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  • Toyotaro Miyazaki

    One of the most respected karate insttucto$ in the East isToyotaro Miyazaki, who owns a school in Flushing, NewYork.

    Miyazaki came to the United States about 10 years ago atthe invitation of a friend. He was well respected on the tourna-ment circuit until a knee injUry forced his retirement in 1971.

    His biggest win was the black belt lightweight spardng titlein the 1969 S. Henry Cho All-American Open. But he lost thegrand champion ti l le to Mitchell Bobrow.

    Today, Toyotaro continues with his shotokan teaching athis Flushing school. His knee is "getting better" and he is evenconsidering making a toumament comeback "if I still feelyoung."

    Toyotaro combines traditional with modern in his teaching."Many people say a cedain style should be taught a certainway," says Miyazaki. "But if I see any new techniques that aregood, I add them to the basics."

    His philosophy is "be modest and be s,ton*." ,"o*r,rr.o,

    THE PASSIVE AND ACTIVE sides of Toyotaro Miyazaki: In hisFlushing, N.Y., and in competit ion many years ago against Joe Hayes.

    (top) in

    Photo by Ed lkutaPhoto by s. Numano


  • ( C O N T I N U E D )

    Setting Up AReverse Punch

    Toyotaro Miyazaki says that 70 percento f h is po in t ! in tournaments came on areverse Dunch. Here he 5how5 how toevade an a5sailant'5 reverse punch bys ides tepp ing i t ( l -3 ) , ThE chang ing o fthe angle creates distance for Miya-zaki (3), so he can counter with a sidekick (4-5) and follow with a reversepunch (6-7).

    Double Kickand Follow-Up

    Toyotaro blocks his opponent'5 frontk ick ( l -3 ) and fo l lows up w i th a round-hou5e kick (4-5), and then a reversespin kick (6-8), AJter his opponent hash i t the ground, a punch (9 -10) i s addedfor good measure.


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