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  • 1. 2008 Zimbra, Inc. All rights reserved.Zimbra, Zimbra Collaboration Suite, Zimlets are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Zimbra, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries/regions. Microsoft, Active Directory, Internet Explorer, Outlook, and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries/regions. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. The information contained in this document represents the current view of Zimbra, Inc. and is for information purposesonly. ZIMBRA MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT. No part of this document shall be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior written permission from Zimbra, Inc.

2. Introductionfor standards-based protocolsdeployments (using our 700+ (IMAP / POP / iCal / CalDAV) as well partners) to meet the collaboration This report is a comparative study of as MAPI and iSync, which enableneeds in their community.. ZimbraTM Collaboration Suite andseamless compatibility with other Exchange 2007.clients like Microsoft Outlook, AppleZimbra has provisioned over 45 desktop suite, and Mozilla million paid mailboxes and serves Zimbra Collaboration SuiteThunderbird. 60,000+ organizations across theglobe. The Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS)Zimbra also offers Zimbra Mobile, is an open source server and client which provides over-the-air "push" Microsoft Exchange Server software solution for messaging and synchronization to mobile devices2007 collaboration - email, group(e.g. Windows Mobile 5, iPhone, and calendaring, contacts, and WebBlackberry devices) without the need Microsoft Exchange Server is a document management and for third party software or additional messaging and collaborative system authoring. It is designed for and usedservers for most devices.that is widely used by enterprises for currently by various enterprises,their messaging needs. According to service providers, and education andZimbra now offers a free offline most industry estimates, Exchange is government organizations. ZCS isclient, Zimbra Desktop, whichthe leader in enterprise messaging, available for Linux, Mac OS X,provides the same user experiencewith 30-40% share of corporate appliances, and virtualizationas that of Zimbra Web Client. That mailboxes. Released for general platforms. The Zimbra Web 2.0 Ajaxmeans when you are out of theavailability in Nov 2006, Exchange Client runs on Firefox, Safari, and IE, office without a connection (say, in Server 2007 addresses deficiencies in and features easy integration of Weba plane, train, or automobile), youExchange Server 2003 - in particular portals, business applications, and can keep working without missing a built-in protection, performance & VoIP using Web services.beat. Write email, add new reliability, unified messaging and appointments, edit documents and extensibility. ZCS also includes an Ajax based when you re-connect changes will be admin interface plus variety of automatically synced to the Zimbra scripting tools to effectively manage Server.Microsoft Positioning vs. the ZCS server. In addition to a Zimbra feature-rich and Ajax-based Web Zimbra customers can choose client, Zimbra provides full supportbetween on-premise and HostedConfidentialPage 2 of 19 3. Microsoft may claim that thegrowing messaging user-base and not uncommon) primarily due to Zimbra solution is simply a gigabyte mailbox sizes withoutthe difficulty and complexity of bundling of open source softwaresignificant investments in training managing Exchange. As an components stitched together to and hardwareupcoming Yankee Group report create a solution Exchange subscribes tosuggests, "In an ominous portent Microsoft may position Exchange proprietary interface to retain for Microsoft, 23% of the survey as a stable, mature solution that significant control over customer respondents indicated they has a sound track recordexperience, while creatingintend to migrate away from Microsoft may suggest thatsubstantial reliance on Microsoft Exchange Server and switch to an Exchange works best with other Microsofts agenda to progress itsalternative Linux or open source Microsoft products like Outlook,business has resulted in lack ofEmail and messaging distribution Active Directory and SharePoint compelling support for Mac andplatform over the next 12 to 18 Microsoft may claim thatLinux based products, non-months. The report further customers switching to Zimbra Windows mobile devices andstates, What's behind the may incur higher costs due to the browsers, thereby limiting end- switch? Cost, complexity and learning curve involved inuser choice in an otherwise difficulty in maintaining and administering a Linux-based diverse ecosystem managing Exchange." system Exchange 2007 is based on In addition, rebuilding the Microsoft may claim that Zimbra Microsoft Windows platform that Exchange database can often may not have migration tools to is plagued with security issues take hours requiring additional transition data from otherthat UNIX-based platforms are storage and resulting in loss of messaging systems to Zimbra not. Arno Edelman, Microsoft'saccess to user data during the European business securityoutage product manager, recently said Exchange 2007 is not extensible "Microsoft is not a securityand cannot easily integrate third Microsoft Weaknessescompany. Security is important, party applications Exchanges core kernel wasbut it's just a little part of Search capability in Exchange is designed in early 1990s. TheMicrosoft." rudimentary. It is limited to architecture is not modular Many enterprises that have runindexing/searching of message (requires installation of mailbox Microsofts Exchange Server havesubject and body, and content server on each physical serverreported reliability and uptime within Office attachments. albeit the ability to assignissues (average unscheduled Exchange does not support roles) and cannot scale todowntime of 4 hours/month isadvanced structured searchConfidential Page 3 of 19 4. criteria (e.g. between time A andchanges in Exchange 2007 that Zimbra. Customers benefit from B, in: folders or domains etc.), requires many 3rd party products to mature & proven technologies keywords from non-Office upgrade to use their new web services without the need to manage and attachments or across-foldersAPI. Not many have publicly support individual components Exchange 2007 is not cost- announced plans or a date when their Exchange naturally integrates effective for many enterprises.products will be ready. From awell with other Microsoft In addition to requiring a customer standpoint, if one suchproducts, and Microsoft has an complete overhaul of hardwarevendor product that the customerunderstandable incentive to to 64-bit servers and upfrontwould like to use is not readyencourage other Microsoft (perpetual) investment in server customers cannot use Exchange 2007. products in addition to Exchange. license and user CALs, customers Microsoft's plan to drop supportHowever, Exchange often must also invest in Software for public folders in Exchange 2007 presents usability/compatibility Assurance (SA) in order to receive will create issues for many issues in environments with non- new software releases. customers. Outlook 2003 calendaring Microsoft components, greatly In order to avail of new unified app still requires public folders toreducing customer flexibility. In messaging, built-in protection retrieve end-user free-busy addition, increasing diversity in IT and Documents features, as wellinformation. This will forceenvironments often means that as Outlook 2007, customers mustcustomers to continue to useorganizations cannot dictate that additionally pay for EnterpriseExchange 2003 or at best aMicrosoft products are in all CAL, SharePoint and Office 2007combination of both 2003 and 2007 places at all times. Zimbra license & support. These costs servers until the time when ALL their provides an open solution across further add up due to largeusers upgrade to Outlook 2007.diverse, platform-agnostic amount of storage and number ofenvironments, including seamless servers required to workaround interoperability in environments the monolithic architecture. where Microsoft products are Finally, admin and outage costsKey Zimbra Advantages Overused to support and manage an Exchange Zimbra solution includes an Ajax- Exchange deployment can oftenbased Administrator Web run into hundreds of thousands of While Zimbra utilizes mature andinterface. Routine administration dollars over a 3-5 year period.proven open source components,tasks including provisioning and Most 3rd party components notthe Zimbra solution (including allmanaging classes of service, ready for Exchange 2007: Microsoft upgrades) comes pre-packaged, domains, accounts, servers, made major architectural and API certified and supported bybackups etc can be handled usingConfidential Page 4 of 19 5. the Web interface leaving only migrate user data from other overhaul (codenamed Kodiak) as advanced non-routine systemsit was too complex to pull off administrative tasks for command Microsofts Exchange must also line operation.Microsoft Challenges live with an underlying less Migration tools currently reliable and insecure Windows available include Exchange 5.5, Microsofts biggest challenge with platform that makes Exchange 2000 and 2003, Lotus Domino andExchange is its age-old software complex to manage Novell Groupwise. In addition, architecture that cannot be In order to avail of new tools such as imapsync and undone in short order. To meet innovations in Web collaboration PST import are made availablethe growing mailbox size and userand meet the diverse user-