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Newsletter MLIB November 2009

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  • McLeod Lake Indian Band Training Opportunity

    GIS Capacity Building for MLIB Land & Resources Department

    This is an opportunity for one band member to get one-on-one training for duration of 8 weeks. Training location will be at McLeod Lake Indian Band Office.

    GIS (Geographic Information Systems) have become integ ra l to land management in British Columbia. Mapping products are used to make decisions across the Province. For the F ir s t Nat ions to have a good understanding of what impacts are being fe l t by their tradi t ional territories, a good understanding of GIS is necessary. Often these impacts are understood in a qualitative manner,

    the GIS implementation allows the under s tanding to ex tend to a quantitative measurement.

    This funding will enable MLIB to develop our own bands capacity and thereby reduce dependencies on external contractors. We will be nurturing the band members and providing skills in professional, technical realms. Most importantly, better decisions will be made because those making them will be better informed.

    The purpose of this project is to provide McLeod Lake Indian Band (MLIB) with an opportunity to develop capacity in GIS for the purposes of land and traditional data management.

    In essence this project will provide a training package. The MLIB will identify a suitable candidate to take on the role of GIS technician for the

    band. This candidate is technically c o m p e t e n t ; u n d e r s t a n d s t h e fundamentals of computing; has an understanding of the land base and, most of all is eager to learn GIS.

    The candidate will be taken through the process of setting up a GIS workstation, developing a database of land-base infor mation and the principals of data management. The candidate will then be guided through the development of map templates and briefed on where to access provincial data. Throughout this process the basic concepts and theories of GIS and geography will be touched upon. More importantly, this training package will develop into a mentorship, by providing the candidate with a local resource on which to draw, as their GIS career progresses.

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    Fall is a second spring when every leaf is a flower


    10 winter tips for your vehicle.Read everything about winterizing your car, truck or van for this winter on page 13.

    MLIB newsletter

    P.A.L. (Possession and Acquisition License) course.Saturday November 7, 2009 at the MLIB Gym from 9 to 5.



    MLIB newsletter

    Derek Orr, Sharon Dugan, Adrian Voyer, Jodie Ware, Stephanie Rocheleau, Giorgina Chingee, Guy Rocheleau, Geraldine Solonas, Jamie Ware, Leanna Tylee, Marc P. Klijnsmit, Sabrina Tylee, Thomas Kenzie, Kandy Klijnsmit, Jan Hegel, Tania Solonas, Margie Alec and Justin Woolfrey.

    McLeod Lake Indian Band address:

    General Delivery

    McLeod Lake, V0J 2G0

    Toll Free 1-888-822-1143

    PAL Course

    Saturday November 7 at the MLIB Gym from 9 to 5.................

    Website and email address or email our amazing f r o n t d e s k l a d y M a r g a r e t a t

    MLIB Publiction No.2

    The MLIB Newsletter w i l l b e ava i l a b l e online at or on request, in print at the MLIB Band Office.

    Calendar of Events

    C h e c k o u r c a l e n d a r o n l i n e a t for up to date events, meetings, birthdays and other not-to-forget dates in 2009!

    House for Rent

    House for rent in Prince George. 3 bedroom, 1 bath and spacious basement. Fenced yard and carport. Close to Pine Centre Mall. $700/mo. Call Bob Inkpen at 250-788-8823


    Receptionist required for Chetwynd office. Please call Bob Inkpen at 250-788-8823

    Our children are our future and we have a responsibility to raise them to be healthy and happy individuals. Children who eat well find it easier to learn, concentrate and cooperate. If they tend to get their energy from low-nutrient foods like chips, suckers, and sweet drinks they will not get all the nutrients they need for healthy development and may find it difficult to learn. Now Im sure most parents have a nutritional guide of some sort so I wont delve into that, but I do want to discuss the importance of vitamin D, exercise and drinking water for the coming winter months. Children need vitamin D for bone growth and development. It helps us absorb calcium. A deficiency in this vitamin can cause a number of problems including rickets, osteoporosis, some cancers, heart disease and diabetes. Studies also show an increase in depression, especially in winter months where sunshine is far in between. When sunlight (UVB radiation) shines on our skin, our bodies produce vitamin D. We get 80% of our vitamin D this way. The most common way to get vitamin D is to spend time in the sun. So its important to do outdoor activities in the winter with our children. This can include walking, making forts, igloos, skating or a good olfashion snowball fight. Think of it this way, your children are getting a substantial vitamin, a good workout and spending important family time together. Vitamin D rich foods can supplement vitamin D your child gets from sunshine. Fatty fish and egg yolks naturally contain this vitamin. Foods that have vitamin D added to them are milks and some cheese. I also recommend offering water to your children at meal times. A bottle of water with your childs name on it almost always works. Your child will take ownership of it and be more inclined to drink it. Drinking plenty of water helps to maintain energy levels and attentiveness. Here are a few tips for you parents out there. Have fresh and chopped vegetables readily available in the fridge and offer a tasty dip with them. Have sliced cheese and cut up salami within reach. Healthy foods that are prepared and ready to snack on tend to be eaten more often than foods that

    kids have to prepare themselves. Also keep the sweet and salty snacks hidden and keep it for a special night once or twice a week. For example, our Friday nights are now labelled our family movie night. The kids get to stay up late and eat chips and dip and fun

    snacks. We look forward to it every week and the kids appreciate their treats a lot more. I have included some simple, cheap, fast and healthy lunch/supper recipes that are kid friendly.Corn ChowderHalf package bacon, 1 med onion, 1 can cream corn, 1 cup diced potatoes, 1 can mushroom soup, 3 cups milk, salt, pepper and spices to taste. Saut bacon, cut into small pieces. Mix all ingredients. Cook in crock-pot or pot until the potatoes are fully cooked. Enjoy!! Casserole #1Cook 1 cups of macaroni, drain and put in dish. Add I can of mushroom soup or cream of chicken soup, 1 can of tuna, chicken or turkey. Add frozen veggies. Mix all together in casserole dish. Crunch up crackers and spread over top and grate some cheese and sprinkle on top as well. Add salt and pepper to taste(optional). Place in oven of 350 degrees and cook for 25-30 min. This meal is tasty, quick, and cheap. You can also use cooked rice in place of macaroni.Casserole #2Cook 1 cups of macaroni, drain and put in dish. Add 1 can of cut up mushrooms, 1 can of diced tomatoes(or stewed tomatoes), 1 cup of cut up hotdogs, smokies or sausages. Mix all together in casserole dish. Spread grated cheese over top and cook at 350 degrees for 25-30 min. Kids love this quick dish.

    These dishes are easy to make and the great thing about these recipes is that they are so versatile, a lot of these ingredients are canned and frozen goods, so you can always stock up on them. I recommend doing it now that the snow is falling. Go in for that one big grocery trip and buy in bulk. The less you drive in the slippery roads, the less chance of getting into car accidents!

    - 2 -

  • Every now and then you stumble upon something special. Something that blows you away. Something like that happened to Adrian Voyer not so long ago when he read a poem from Thomas Kenzie. This 12 year old Canadian (not native!!) kid was asked to write an essay about history and he came up with this beautiful poem.

    SoullessSoulless by Thomas Kenzie

    I was born to a land of peace and love,The trees would whisper to the sky and the waterWe would hunt for only what we neededWe were at peace with natureNature was at peace with us

    The pale faced people came like the force of 1000 buffaloWith them they brought metal knives and sticks of thunderWe brought them useless furs for useful metalWe hunted for want and not needWe forgot our beliefs of peace and loveThey were our brothers of the trade and enemies of our land

    They killed and slaughteredFor no reason at allTo kill and killLike they had no soul

    They gave us a sicknessAn incurable woundWe died a thousand deathsWe will not heal

    They confined us to landWe can not moveWe can not breathe

    They apologized for deeds already doneWe will forgiveWe will never forget

    The Great Spirit wept raindrops

    Burn the tail over an open fire. The leather bubbles up and the tail will crack open. Now, you can eat it like you eat the meat from a lobster, or you can bake this fatty meat till it is crunchy and crispy.

    Not many people know how delicious this is!!

    Roasted Beaver Tail


    Traditional fingerfood recipe


    - 3 -

  • September and October have been very busy at Housing and Public Works. Housing has seen a change in personnel with Geraldine Solonas returning to her former position with Elders. I would like to wish Geraldine the best of luck wit