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Preliminary Lesson (Classroom Instructions) Let's begin. Let's finish (the lesson). Let's take a break. Do you understand?Yes, I do!"#No, I don't$%& $ '(Once ore.)*+ ,-+!ine. " #ood..+ /0+$hat's not O%. " $hat's &rong.1! 23nae)# 45e'a67. 89hoe&ork$# :;(uestion ?e'a)le@%ABCDEF#GHIJ(Daily Greetings and Expressions)K LM NLM#ood orning.#@% OB#ood afternoon.## OP#ood e*ening.1D 1D#ood night.DK1Q#ood+bye.CR LM$hank you *ery uch"#,'cuse e. " I' sorry.SR T-lease. UV (Numerals)WX>.% '/@ Y0D# Z1K# [2L \3]7 ^411% _5% `667 a76 b/..cdethis (thing near the s)eaker)>that (thing far the s)eaker, near the listener)C>that (thing far both s)eaker and listener)lthis 9, this 9 herelthat 9, that 9 near youClthat 9, that 9 o*er there# book dictionaryM* aga@ine## ne&s)a)ernotebook% )ocket notebook 2business cardrcardrtele)hone card!# -)encilball)oint )enechanical )encil, )ro)elling )encilz key) &atch, clockD ubrella# bag, briefcasercasette ta)eta)e recordertele*isionradiorpcaeraco)uter&m autoobile, car7! desk chairchocolatecoffee!L the ,nglish language@#L Bthe Aa)anese languagelL l9 language1# &hatso%R No, it isn't. You are &rong.+I see."Is that so?C&ell...(used to sho& hesitation)#$%+ %+It's nothing."It's a token of y gratitude.&-lease."?ere you are. (used &hen offering soeone soething)&$Bell, thanks.&$CR$hank youLM*ery uch>QC"@ 1>QH@1I ho)e for your kind assistance hereafter.%QK]7I a )leased to eet you. (res)onse to &K]7)cehere, this )lacethere, that )lace near youCthat )lace o*er there&&here, &hat )lace?%Q this &ay, this )lace ()olite )%Q that &ay, that )lace near you ()olite )C%Q that &ay, that )lace o*er there ()olite C)&%Q &hich &ay, &here ()olite &) classroo7& dining hall, canteen officez Gconference roo, assebly roos)) rece)tion deskXlobby rooCQy ytoilet.# staircaseele*ator, liftrescalator7@ countrym Gw&ork% house, hoe+# Htele)hone, tele)hone call7 shoesnecktie&ine

&hich one (of three or ore)$*eryCnot so (used &ith negati*es)and (used to connect sentences)lRl9, but 9F#+ +?o& are you?+SBell let e see. ()ausing)@#"@1>