dollar, 16 would be 4 dollars and the 17th quarter is another 25 cents, thats $4.25 or 425 cents or 17 x 25 = 425

  • 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. http://forgetknottripod/com 7. 8. 9. http://math.about.com10. http://.learner.org12. laura.lowrey@gpc.edu14.