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Missouri Compromise. Missouri Compromise of 1820. Compromise of 1850. Cause and Effect. North and South torn over slavery. Tension develops over slavery in new territories and states. South threatens to withdraw from Union. The Compromise of 1850. California admitted as a free state. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Missouri Compromise

Missouri Compromise of 1820Compromise of 1850

Cause and EffectNorth and South torn over slavery.Tension develops over slavery in new territories and states.South threatens to withdraw from Union.California admitted as a free state.Residents of new territories allowed to vote on slavery.Texas gives up claim on New Mexico. Fugitive Slave law enacted.Compromise provides temporary relief from threats of secession.Slave trade abolished in District of Columbia.The Compromise of 1850

RIGHT: a poster from Boston warning free black to watch out for slave catcher who didnt care that they were free.TOP: a former slave scarred for life form all the whippings he had.Kansas-Nebraska Act

Beating of Charles Sumner

Should slavery be allowed in states made out of the Louisiana Territory?

Should slavery be allowed in the territory gained from Mexico?

California wants to be a free state, how does the South stayed balanced with the North?

Unorganized territory needs to be organized, how do we keep the balance of free and slave and still go along with the Missouri Compromise?Missouri Compromise of 1820

Wilmot Proviso of 1848

Compromise of 1850

Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854Maine admitted as a free state;Missouri admitted as a slavestate; slavery not allowed in Louisiana Territory north of 3630

No slavery in California, Utah or New Mexico territories

California admitted as a freestate; Utah & New Mexicoallowed popular sovereignty;slave trade stopped in DC; stricter fugitive slave laws

Territory divided into Kansas Territory and Nebraska Territory; slavery chosen by popular sovereignty; repeals Missouri Compromise

Write this down (notes)

Free-Soil Party: opposed to the expansion of slavery into the territories, not free from racism.Know-Nothing Party: also known as the American Party, they were against any foreign born people, and anyone Catholic.Dred Scott

Dred Scott

Dred Scott



Election of Lincoln