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The March edition of Midlothian News the community newspaper of Midlothian Council

Transcript of Midlothian News (March)


    www.midlothian.gov.uk COUNCILLOR CONTACTS page 8 CUIKEN CRUNCH page 9

    M IDLOTHIAN Council hasagreed to freeze counciltax in the county for thefth year in a row.

    Councillors agreed that counciltax paid by Midlothian residentswould remain at the current levelfor the next 12 months.

    Council Leader Councillor Derek Milligan said: Wevereluctantly agreed to the ScottishGovernments funding package. Ifwe hadnt, we would have seenour funding cut by 10.8 million.

    We feel, therefore, we had noreal option but to accept the deal.

    The governments offer camewith a number of strings attached,setting out areas we cant touch.That means well need to look atother areas and services now forthe savings we know we have to

    make and the services affectedmay be the ones our residents havetold us they want to see protected.

    As Midlothian News went topress, the Council was meeting on22 February to conrm how it willmake the savings required tobalance next years budget.

    At 150.9 million, the ScottishGovernments contribution toMidlothian Council for 2011/12 is down 4.4 million on theprevious year.

    Councillor Milligan said: Thechallenge is not just how we aregoing to balance the budget forthe next nancial year, these cutsover the next three years will befelt for decades to come.

    Services and how they aredelivered will be changingdramatically.

    No increase in council tax for the fth year in a row

    WITH his recent appointment to theBritish junior judo squad, MatthewAllison is a force to be reckoned with.

    The 17-year-old St Davids High Schoolpupil is looking forward to competingagainst the best in the world.

    Matthewversusthe world






  • 2W I T H t h e S c o t t i s hParliamentary Electionstaking place on Thursday,5 May it might seem thattheres plenty of time toensure you can vote.

    However, you only haveuntil Friday, 15 April toadd your name to theelectoral register.

    Anyone who misses the

    deadline will not be ableto vote.

    On the same day (5 May),you will be asked to take

    part in a UK referendumon the voting system toelect MPs to the House of Commons.

    Make sure you can vote on 5 May

    WHITEHILL WelfareFC, based in theRosewell area, isthe latest football club inMidlothian to achievethe Scottish FA QualityMark award.

    Helping the club achievethe award is the mostrecent success in theCouncils work with theSFA to help in developingfootball and football clubsin Midlothian.

    Midlothian Councils SFADevelopment Ofcer KeithWright worked closely withthe club to ensure theyoperated to the required

    standard for the award.Whitehill Welfare FC is thetenth club out of 12 inMidlothian to achieve theSFA Quality Mark. This

    includes helping create arobust and sustainable clubstructure and ensuring theclub meets basic standards.

    The Quality Mark is anindication that Whitehill

    Welfare FC works to a very high standard, forexample, using qualiedcoaches, working closelywith child protectionofcers and putting clearprocedures in place.

    Councillor Peter Boyes,M i d l o t h i a n C o u n c i lCabinet Member withresponsibility for Sport andLeisure, said: Achieving a Scottish FA Quality Mark award is a greatachievement for any club.Whitehill Welfare FC, theirplayers and supporters, canbe proud that the club hasput in the hard work to

    achieve this accolade. TheCouncil works closely withthe SFA to develop footballand football clubs inMidlothian.

    O n c e a c l u b h a sestablished a basic clubstructure they can continueto work with the CouncilsSFA Development Ofcerto grow to DevelopmentClub status. Three clubs inMidlothian have reachedD e v e l o p m e n t l e v e l :Loanhead YFC, Arniston

    Rangers YFC and BeeslackThistle.

    The Council is workingwith a number of clubstowards SFA Qual i tyMarks.

    PEOPLE in Pathheadcan now sign up formains gas networkconnection for the rst time. Connectionis available to bothprivate and Councilhouseholds. Tenantsand homeowners willbenet from access tomore cost effectiveheating, which shouldresu l t in reduced fuel bills.

    The gas connectionwill help deal with f ue l pove r t y and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It will also help improve airquality for residents asfewer households burnfossil fuels.

    Our newsite isnow live!THE Councils new website www.midlothian.gov.uk is now live.

    By making it possible todo more online, the newwebsite will help cut costs while improvingexperiences for Councilcustomers.

    The website project wasdelivered on time andwithin budget.

    The new site will make iteasier for customers toaccess services includingpaying council tax andorganising bulky uplifts.

    Gas now inPathhead

    SFA awards Quality Mark to local club

    Whitehill FCis quality!

    From left: ex-Hibs star GordonHunter, Whitehill Welfare FC

    Coach Alan Ramsay, WhitehillWelfare FC coach Scott Kearsley

    and SFA Head of FootballDevelopment Jim Fleeting

    WhitehillWelfare FCcan be proud


    Other interested footballclubs can contact KeithWright, MidlothianCouncil SFADevelopment Ofcer,on 01968 664090.


    To conrm if you are registered to vote telephone0131 344 3500 or download an application format www.lothian.vjb.gov.uk


    Call Energy SavingScotland free on0800 512 012during ofce hoursor visit www.energysavingtrust.org.uk

  • 3SNO-TUBING is thenewest sport to hitt h e s l o p e s a tMidlothian SnowsportsCentre.

    Offering an alternative toskiing and snowboarding,the thrill-seeking activity isat tract ing crowds ofchildren to Hillend.

    If youve not heard of itbefore, Sno-Tubing isrumoured to date back tothe Alps in the 1820s. Itsfairly simple, you pick upyour tube at the top of the

    slope, sit in it and slidedown the hill.

    Midlothian SnowsportsC e n t re h a s re c e n t l yupgraded its Sno-Tubeswith new stock fromCanada. Its proving verypopular with kids partiesand have-a-go sessions.

    All parties include a partymeal in Cafe 360 withfood, drink and a party bag for the kids. Adults can watch over the partyfun from the cafe viewinggallery.

    Youre advised to bookkids parties (aged four

    to 12) early to avoiddisappointment by callingthe centre on 0131 4434 4 3 3 o r v i s i t i n gwww.ski.midlothian.gov.uk

    Childrens have-a-got u b i n g s e s s i o n s a reavailable most days duringthe week for children agedfour to 12.

    Its advisable to call thec e n t r e t o c o n f i r mavailability. The centrecaters for single sno-tubers as well as groups ofup to 10 children.

    ANYONE who has enjoyeda class recently will knowe x a c t l y w h y Z u m b a has become a f i tnessphenomenon.

    C o m b i n i n g a e r o b i ce x e r c i s e w i t h L a t i nAmerican and internationaldance steps, Zumba is notjust a fantastic workout itis really fun.

    Theres such a goodatmosphere, you dontrealise the time because youdont look at the clock, saidnewly qualified Zumbainstructor, Sarah Donnelly.

    S a r a h , a To n e z o n einstructor for 13 years with Midlothian Council,takes one of two newZumba classes at thePenicuik Centre.

    The classes, open to 30 people, only started inJanuary and they arealready full.

    The good news is thecen t re i s one o f s i xMidlothian Council venuesoffering Zumba classes.

    Councillor Peter Boyes,Cabinet Member withresponsibility for leisureservices, said: We arealways looking at new waysto encourage people toadopt a healthier lifestyle.Zumba has proved to beamong our most popularclasses to date.

    Zumba rst began in theearly 1990s and wascreated by a Miami baseddancer and choreographer,Beto Perez.

    There are estimated to bemore than 7.5 millionZ u m b a d e v o t e e sworldwide, with classesavailable in around 105countries.

    Adults of all ages comealong to Sarahs class. Shesaid: Anyone can do it.

    An all-body workout,Zumba is great for rmingup the hips and waist, sheexplained.

    THE Midlothian Arts and Creativity Team hasrecently appointed JessAbrams as the YouthM u s i c F o r u m C o -ordinator.

    Jess has worked incommunity arts projectmanagement for morethan a decade. Shes also amusician and workshopfac i l i tator who worksregular ly wi th youngpeople.

    J e s s h a s a s t r o n gcommitment to ensuringthat young people haveaccess to quality music-

    making opportunities, and that the musiciansd e l i v e r i n g t h o s eopportunities are wellsupported.

    Over the next 12 months,Jess will be working to set

    up the Forum, map outand raise awareness ofexisting provision, identifyareas for training anddevelopment, supporti so la ted groups andencourage collaborative

    working. She will alsoexplore ways of developingthe Forum further after itsinitial year.

    Funding for the post isfrom Creative ScotlandsYouth Music Initiative.

    Try Zumba:its great fun!

    Zumba classes are held at: Bonnyrigg

    Leisure Centre (0131 663 7579)

    DanderhallCommunity Centre(0131 663 9280)

    Gorebridge Leisure Centre(01875 821 739)

    Mayeld Leisure Centre (0131 663 2219)

    NewtongrangeLeisure Centre (0131 663 4276)

    Penicuik Centre(01968 664 066).

    A classnear you


    Further information can be found atwww.midlothian.gov.uk

    Sarah Donnellyputs a Zumbaclass through its paces

    Jess heads the Youth Music Forum

    IF you are a musicianworking with youngpeople aged up to 25 inMidlothian, you areinvited to attend the rstYouth Music Forum

    meeting on W