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CHOCOLATESLife is like a box of chocolates. You never know what youre going to get. (Forrest Gump)

By Group 1 101101- Abhinav 101102-Abhishek 101103-Aditya Free Powerpoint Templates 101105-Alok Page 1

Facts About Consumption

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Page 2

Types of Chocolate Cocoa Chocolate Liquor Unsweetened Chocolate Bittersweet Chocolate Sweet Chocolate Milk chocolate White Chocolate Baking ChocolateFree Powerpoint Templates Page 3

Major Chocolate Manufacturers Nestle Cadbury Schweppes- England Ferrero SpA-Italy Callebaut-Belgium, Second Largest manufacturer Camille Bloch- Switzerland Divine Chocolate- UK The Hershey Company-US Free Powerpoint Templates Royce

Page 4

Global Market of Chocolates Size of USD 110 billion Growth rate of 2.5 % Mars is the global market leader followed by Nestle.

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Major players in World market

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Indian Market Size of Rs 8 billion in value and around 33,000 tonnes in volume. Low per capita consumption of around 160 gm as compared to 8 kg in U.K. Low penetration level. Growth rate 11.5%Free Powerpoint Templates Page 8

Major players in Indian MarketMarket ShareAmul/Others 2% 0%

Nestle 28%

Cadbury 70%

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Page 9

Market Overview: Confectionery IndustryMints/Chewin ,0g gums, 12%

Sugar Boiled, 64%

Chocolates, 2 4%

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Page 10

Age wise Market Segmentation

25-5 , 22% Over 55 years, 7% 2-8 years, 16% 8-25 years, 55%

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Page 11

Cadbury India

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Page 12

Cadbury Dairy Milk The journey with chocolate lovers in India began in 1948. Today, Cadbury Dairy Milk alone holds 30% value share of chocolate market 50% of molded chocolate segment One of the Largest chocolate brand in the countryFree Powerpoint Templates Page 13

Product Line Of Dairy Milk Dairy Milk Crackle Fruit& Nut Roast Almond Double Deck Chunky

Cadbury Dairy Milk Wowie - chocolate with Disney characters embossed in it, Cadbury Dairy Milk 2 in 1 - a delightful combination of milk chocolate and white chocolateFree Powerpoint Templates Page 14

Promotion In the early 90's, chocolates were seen as 'meant for kids. In the Mid 90's the category was re-defined by the very popular `Real Taste of Life' campaign, shifting the focus from `just for kids' to the `kid in all of us'. It appealed to the child in every adult. And Cadbury Dairy Milk became the perfect expression of 'spontaneity' and 'shared good feelings' The 'Real Taste of Life' campaign which people still fondly remember. "girl dancing on the cricket field" has remained etched in everyone's memory, as the most spontaneous & un-inhibited expression of happiness. This campaign went on to be awarded 'The Campaign of the Century', in India at the Abby (Ad Club, Mumbai) awards.

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Page 15

In the late 90's, to further expand the category, the focus shifted towards widening chocolate consumption amongst the masses, through the 'Khanewalon Ko Khane Ka Bahana Chahiye' campaign. This campaign built social acceptance for chocolate consumption amongst adults, by showcasing collective and shared moments More recently, the 'Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye' campaign associated Cadbury Dairy Milk with celebratory occasions and the phrase "Pappu Pass Ho Gaya" became part of street languageFree Powerpoint Templates Page 16

Cadbury launches 'Wowie' with Disney characters Cadbury Diary Milk Wowie is targeted at the 813 year old consumers and is priced at Rs 10 per pack of 22 grams Cadbury Daily Milk Wowie, which is a chocolate delight with Disney characters Mickey, Pluto, Goofy and Donald.

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Page 17

Then the worms crawled in Project Vishwas New imported machinery Packing cost 15% higher Roped in Big B - Resulted Customer SatisfactionFree Powerpoint Templates Page 18

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Page 19

Cadburys Brands Cadbury Dairy Milk

Positioning "The Real Taste of Life"

Nestles Brands


Positioned as Classic Milk chocolate affordable, enriched milk chocolate

Fruit n Nut Creamy Bar Roast Almond Nut Milk Crackle Bournville

Positioned at adults as an impulse anytime Self expression value attached.

5 star/Perk

Perk positioned as snacking

Kit Kat

Positioned as snacking

Gems/Eclairs Butter scotch Caramels

Positioned as variety, gifting and taste

Free Powerpoint Templates preference.

Page 20

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Page 21

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Page 22

y First milk union KAIRA DISTRICT CO-

y y y y

OPERATIVE MILK PRODUCERS UNION Started in 1945. Selected Brand name AMUL in 1955. Amul means Priceless in sanskrit. Entered in chocholates segment in 1970 Free Powerpoint Templates Sales Turnover Rs 67113 million 2008-09.

Page 23


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Page 24

Demand Drivers Evolving demographics of buying population. Increased penetration through targeting of adults. Low-cost availability in the form of smaller packages Increased variety for different target segmentsFree Powerpoint Templates Page 25

Hindrances To Growth Chocolates are a foreign food. Traditional substitutes like mithais are readily available. Chocolates are still seen as fun and indulgence products.Free Powerpoint Templates

Page 26

Future Growth Drivers Increasing the market depth including rural Indias coverage. Better product quality and packaging. Launching sugar free product lines for health conscious To carve niche segments, due to growth in disposable income. New major products to be launched every year. Designer chocolates have become status symbols In past, consumers had negligible inclination for dark chocolates. But now we have seen a change in the Indian palate, which is increasing the base of this sub-segmentFree Powerpoint Templates Page 27


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Page 28

TrendsLighter eating


Intrinsic goodness of ingredients

PleasureGifting and sharing Premium segments


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Page 29

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Page 30

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