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Technology to mitigate global warming. Mimicking a Volcano. Technology. Doesn’t have to be about new gadgets or phones Can be as simple as an abacus. The idea behind the madness. The Haze Effect Global cooling after eruptions Laki Tambora Krakatau - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mimicking a Volcano

Mimicking a VolcanoTechnology to mitigate global warming

TechnologyDoesnt have to be about new gadgets or phones

Can be as simple as an abacus

Technology has been used in the classroom to enhance learning. However when most people think if technology they typically think of gadgets and software but technology can be as simple as a balloon and a garden hose.

2The idea behind the madnessThe Haze EffectGlobal cooling after eruptions LakiTamboraKrakatauPinatubo

Famous EruptionsMt. St. Helens eruption > El Chichon eruptionMt. St. Helens lowered global temp by 0.1 CEl Chichon lowered global temp 3-5 times that!!!!!


The Haze EffectThe pyroclastic cloud is not a good measureSulfur-rich gases Sulfur + Water Vapor = dense clouds of sulfuric acid droplets in the stratosphereAbsorb solar radiation and scatter it back to space Decreases troposphere Temperature

5British Experiment Attempt to create the haze effect without all the damagePipe chemicals into the stratosphereIncrease reflection of solar radiation back into space

Items needed:one balloon the size of a soccer stadium One 12-mile long garden hose.

Trial RunPumping plain water into the air to test if it is possibleIf it works: they will pump sulfates and aerosols

Class DiscussionDo we think this will work?Is this environmentally moral and scientifically ethical? What are our alternatives? Are they more possible than this solution?

Pros and Cons of this lessonHighlightsScience talkReal world issuesEthics of scienceTeach volcano mechanismNeed to knowFOCUSProvides opportunity to relook at the situation after project is launchedPitfallsMay not be as cool as a computer simulation or video or 3Doodle, etc. Is not a teaching aid technologyVery primitive form of technology but has a very advanced task

My opinionSometimes gadgets take away from learning rather than amplifyingI chose this article because sometimes it is more advantageous to just talk about new technologies in the field. I think this gets students thinking critically rather than playing with a new technology. It has to do with my field of ecology. It is a very important topic and real world problem.

Any Questions? For more information regarding this topic, please feel free to visit the article site: POPSCI or if you are interested in finding out more about volcanoes, please visit Volcanoes.