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2. .marketing project management .its a new mindset 3. .its all about your mindset .mindset marketing group At Mindset Marketing Group, we help our clients with all of their Marketing, Events, Promotions and Public Relations needs through viable Worldwide Project Management Solutions.Marketing Project Management continues to grow across Corporate America as an alternate solution to maximizing Marketing Programs, at a resounding rate.Often, corporations are recognizing that their Marketing needs are increasing in order to maintain consumer awareness and marketplace dominance; but their Marketing Department Resources have diminished due to budgetary constraints. MindsetMarketingGroup offers that alternative solution to continuing our clients marketing visions through Project Management.Project Management allows our clients current Sales and Marketing Departments to focus on the overall direction and vision of the company while Mindset Marketing Group assists with specialty projects. From Special Events, to Public Relations Programs, to Web/SEO Management to Research activities, Mindset Marketing Group becomes as extension of your Sales and Marketing Team. Through proven methods of Marketing Project Management, ourcore philosophy is simpleprovide leadership to our clients in planning, implementation, measuring and reporting of every project....its our mindset 4. .its all about your project .cross promotional events With your desire and vision to create a national forum of cross promotional events that will assist in many areas including Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty and Client Development, combined with our strength and power in Event Marketing, Cross Market Polarization, Event Logistics and Event Management, your Marketing Project needs could not be in better hands. Knowing that our resources stretch across the United States and extend into many areas of Europe, along with well over a few hundred years of combined Marketing experience within the group, our clients confidently place their marketing projects in our capable hands..nothing limits achievements like thinking small.nothing equals possibilities like unleashed thinking... .its our strategy 5. .its all about the details .your project request Once your project needs are determined, our clients are treated to detailed Marketing Plans, Strategic Plans, and Logistical Plans as they pertain to their specific project.When the project has been initiated, it is our primary goal to establish appropriate Communication Plans as well.As we partner in making positive changes for our clients, we have determined that communication is of the utmost importance to the success and destination of the project. One of our primary communication resources, and one that our clients quickly become accustomed to, is our individually prepared .friday letters..friday letterscontain weekly updated information on the status of our clients projects. These letters have become a widely appreciated form of communication with our clients.By setting a scheduled communication forum to be sent to our clients regarding their projects, it allows our clients the flexibility to review their project when the time is convenient for them. It also allows our group to manage and lead the project in the appropriate direction at the appropriate time..the only way to find the limits of the possibleis by going beyond them to the impossible .its our theory 6. Creative Theme Events with Collateral Production, planning, theme conceptualization and execution both of the event and the marketing materials. Ground Transportation Coordinating on-ground transport with ground transportation for all of your sponsors needs. Partners Providing Cross Marketing partners for specific events and projects Photography/Videography Management and delivery of high quality photographs and videography forall of the events and private functions. Vendor Management Management of all third party vendors, catering, djs, entertainment and any additional out sourced vendors Website Development Developing an event-specific website for direct connect and contact with both sponsors and attendees .its all about your event.scope of services Below are some of the Event Marketing Services and Solutions that we provide.Air Transportation Full service scheduling and reservation assistance for all guests and co-sponsors as needed. Activities Research and planning of all activities, including inter-active activities, daily activities and private functions for key personnel. Amenities and Promotional Gifts Concept development, sourcing and delivery of guest, attendee, sponsor, VIP gifts, promotions and give-a-ways. Contract Negotiation Full negotiation of the house, ground and air contracts, including contract review and approval processes. 7. .its all about the know-how .project fees Every project will have a different set of needs and requirements.For that reason, Mindset Marketing Group customizes all project fees.Monthly retainers, a la carte pricing and daily fee structures are available to all of our clients..if you can imagine it you can achieve it.if you can dream it, you can become it 8. .attitude determines the altitude of your project . come fly with us! .its all about the attitude .our mindset .jennifer jones w 1819 SE 17 thStreet Fort Lauderdale, FL33316 954.658.7293 [email_address]