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Pharmaceutical Microbiology- Hygiene And Finger Dab Procedures

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  • 1.Quality Control-MicrobiologyTraining on hygiene & finger dab test Sreenath.S Site Microbiologist 1

2. Over view of finger dab & hygiene Cleanliness of the personnel Maintenance of hygiene Proper hand sanitization Disinfectant cleaning Hand Swabbing Use of right sanitizer Growth of organisms Educating personnels2 3. Why Is Hand Hygiene Important?Hands are the most common mode of pathogen transmissionHand washing is an extremely important step Hand washing significantly removes thebacterial flora on the skin Hand washing protects you and your patient from the bacterial flora (from each other) from becoming skin residents3 4. Hand Hygiene Definitions:Hand washing Washing hands with plain soap and water Antiseptic hand wash Washing hands with water and soap or other detergents containing an antiseptic agent Alcohol-based hand rub Rubbing hands with an alcohol- containing preparation (used after hand washing)4 5. When to Wash: Visibly dirty After touching contaminatedobjects with bare hands Before glove placement and afterglove removal Hand washing before and after each operation is the single most important hygiene measure for reducing or preventing the spread of contamination5 6. Rings and Jewelry Hand jewelry should not be worn asit may tear gloves and harborbacteria Studies have demonstrated that skinunderneath rings is more heavilycolonized than comparable areas ofskin on fingers without rings the more rings worn, the greaterconcentration of organisms 6 7. Fingernails Can affect the integrityof gloves Can also harborbacteria Keep fingernailsSHORT! Avoid artificial nails7 8. Wash hands (or use and alcoholbased rub) before glove placementand after glove removal.8 9. Hand Hygiene: Frequently Missed Areas9 10. Cleanliness of the personnels Always clean your hands before entering into manufacturing areaand where ever it is to be followed. Disinfectant the gloves during operation. Personnel Hygiene Illness Staff with illness or open lesions should not handle starting materials, intermediates or finished products Adverse conditions operators trained to recognize risks willingness to report illness to the areasupervisor10 11. Personnel HygieneHealth examinations On recruitment for direct operators , repeated on regular basis Training - check induction training for new operators includes basic personal hygiene training written procedures - to wash hands before entering a manufacturing area signs in changing rooms to reinforce hand washing 11 12. Personnel Hygiene Contact between product and operator avoid direct contact if direct handling unavoidable, gloves should be worn check glove disinfection (for sterile production) and disposal12 13. Personnel Hygiene Clothing and changing facilities check changing rooms (hand washing, towels or hot air hand dryers) check if used clothing stored in separate closed containers while awaiting cleaning laundering of clean area clothing must be to SOP and inappropriate facility check for procedure for sterilizingand storing clothing for use insterile area 13 14. FINGER DAB TEST Frequency: Once in six months Sampling plan: (Random sampling) Persons working in the manufacturing area are selected randomly from eachsection on the day of the test. Limits: For Bacteria: Standard limit: NMT 100 cfu/Personnel Alert limit: NMT 50 cfu/ Personnel. Action limit: NMT 75 cfu/ Personnel. Fungi: Should be absent Pathogens: Should be absent14 15. FINGER DAB TEST DEMO SAMPLE UNDER MICROBIAL SWAB TAKEN BEFORE HAND WASH TESTINGAFTER INCUBATION COLONIES AREIDENTIFIED15 16. FINGER DAB TEST DEMO SAMPLE TAKEN AFTER HAND SANITIZATION SAMPLE UNDER MICROBIAL TESTING AFTER INCUBATION NO COLONIES ARE IDENTIFIED 16 17. Taking off the first glove:1.2. 3. 17 18. 4. 5.18 19. Taking off the second glove:1. 2. 19 20. 21. Disposal:21 22. THANK You Any Query ????????22