Minneapolis Lake Hiawatha

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Minneapolis Lake Hiawatha. Minneapolis Lake Hiawatha. Proposed Layout. Proposed Layout. Code Considerations: Zero-depth / beach entry – ADA (MN 1101) Maximum 2 ft. depth (MN 4717.0250, Subp.12 & 4717.1850, Subp. 2A) Abigail Taylor Act – main drains - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Minneapolis Lake Hiawatha

  • Minneapolis Lake Hiawatha

  • Minneapolis Lake Hiawatha

  • Proposed Layout

  • Proposed LayoutCode Considerations:Zero-depth / beach entry ADA (MN 1101)Maximum 2 ft. depth (MN 4717.0250, Subp.12 & 4717.1850, Subp. 2A)Abigail Taylor Act main drainsVirginia Graeme Baker Act (federal) main drains

  • Proposed Cross-Section

  • Pool SkimmingGutter System

  • Pool FeaturesCode Considerations:MN Rules part 4717.2350, Subp. 12.

    Fountains or similar featuresmust be located in areas of two feet or less of water depth. They must be designed to preclude climbing.

  • Pool FeaturesGround Geysers

  • Pool FeaturesBlue Heron Spray

  • Pool FeaturesCattail Spray

  • Site FeaturesFencing Code Considerations:

    MN Rules part 4717.1550, Subp. 4. Fencing for a wading pool enclosure must be at least48 inches high for new installations.

    MN Rules part 4717.1550, Subp. 5. New chain link fencing must not exceed 1-1/2 inch mesh for fencing less than eight feet high.

  • Site FeaturesFencing metal tubing

  • Site FeaturesBenches

  • Site FeaturesShade Structures

  • Public Meetings:MayDesign:June JulyBid Phase:30 days: July Aug.Construction Start:late Aug. Sept.Open:Summer 2011Project Schedule