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  • 1. Microscopy & Imaging Shared Resource(MISR) Michael Johnson, Ph.D. MISR Director Jan Blancato, Ph.D. Cytogenetics and immunofluorescence Peter Johnson, B.S. Manager Susette C. Mueller, Ph.D. Consultant

2. MISR Provides:

  • Routine and advanced cellular imaging and image analysis for tumor and cell biology studies.
  • Guidance for tumor biology studies using quantitative imaging: subcellular changes in protein distribution.
  • Access to advanced imaging instrumentation hardware and image analysis software including Metamorph and Volocity .
  • Cytogenetics resources and services such as DNA FISH.

3. MISR Services:

  • TIRF
    • Fluorescence, single molecule
    • 150 nm adjacent to coverslip
    • Multicolor fluorescence at the plasma membrane (only!)
    • Applications:
      • Membrane receptors
      • Exocytosis, endocytosis
      • Cell adhesions (TIRF/IRM)

TIRF ( Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence microscopy) 4. MISR Services:

  • Confocal/ Multiphoton
    • Single cell or deep tissue (up to 500 mm maximum)
    • Live cell imaging
    • Second harmonic detection of collagen fibers
    • FRET/FLIM for protein-protein study

Fluoview FV300 Zeiss LSM510/META/NLO 5. MISR Services:

  • Spinning disk confocal (live) imaging
    • Fast, 3D confocal imaging of cells
    • Volocity 2D and 3D image analysis
    • Multiwell, automated image collection
  • Routine fluorescence

6. MISR Training:

  • Training of users through lectures, workshops, and individual instruction.
  • Some of the equipment can be used by trained users. Technical assistance can always be requested.

7. MISR Contacts

  • Mike Johnson, PhD
  • Core Director as of 7/1/10
    • x7-0217 (W414 Res. Bldg.)
  • Jan Blancato, PhD
  • Cytogenetics
    • x7-0217 (W414 Res. Bldg.)
  • Peter Johnson, B.S.
  • Manager
    • x7-1916 (W407/W408 Res. Bldg.)
    • [email_address]
  • ZeissLSM and TIRF (E308 Res.Bldg)
    • x7-3168 (E308 Res. Bldg.)

8. Shared Resources are partially supported by the Georgetown Howard University Center for Clinical and Translational Studies (GHUCCTS)1UL1RR031975-01 In your publications, remember to mention support provided from the GHUCCTS.