Minneapolis journal (Minneapolis, Minn. : 1888) ... Hosenpud Mary Thompson. Warren Hovelsrud, Tillie

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Transcript of Minneapolis journal (Minneapolis, Minn. : 1888) ... Hosenpud Mary Thompson. Warren Hovelsrud, Tillie

  • Wednesday evening. January ie, 1901.

    GOING UP HIGHER Grade School Pupils Graduated Into

    High Schools.


    Interesting; Exerciser Will Be Held at the Four High School \u25a0'

    £' Building*-

    The flr»t semester; of the public school year closes this week. The commencement exercises |for the jgrade scholars who are entitled to enter the high schools at this time will be held ; to-morrow and Friday. Very, entertaining programs consisting of music, recitations,- essays and \u25a0, speeches have been prepared for each district. The exercises of the east district will be held in the east high school assembly room at 11 o'clock to-morrow morning,. those of the central district at the Central high to- morrow afternoon. Friday . morning at 10:30 o'clock the commencement exercises of the north district will;be held at: the .North high building.. in the afternoon at 2:30 o'clock the south district exercises will be held in the South high building.

    A total of 4&5 scholars will receive di- plomat!, and the majority of - them will{ take up the high school work. The grade graduating classes are as follows: North high 101. East high 74, Clinton 22, Douglas 42, Emerson 33,.Garfield 22, Horace Mann 20, Lyndale 25,iMadison 23, Washington 17, Whlttier 17, living13, South high, room I, 45, room P 42. . \u25a0 -

    \u25a0 Th» list of graduates is given below: * North High, J Room.

    Abrama, Ethel , Kottke, Minnie Bigg, Bdna Larson, Amanda Bradt, Alice Layden, Mary Bragg, Alma LuyiUn. Beatrice Breen, Joe j ,'\u25a0'•./ • Loftus, Agnes

    > Brooke, Sarah ', '•Mealey, ,-. Myrtle :'•Burflend, Pearl ' Miller, Elizabeth Canney, Bertha Munro, Edna Dresser, Eva Murphy, Isabelle Ennis, Walter . Olberg. Magdaleua *;': Farrell, Margaret \u25a0 Kivenburg, Claude Fetterley, Alonzo • Robinson, Mabel Goruam. Frank Rowe, Sarah Gray, Elizabeth Sheid, Marie Gulbrandsen, Susie Shagau, Lava Hatrh, Fred Sweeney, Sadie Hazard, Rowland. Torrey, Fred iliggiiis,Elsie Towers, Gertrude Karnofaky, Henry . Tracy. Ora Kennedy, Seldea . Yost, Bennle • Kilby, Harvey ,

    ' . North High, 1. Room. Bennlnf, Casper W. Malmsten, Edith E. " Bernstein, Ethel Meeker, Francis W. Blossom, Hazel . Mueller, Ada \u25a0-. • \u25a0--- Borgen, Jennie March, Nellie M, : Bresky, Harry ' McArdle, Irene Burke, Mary A. ' McDermott, Josephine Casey, Arthur J. Nelson, Arthur W. Clark, May Noyes. Ethel M. Cook, Caroline R. ONeil, Edith G. Embree, Ethel A. Reudelsterz, Edw'd H. Gill. Louis Schaar, Ida A. : Gorey Grace A. Schwab, Alois M. • Gorman, Anna Sleavin, Mary" C. Hanson, Ella B. Sump, Lucile Hall, Joseph* Turner, Ralph S. Hall. Ruth E. - Uzzell, Thomas H. Kraft Carl H. ; '•-\u25a0I- Luadqulst, Minnie O.

    Xorth High. M Room. Bearman, Sophia Mittwer, Arthur Bloom, Dabra M'EUigott, May Doaliug, Ray McElligott, Sarah EberspiTger, Joseph Nutter, Willard Ertl, Oscar Peterson, Edith Hall, Frauds Pratt, Sara Heckrich, Clara Schoyen, Hazel Heunig, Charles- Sehani, Max Judkins. E^rl Smith, Anna Kahl, Carolyn Stangebye, Louis Lacher, Albert Stone, Anna LeFebre, Irene Swauson, Helen Leighton, Lizzie Waltt, Sarah

    Elgtbth Grade, Ea»t High District. Andrews. Dalton Johnston, George Anderson, Hilda Jindra, Tlllie Blackburn, Winthrop Keyes, Edwin Beckwltb, George Kopp. Mabel Barnard Harriet Kealey, Calla Brown, Grace Levellle, John Berkey. Florence Lowell, Frances Bull. Bessie Lees, Maybelle Browning, Hazel Letts. Mlllicent Cataner, Melvln Lovejoy, Jessie .'

    J > _- , _ . , \u25a0«'*>•«'< r> ' • •' A ' ' T:* ~; * \u25a0. .• worth three to five times what we | ureatnllress boods and bilks uearinq Sales.if ask for them. Can't quote prices, \u2666 g>. .-*i,"»- C* i "#• \u25a0 : ' ' \u25a0' -; \u25a0• • i".•/"_•....-» \u0084_, "I but come and see them. | uearmg Sale ot Lamps, Jardinieres and Odd Dinnerware. Lt^imrrJ inal Closing Out of Winter Jackets and Small Furs S« _

    4&EBBEMEUKBBBSBEM s^________________ .

    C Remnant Sale Black and Colored Dress Goods.! Pi The great Seml-Annual Clearance Sale and Bargain Event of the Glass Block Store. Every Remnant. Dress Pattern II and Short Length in Dress Goods (black and colored In the house, is included. High-class; expensive goods, as well I§as the cheaper on> all marked in plain figures on ticket attached to each Remnant, as well as the number of yards, 1g the width of the goods and the price for the piece, and ; * I

    The Prioe parked willbe the Lowest Ever Placed on that Rieoe of\I Merchandise, even by the Manufacturer. I If •• :; \u25a0'" "'"'" ~" IN THE ASSORTMENT WILL BE FOUND REMNANTS OF \u25a0'•\u25a0 \u25a0. \u25a0''\u25a0' \u25a0''\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 \ "'. \ ";.fj French Whipcords and Eoliemes, Pebble, be line Plaids and Bourettes, French Crepes, Cords and Veilings, Black Grenadines and 1 II . Etamines, Black Cheviots and Camel's Hairs, Fancy Plaids, Tweeds and Cheviots, Serges, Cashmeres and 1», .£ "' - Sackings', Jacquards and Brocades, Mohairs and Wool Fancies, Etc., Etc. W

    Women's and Children's Underwear Sale. li|l§lllllglClearing Sale of Lamps, Jardinieres, Odd -V Of Ladies'and Children's Fine Underwear *« ("pjFpj~ppp*pppp ... ninii_,i._r_*_ and fUtitta - r

    tat greatly reduced prices. .-\u25a0/.-.',\u25a0,\u25a0\u25a0->^p^. . '

    '^^ OS3 • yilHierWare 811(1

    WOMEN'S UNDERWEAR. - - ff^ M B F^Pl ' "••'•\u25a0V " \u25a0-\u25a0 \u25a0 LAMPS. :

    Women's Munsiug . fine natural wool nlated WjKSv -/• 4 Slljll /^^^il^!^^^^^^^^ All Sll 7^ I flmnc At (fillfat greatly reduced prices.




    jfffH H B ffi

    ' - Ww"^lS^^Sl^^ < tafflpS, 31.

    WOMEN'S UNDERWEAR. @T™ F_3 LAMPS. Ladies'" Wrights" Tsc fine cotton Efl|^ 9pM 9m UP liiC^S H Vl'' LaW\Jh, dl .*7 Australian wool:Vests or Pants, £ m%?* : 'Ifrail/ ' '' • \u25a0 ' i^^^E S^JS m a.,,. , ' '\u25a0*' A . vm A// values up to $1.75. Clearance sale, « ***** «|jW,/ At prices never before sub- 9g H^LagS 8 ' All $2.29 LEfflpS, at .• $1,511(/ Women's Munsing^L 25- hs32 75c w mitted to the Minneapolis pub- I«V^''^^^ A,i $5 90& i .S3 r O1/ neeced Egyptian bnion Suits. if sragS \llfil - ' .-\u25a0 . . , W^4JyC, *-i~7j,mW All• i=l^^ IslfHnc ?lfJ7 Clearance sale price ./........... « Women's s()c heavy fleeced cot- g?%@% W chandise. We are determined >vt3? p^ All $6.95, $7.50 I amnc fl^r HA'mScwo ton Union Suits. Clearance sale vtMsMSam* Ail $10 00 WIUpS, 31 9Oa^Uwool plated Union Suit! Anice warm suit at a big reduc- n§£f* again. We want you to ~J -.-i-n 32, • 3-1 and 36-inches, . choice of '\u25a0 Splendid line of 24-inch Foulards, Reduced from 15c and 19c to lOc—Fine China Bread;- and; iJutterWe have a quantity of Fringed either size, rfffc fjP* ~4f&r4$ B& comprising the de- mU^ Plates, tine China Fruit Saucers, Oat Meal Bowls, fancy Cups Jk &% Nankins in white and p.ain sPecial- si Sns and colorings g[~ g^ ™& Saucers, Cream Pitchers, Pin Trays, Bon Bou Boxes, lOCi>apKins, in wnueana plain on iy %$& ' ' firilflrBon? WflliriniT QlflVf*!Only, each W for you. v r ;On sale at...;..... JBr-HS^.W. g«m**~z^r^.:-."*.MB."yß»'- W OlKing OlUriS. LOT 2- Consists of and ''W -^ We want >'ou to have our 50 pcs. plain Taf- _— _\u25a0_ llll±=|sl:"%':'; a f -' "/, ,^V V10c qualities. Special, only, 31* Catalog or Shoppers' Guide. -fetas,;l9 inches, in _E_ _T_h __ _^__C A sensation of 72 Walking: Skirts in OX- each .....". %W Send for one. Sent FREE. colors and black, firaWMffß: po&_l°ca I Cold Cream. r _j ff • it -_j

    \u25a0 . . grade. Thurs- _J_ 11. fe*!^™ . -«- , , , lUi gray f uiue ana ,_ .Wl , \u0084:- . . ..... ...... - , .....== day, yard....;..-..;. :W8r ?8Br; W |§2^^^S n'°sImpli"°f brown; some with twill-_S3wSt_»\ Qoofinfi PSnAr Rar__in_ =======_= |S?^^lfi dell' Perfect Cold ed surface, others smoothigs&&m &BCona tlOOr Bargains. liTlalneiieillf P ?^d a9r naway finished; all are neatlyr^y-s lldllllCl UCpi. IBUNfl">f tailor stitched They aregg|as PETTICOAT-Made with the \u25a0' /££* " Remnants of plain and fancy To: introduce this well known divided into two lots, val-&^VW;^'s 1?e-blaek^,zed - j\ , - striped. Eiderdown; also plain toilet article %to the people of Up to $&50. : Choice,JL'Uw \ Women 3fine black mercerized V A striped _iflerdown also plain Mi lig There is nothincr Ues Up to $8.00. Choice

    k (!_* ; sateen Petticoat, made with a &? J %\. - and fancy figured French Flan- Minneapolis. mere is notning nrhitrSaVr^"IV,^de. Spanish flounce, trimmed :f)V nels; worth from 65c to 85c. more satisfactory to use than a inuibaay, W^^ with 'narrow ruffles, in \'an Dyke Ml '"" \N\ Your choice "\u25a0Wa —\u25a0 ' perfect Cold Cream. .Dagget& ~ _«_ mnMk^~^\ designs. This is a beautiful and / V T^-J Thnr^nv nt FA _w_ _F_, Ramsdjell's is guaranteed not to «U __ _f!»C_l J \ v . 1 lißrffTin *it" V \ yy/ ./ - T}f*r Vflrd ' wUJSjf BSt JBf DGCOIHO TKxICIQ HO mfttLGl* HOTST («B jBHJlMil^§^fMmb wmT fiffffIBT lEm \u25a0

    r' Yn \\v^%ltL \u25a0\u25a0"'^@^ n t^3_3l! /"w— \ : ' - :=: Ramsdell's Cold Cream can be . AND ..' .' .^^.. .':\u25a0•\u25a0'.".\u25a0 -y/// 1 I Wash Goods. Collapsing Tubes..!. 10c and 25c ^» / a /WTrt»*~'\V\ \u25a0 Choice,- on Bar- : v. Nt« - ««i: "*•\u25a0\u25a0««' « . \u25a0 «*>\u25a0•«» ' «.2^^^^ 21i* r7ry^^^^ o£CfaIc' ::/ 39C : The Following Extra Special lilimery Bar- j&\u25a0 mf U =j=_!l=^^ gains for Thursday., W&gsSr^ 1901 SHIRT WAIST-Women's shirt waist, made '~~ «i Jf% . . _J_lP^ -\u25a0 & »^«J-~~mg^ of good percale, in pretty stripes, TTCLo!!?fs \u25a0 .^^^^ Another day of remarkable values InT'-^rjk made with the new Bishop sleeve JPHfl^^ if „ ©•*•\u25a0«# RT Trimmpri Mate*f%Lu^V% and cuffs. Very spe