Mindfulness Affirmation

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Transcript of Mindfulness Affirmation

  1. 1. I am open to the experience of the present moment
  2. 2. I sense my BODY,whether eating, cooking, cleaning, talking, sitting, standing or lying
  3. 3. When I notice anabsence of mind,I gently return to the experience of thehere and now
  4. 4. I am able to love, trust& appreciate myself
  5. 5. I pay attention to thepsycho-social conditionings behind my actions
  6. 6. I see my mistakes and difficulties without judging them
  7. 7. I feel fully connectedto my experience in thehere-and-now
  8. 8. I accept and embraceall unpleasant experiences
  9. 9. I am kind and friendly to myself when things go wrong
  10. 10. I watch my thoughts, feelings, emotions & impulsewithout getting lost in them
  11. 11. In difficult situations,I can pause & reflect without immediately reacting
  12. 12. I am patient with myselfand with others
  13. 13. I am able to smile when I notice how I sometimes make life difficult
  14. 14. I am relax, calm and peaceful in the presenceof here and now