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Transcript of MLB Betting Secrets Revealed

  1. 1. Baseball Betting Secrets
  2. 2. Handicapping Offense Most important stats OBP Slugging percentage
  3. 3. Handicapping Pitching Most important stats WHIP ERA Also considering unearned Alternative (some overlapping) OBP and slugging percentage against
  4. 4. Class, Motivation, Form Recent form rated more heavily in MLB Define recent Seven to 10 days for offense Last month for pitchers Number of days rather than games
  5. 5. Injuries, rest, bullpen Fantasy sports and gambling overlap in MLB Injury reports Starters likely to be rested Bullpen recent play and rest Recent three to five games
  6. 6. Money management Understand basic math of moneyline (+150) means 40% winning to break even (-150) must hit 60% to break even Betting large underdogs can have less than 50percent change to win
  7. 7. Pro Handicapper Tips Sports betting YouTube Free picks Premium sports picks