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Transcript of MLS of Greater Cincinnati, Inc. ... 2015/05/07  · MLS of Greater Cincinnati, Inc....

  • MLS of Greater Cincinnati, Inc. (Subsidiary of the Cincinnati Area Board for Realtors

    ® )

    14 Knollcrest Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45237

    Phone: (513) 761-8833 FAX: (513) 761-8860 E-mail: [email protected]

    Kelly Meyer - Chair Gary Hagan Susan Rissover Guy Wesslekamper, Director Liaison

    Tom Johansing – Vice Chair John Jardine Jan Bryan Sharp Joe Mock, President

    Kellie Barter Eleanor Kowalchik Pamela Smith Patti Stehlin, Vice President

    Tim Chupka Jason Kunkel John Stadler Jim Abele, CEO

    Theresa Filimonov Andrew Lohmiller Larry Trame Sharon Chard, MLS Manager

    DaVan Gassett Lisa McCarthy Chris Wood

    MLS Users Committee Agenda

    Thursday, May 7, 2015

    9:00am - 11:00 am

    9:00 1. Review and approve the minutes from the previous meeting.

    9:05 2. Review the Monthly Update.

    9:10 3. Review and Consider Requests

    a) Increase the number of allowable exports from 200 to 500.

    b) Provide the ability to select up to 2 Architecture selections when entering and searching listings.

    c) Create an “Include 0 sqft” checkbox next to SqFt field to catch properties that have no square footage listed.

    d) Relocate/Enhance the Unit Number in the MLS Detail display.

    10:00 4. Discuss the BDX-NHS Pro Demo and determine if this is a value-add service to consider.

    10:15 5. Review Energy Efficient/Green Features Checklist for approval and update on Input Sheet.

    10:25 6. Provide an overview of Rapattoni’s new Listing Syndication Manager.

    10:45 7. President Joe Mock – Evaluate and provide a recommendation for HomeSnap Mobile App.

    10:55 8. New Business.

    11:00 9. Adjourn

    *Next Meetings: July 9, Sept 3, Nov 5

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Member Requests for May 7, 2015 Meeting.

    1. Increase the number of allowable exports from 200 to 500. 2. He ability to select up to 2 Architecture selections when searching. 3. Create an “Include 0 sqft” checkbox next to SqFt field to catch properties that have no square footage


    4. Relocate/Enhance the Unit Number in the MLS Detail display.

    1. The more data you can put in a regression analysis, generally the more accurate the analysis. When you try to use regression to analyze differences in property you need several

    examples of each of those differences you are regressing for. The more examples you have the

    more accurate the analysis.

    The beauty of regression analysis is the use of older sales. Regression can account for changes in

    market conditions allowing appraisers to use more similar properties even if they were over a year

    ago. Fannie Mae, and their lenders who sell to them, are beginning to loosen the requirements

    around the use of older sales. An appraiser can use an older sale, and if supported through

    regression analysis, make a valid market change adjustment. Many times this will support more

    recent contract prices. It is a real win for the agent community.

    I understand the reservation about data harvesting. Limiting the number to 200 is a reasonable

    requirement. Many times I will simply run 2 different exports and append the data. This is

    somewhat time-consuming and mistakes are easy. If you do not check the correct set of records

    the 2nd time around, sometimes you can miss records or create duplicate entries. Bob at the MLS

    office can explain the process of multiple downloads and demonstrated for you.

    That being said, if we could increase the import limit to 500 records it would be more than

    sufficient 95% of the time. This would still be a throttle on potential data harvesting. I also

    envision this regression analysis used by real estate agents for their CMA's. I would be glad to

    provide some training at the agent level on how to do this.

    2. For categorizing a house by architecture, I propose that up to two types can be checked. For example, you can have a contemporary ranch, or a contemporary tri-level. These classifications

    are not mutually exclusive, leading to confusion if someone is searching for a contemporary

    home, but the agent classified it as a ranch (which it technically is). Also, some of the categories

    (like Saltbox) could more appropriately be classified as Traditional or Historic. In my opinion,

    this whole category could use cleaning up/fine tuning. Happy to help come up with a more

    eloquent proposal for the group if that would help.

    3. It would be a great help if the search criteria for Building Sq Ft (Realist) (on page 1) could be modified to include a checkbox for:

    Include 0 Sq Ft

    Since Realist is not providing a consistent data feed for building square feet, this would help us

    see if there are properties that appear with 0 sq. ft. that may be within the GLA range (after we

  • look it up in auditor's records) using our other search criteria (distance, age, sale price,

    etc.). Right now, the search has to be run twice to catch the 0 sq. ft. properties.

    4. Is there a way to make the unit number of a condo more prominent? It is SO hard to find on the mls listing detail.

    could it be in the top banner where the address is?

    as in 1234 Main Street, Unit 5, Cincinnati, OH 45201

    or somewhere else more prominent?

    It is nearly impossible to find the numbers when looking at a lot of condos, because you have to

    keep scrolling down!

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    Executive Summary

  • ENERGY/GREEN FEATURES CHECKLIST This checklist is for informational purposes only and was designed to assist homebuyers or renters to find housing containing features suited to their particular needs. The owner does not warrant or guarantee the reliability of any of the features listed herein and therefore the purchaser or renter should always do their own inspection before relying upon any information contained in this checklist.

    Property Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Energy / Green Certifications

    HERS Index (RESNET) Yes / No Date Certified: Score:

    ENERGY STAR for Homes (U.S. EPA) Yes / No Date Certified: Version:

    LEED for Homes (USGBC) Yes / No Date Certified: Version:

    Home Energy Score (U.S. DOE) Yes / No Date Certified: Score:

    Other: ______________________________ (National Green Building Standard, Passive House, Living Building Challenge, Etc.)

    Yes / No Date Certified:

    Energy Efficient Features

    Insulation ☐ Attic Material/Install: __________________________________ R-Value: ______________

    ☐ Walls Material/Install: _____