Miller Portable Welding and Cutting SystemsMiller’s all-in-one MIG welders can weld steel,...

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Transcript of Miller Portable Welding and Cutting SystemsMiller’s all-in-one MIG welders can weld steel,...

  • with the Most Portable and Easy-to-UseWelding and Cutting Systems forMaintenance and Repair

  • Millermatic® Passport® PlusGrainger Stock No. 2RUA2 (Miller Stock No. 907401, 115/230 V)Eliminate set-up and tear-down time with the only MIG welder that travels light, welds easy, and plugs in anywhere.■ 45 lb suitcase style unit holds an 8 inch spool of wire and a self-contained 12 oz gas cylinder■ Exclusive MVP™ plug for plugging into either 115 or 230 V power■ Welds from 24 gauge up to 3/8 inch steel■ Welds 18 gauge to 1/4 inch aluminum with new Spoolmate™ 100 Series

    (Grainger Stock No. 2RVC9, Miller Stock No. 300371)

    Millermatic® 252Grainger Stock No. 2GPJ9 (Miller Stock No. 907321, 200/230 V)Grainger Stock No. 2RVD2 (Miller Stock No. 907322, 230/460/575 V)The most powerful machine in its class!■ Welds 22 gauge to 1/2 inch material (250 A 40% duty cycle at 28 VDC) ■ Auto-Gun Detect™ automatically adjusts voltage and wire speed for faster, easier switching

    between MIG & spool guns■ Line voltage compensation keeps welding parameters constant even when input voltages

    change +/- 10%■ Fan-On-Demand™ cooling system only operates when needed — reducing power consumption!

    Millermatic® 140 Auto-Set™ w/CartGrainger Stock No. 1TKC4 (Miller Stock No. 907335011, 115 V)The simplest Millermatic to set-up and start welding.■ Auto-Set offers all-in-one MIG, minus the guesswork!

    Simply set the wire diameter, set the material thickness, and start welding!

    ■ Plugs into any 115 V outlet■ Welds 24 gauge up to 3/16 inch material■ Comes with a cart for portability

    All-In-One MIG (Wire)


    Visit or call 1-800-4-A-Miller for more product information

    Maxstar® 150 S Stick Welding PackageGrainger Stock No. 2RTZ9 (Miller Stock No. 907134012)Provides maximum portability and performance in the most compact Stick package in the industry.■ Very portable; weighs only 13.2 lbs■ 150 A at 30% duty cycle■ Exclusive MVP™ plug for plugging into either 115 or 230 V power■ Draws over 30% less amperage than similar competitor machines

    Miller’s all-in-one MIG welders can weld steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. For aluminum welding, simply add the appropriate Miller spool gun. Visit to see what spool gun options are available and to see Miller’s full line of all-in-one MIG machines.

  • Order online at

    Maxstar® 150 STL DC Stick/TIG Lift-Arc™Grainger Stock No. 2RUA1 (Miller Stock No. 907135017)Provides maximum portability and performance in the most compact TIG/Stickpackages in the industry.■ Lightweight and portable at only 13.7 lbs■ Welds .020 to 3/16 inch steel (150 A at 30% duty cycle)■ Exclusive MVP™ plug for plugging into either 115 or 230 V power■ Built in gas solenoid eliminates a need for bulky gas valve torches

    Maxstar® 200 SD TIG/StickGrainger Stock No. 4TY12 (Miller Stock No. 903701)Industry standard —Miller Electric pioneered and perfected the Maxstar-type market.■ Welds .020 to 1/4 inch steel (175 A at 60% duty cycle)■ Connects to single- or three-phase power, 120–460 VAC■ Non-contact, High Frequency TIG starting eliminates material contamination■ Superior performance, even with difficult-to-run stick electrodes

    Contractor Kit — use with Grainger Stock No. 4TY12Grainger Stock No. 4TY13 (Miller Stock No. 195055)■ Includes 25 foot, 150 A TIG torch, regulator, gas hose and AK-2 TIG Accessory Kit

    Spectrum® 375 X-TREME™Grainger Stock No. 2AVH7 (Miller Stock No. 907339)Auto-Line™ and MVP™ plugs make this 18 lb unit the most portable ever!■ Portable in the shop or at the job site — at 18 lb the shoulder strap allows you to easily

    move from location to location■ 27 amp unit provides 3/8 inch rated cut on mild steel ■ Exclusive MVP plug for plugging into either 115 or 230 V power■ Auto-Line™ circuitry allows direct connection to 115 V or 230 V single-phase power without

    having to re-link

    Spectrum® 625 X-TREME™Grainger Stock No. 2VEX1 (Miller Stock No. 907404)Big cutting power in a small package — the industry's most portable and powerful 40-amp plasma cutter.■ 21 lb portable unit with shoulder strap for easy transportation■ 40 amp unit provides 5/8 inch rated cut on mild steel■ The simplified user interface and built-in auto features save time by making adjustments for you■ X-CASE™ provides ultimate protection during transport and storage

    Spectrum® 875Grainger Stock No. 2VEX2 (Miller Stock No. 907390011)Compact size with plenty of power, for optimum cutting and gouging performance.■ 52 lb portable unit can be easily moved around the shop■ 60 amp unit provides 7/8 inch rated cut on mild steel ■ The simplified user interface and built-in auto features save time by making adjustments for you■ Patented Ultra-Quick Connect™ work and torch cable offers the fastest connection in the industry

    Plasma Cutters


    When Size Does Matter, look to Miller Spectrum Plasma Cutters for the right portablepackage to fit your needs. Learn more at


    Bobcat™ 250Grainger Stock No. 4TY29 (Miller Stock No. 907211)Rugged multiprocess engine drive that is great for Stick and Flux Cored welding.■ 11,000 watts of Accu-Rated™—not inflated generator power for heavy loads such as

    motor starting■ Ten-degree skewed-rotor design optimizes generator performance for smoother power —

    better power, better performance■ Most reliable engine-driven welder/generator in the industry■ Large 12-gallon fuel tank that keeps you running all day long

    Blue Star® 185 DXGrainger Stock No. 4TY27 (Miller Stock No. 907269)Reliable power when size matters!■ Stick welding up to 185 amps and peak generator power of 6000 watts■ Compact and portable—its small footprint uses little truck space■ Five-gallon fuel tank provides 6.5 hours of generator power under a continuous 3000 watt load■ Single control knob makes setting amperage levels easy

    Trailblazer® 302Grainger Stock No. 4TY31 (Miller Stock No. 907216)The professional welder’s choice for Stick, Wire and TIG processes.■ Unbeatable arc with .023 solid through 5/64 inch flux cored wire■ The only 2-generator system. When generator power is being used for tools, it does not

    interfere with arc quality■ Standard protective armor with covers that are required by OSHA and CSA for job site safety■ Remote control receptacle provides welding voltage and current control capability from a distance

    Inferno™Grainger Stock No. 2WY45Miller Stock No. 222669

    Stars and Stripes II™Grainger Stock No. 2CAV5Miller Stock No. 234065

    The Joker™Grainger Stock No. 2RYP2Miller Stock No. 227187

    BlackGrainger Stock No. 2WY47Miller Stock No. 216322

    ’29 Roadster™Grainger Stock No. 2AVH9Miller Stock No. 224870

    Red FlameGrainger Stock No. 2WY43Miller Stock No. 216323

    Engine-Driven Welders/Generators

    The choice of professionals for the most demanding applications—the Elite Series auto-darkening helmets feature:■ Auto-On/Auto-Off and Grind Mode ■ Low amperage TIG rating (5 amps)■ Our largest viewing area, 30% larger ■ Built-in magnifying lens holder■ Four independent arc sensors ■ Lightweight—only 18 oz (510 g)■ Variable shade #8–13, light state #3

    Elite™ Series Welding Helmets

    For more information on our complete line of auto-darkening helmets including the versatile new Digital Elite and Performance Series helmets, visit —