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Micro-Cap Review Winter 2012 Magazine - Read up on the world of Micro-Cap companies and related editorials

Transcript of Micro-Cap Review Winter 2011

quarter 4 2011 microcapreview.com@StockNewsNow$5.00Grizzly Discoveries [60] Inovio Pharmaceuticals [78]Investor Targeting Q & A with John Vigliotti PR Newswire [10]New Merriman Capital [37] DYNAResource [47]ICVrx A Transformative Drug Company [82] Atossa Genetics [90]Ask Mr. Wallstreet: When Did I Become a Contrarian [42]Chinese Public Companies in the U.S. [32] Micro-Cap AllstarsSNN Is to Micro-Caps what CNBC is to Large Caps [30] Anatomy of a Biotech: Advaxis Inc. [7] Anatomy of a Junior Exploration Company: Cream Minerals [88] OTCBB: IFIX [17]DeliciousFacebookSlash DotRedditNewsvineYahooMicrosoftApp StoreQikTumblrBehanceFriendsterRSSFlickrMySpaceMixxFriendFeedSlideShareYahoo BuzzMSNAmazonVimeoWordPerssDesign FloatBeboEmailTwitterStumbleUponSkypeYouTubeGoogleNetvibesAppleLast.fmViddlerBloggerDeviant ArtSquidooRetweetDiggTechnoratiLinkedInGoogle TalkAOLMobileMeMister WongVirbPosterousDesign BumpShare ThisUpdate #1Update #2Google BuzzEbayGowallaXingPodcastButton RedPicasaFeedburnerICQPaypalButton BlueButton WhiteBingWordPress (blue)MetacafeHeartButton OrangeButton Light Blue Button YellowMeetupDrupalYelpStarGreenIconDock FoursquareIdenti.caCoroot Ember AppHyvesStockNewsNowStockNewsNowdevelopingthenextgenera0onofcancerimmunotherapiesOTCBB:ADXSwww.advaxis.comwww.stocknewsnow.comwww.snnwire.comwww.microcapreview.com Micro-Cap Review Magazine 3E D I T o R I A LThis Publication is not to be construed, under any circumstances, by implication or otherwise, as an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy or trade in any commodities or securities herein named.Micro-Cap Review Magazine and its employees are not, nor do they claim to be registered investment advisors or broker/dealers.This magazine contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 relating to companies future operating results that are subject to certain risks that could cause results to differ materially from those projected.Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. This publication undertakes no obligation to update these forward-looking statements. Micro-Cap Review Magazine, its owners,employees, their families and associates may have investments in companies featured within this publication and may elect to sell these investments or purchase additional investments in these companies at any time. However, the policy of our editorial staff is to avoid any pre-publication trading of featured stocks or sales until the release date of the magazine. In order to be in full compliance with the Securi-ties Act of 1933, Section 17(b), where the publisher has received payment for advertisement/advertorial of a security, the amount and type of consideration will be fully disclosed.All information about the Company contained within an advertisement/advertorial has been furnished by the respective Company and the publisher has not made any independent verications of such information and makes no implied or express warranties on the information provided.Readers should perform their own due diligence before investing in any securities mentioned.Investing in securities is speculative and carries a high degree of risk.All MicroCap Review Disclaimers apply http://www.microcapreview.com/disclaimer.php before investing view www.sec.gov/investorsI have this vivid memory from my youth of watching Star Trek, one of my favor-ite TV shows and one of the best motion picturefranchisesinfilmhistory.Captain Kirkwascoolbutthebestcharacterwas Bones,thedoctor,thelate,greatDeForest Kelly.IrememberBoneshadtwomed-techdevices,onewhichfirstdiagnosedan ailmentandanotheronethatcouldtreat anythingfromdeepspacechillstoamoon virus.Althoughfictionandsupernaturalin scope, todays scientists and biotechnologists are on the cusp of inventing incredible diag-nostic, life saving, life extending devices, and discovering molecules, cures and treatments, to raise the quality of our lives, the common messagehereisthatthesegeniusesneedto be funded to fruition.Ateachbiotech,medtech,lifesciences and healthcare conference that SNN attends, IamnolongeramazedatwhatIseeand hear. The global scientific talent community istearingdownbarrierstotreatmentsand doing so by thinking outside the beaker, and inside the cell and genes. WhenaCEOspassionhitsacrescendo oncamerawithmeduringmySNNLive interviewIoftencapturetheireyegleam talking about their dream becoming a reality and its not about the money! Its about their goal. Ask a CEO why they do what they have chosen to do and you will find a story about someoneintheirfamilyorafriendthatill-ness became their personal inspiration!TodaysBiotech,Med-Tech,LifeSciences and Healthcare companies are in a financial sectorofthemarketthathasevolvedlike noothersectorinthestockmarket.This sector is filled with start-ups, companies cre-atedbygrantfunding,othersfromrounds offriendsandfamilycheckwriters,and otherstiedtotheUniversitysystemsand teachinghospitals.Investinginthissector requiresaninvestortohavepatiencefora long term hold. The investor faces huge risk asalabmoleculemustgothroughallthe necessaryphasesofpre-clinicalandclinical trialsasthecompanyisfacedwithfunding the enormous cost of research and develop-mentwithoutaguaranteeofsuccessorof receivinganFDAapproval.Investorsneed tobecomebelieversinacompanysscience andmanagementandonceinvolved,inves-torsthenbecomecheerleadersfilledwith hope and when the long awaited little break-throughsandsmallpositiveshappenthey become gigantic events for investors.Oftentimesinvestorhopemaynotbe enough, add in prayer which cant hurt, and of course sprinkle a lot of luck into the mix and the chances of success are still miniscule. IntheU.S.80%ofstart-upsfailand20% become success stories. This four to one ratio stymiesthebestandcausesmorebroken hearts than cholesterol. One out of five com-panies succeed but as investors know success can take years barring setbacks and the pain ofenduringroundsoffinancingandstock dilution,boarddisputes,failedFDAresults anddelistingissues.Investorswaitingfor publicannouncementsonbiotechcompa-niesresembleanervousexpectantparent because each announcement is nerve racking and monumental.So with all this risk, uncertainty and brain drainwhyinvestinthissectorofbiotech, med-tech,lifesciencesandhealthcare? Because one day we will all be patients! nwww.stocknewsnow.comFollow us: @StockNewsNowSNN IncorporatedMicro-Cap Review4766 Admiralty Way #13004Marina del Rey, CA 90295www.snnwire.com PUBLISHERSheldon Kraftskraft@snnwire.comWesley Ramjeetwesley@microcapreview.comEXECUTIVE EDITORLynda Lou Kane KraftWRITERSIan EllisBrent CookTeresa ToueyBobby KraftLance Jon KimmelDr. Gordon ChiuSheldon Shelly KraftEleanor VeraJeb HandwergerRichard D. Hastings, CCEChris BerryDr. Frank GrossmanLindsay HallJim SchnorfLisa LoweVirginia GrantierRabbi Stephen RobbinsJack LeslieChet HebertU.S.-CHINA SNN REPRESENTATIVE TO CHINAHolmes H. Stoner Jr.SNN COMPLIANCE AND DUE DILIGENCE ADMINISTRATIONJack LeslieCHAIRMAN OF SNN ADVISORY BOARDGeorge R. Jensen Jr.ADVERTISINGSheldon Kraftskraft@snnwire.com818-730-6000COMMUNICATIONS AND SOCIAL NETWORKINGRobert Kraft@stocknewsnowRKraft@snnwire.comCIRCULATIONInfo@snnwire.comGRAPHIC PRODUCTIONTony VibhakarTony@unitronmedia.comPRINTERVintage Filings, a division of PR Newswire866-683-5252CREATIVE IT TECHNOLOGISTBarbara DuckBDuck@snnwire.comMARKETING CONSULTANTRolv HeggenhougenMicro-Cap Review Magazine is published Quarterly, Spring, Summer, Fall, WinterPOSTMASTERsendaddressChangestoMicro-CapReviewCor-porateOfces.Copyright2009byMicro-CapReviewInc.AllRights Reserved. Reproduction without permission of the Publisher is prohibited. ThepublishersandeditorsareNotresponsibleforunsolicitedmaterials. Every effort has been made to assure that all Information presented in this issue is accurate and neither Micro-Cap Review Magazine or any of its staff or authors is responsible for omissions or information that is inaccurate or misrepresented to the magazine. Micro-Cap Review is owned and operated by SNN Inc.4 Micro-Cap Review Magazinewww.stocknewsnow.comwww.snnwire.comwww.microcapreview.comCMYCMMYCYCMYKwww.stocknewsnow.comwww.snnwire.comwww.microcapreview.com Micro-Cap Review Magazine 5C O N T E N T SWWW.MICROCAPREVIEW.COMQUARTER 4201110 Capital Markets Visibility ProgramDrives Investors Engagement forSmall-Cap and OTC Companies13 Talk to thousands of Active Investors inReal-Time. (in Your pajamas)15 Q & A with Doug Jamison on VentureCapital State of The Market22 Micro Cap Investing is Not a StrategyBy Ian Ellis25 The Odds and the Opportunities in Junior Metals Explorers By Brent Cook28 Biotechnology Supermen and Superwomen By Teresa Touey30SNN is to Micro-Caps what CNBC is toLarge Caps By Bobby Kraft32Chinese Public Companies in the U.S. Restoring CondenceBy Lance Jon Kimmel34 Is Anything Predictable for 2012 andBeyond By Dr. Gordon Chiu37The New Merriman CapitalBy Sheldon Shelly Kraft40 Caregiving: Ready or Not or Tag YourIt! By Eleanor Vera44Whats Really Going On With The Rare Earth Exports? By Jeb Handwerger52The Top Down Opportunity for Micro- Caps in 2012 By Richard D. Hastings, CCE54Metal Market Overview 2011 By Chris Berry56Value Beyond Prot By Dr. Frank Grossman62How to Hedge Your Micro-Cap Portfolio by Using Options on Dow Futures By Lindsay Hall72International Stock Exchange Executives Emeriti to Meet in Orlando By Jim Schnorf74Do You Wrap?77Are You DTC Eligible? By Lisa Lowe82ICVrx A Transformative Drug Company for the Treatment of Epilepsyand Other Brian Disorders By Virginia GrantierFEATUREDARTICLESFinance42Ask Mr. Wallstreet: When Did I Become a Contrarian? By Sheldon Shelly KraftFinancial Puzzle59SNN StockWord PuzzleFinancial Books65Caveat Emptor or Buyer BewareWritten by Sheldon Shelly KraftOpinion67Beginnings and Endings By Rabbi Stephen Robbins94Ombudsman By Jack LeslieComic Strip92WallStreet Chicken - Episode 5Legal, Tax & Accounting85The Compliance Corner By Chet HebertProled Compani