Minhaj India Cloud Computing Project

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Cloud ComputingTackling threats of humanity Digitaly

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ObjectivesSEIZING THE BIG DATA STRATEGIC POSSIBILITIESFor all of these reasons, having a sense of the possible, especially relative to the Internet of Things, is important. And the possibilities will be astounding, blurring the lines of Islamaphobia and fundamentally altering the way User interact with their Islamic Knowledge and religious ideologyIn preparing genuine online data for the future of big data, where should Scholars seeking tangible execution tomorrow focus their thinking today? Groundbreaking future results start with disciplined and incremental steps in the near- and mid-terms.

Pre Requisites.Strategic focus today the most important question to ask is how can big data improve business performance; it may be the most important question, tomorrow, too.Operationalization moving beyond pilot projects and past the cloud computing project in the basement stage is critical to reaching future scale with big dataIntegration and Ecosystems holistic, big-picture views are necessary to knit together the right big data repositories in optimal fashion and establish a flexible foundation for the future, with the highest value data readily accessible to the right users, and well defined rules and governance structures in place.Cultural Shifts data-driven Islamic and analytics-enabled decision making processes must become the norm, which seems inevitable in the next generation, but the scholar who get there first will have decided advantage.Right People on the Bus having the right scholars and organisation working together, with strong and purposeful leadership, are necessary now, and will continue to pay off later.