MIAC Report: Anarchist Movement

MIAC Report: Anarchist Movement
MIAC Report: Anarchist Movement
MIAC Report: Anarchist Movement
MIAC Report: Anarchist Movement
MIAC Report: Anarchist Movement
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Transcript of MIAC Report: Anarchist Movement

  • 8/14/2019 MIAC Report: Anarchist Movement


    Matl BluhtGovemot Mark S. James James F. Keaihley Van GodseyDircctot, DPS ColoheL MSHP Ditectot, MIAC

    This Strategic Beporl analyzes the Anarchisl lMovement and relaled Anarchlst activitjes. The majority oi this in-iormation i;open source a;d can be localed in many anarchy related websites. RECIPIENTS AFE REMINDEDTH'S DOCUI\TiENT IS A STRATEGJC BEPORTJ THE INFOBMATION THEFEIN SHOULD NOT SERVE AS THEBASIS FOF FUFTHEF INVESTIGATJVE ACTIVITY.HistoryThe first known usage 01 ihe word Anarchy appears in the play "seven Against Thebes" by Aeschylus daled al467 BC. The heroi;e, Antigone openly retuses to abide by the rulers'decree to leave her brother Polyneices'bodyunburied,aspunishme;tiorhispafiicipaiioninlheatlackonThebes. lnthiscontext,anarchyisreterencedas a retusal to abide by qovernment decree.According to Harold Barclay (a prolessor in anthropology and notable writer in anarchisl theory), long beiore an_archjsm ;merged as a distinct perspective, hUman beings lived for thousands ol years in societies withoUt gov_ernment. ltw;sonlyaitertheriseofhierarchicalsocietieslhalanarchislideaswereformulatedasacrjticalresponse to and relecljon of coercive poJilica inslilutions and hierarchica sociai relationshipsThomas Jefierson spoke oJ his respect for a soclety with no government. "The basis of our governments beingthe opinion of lhe people, the very ffst object should be to keep that right; and were il lelt to me to decide whetherwe should have a governmenl without newspapers or newspapers wjthoul a government, I should nol hesitate amomenl to preier tihe latter. Blt I should mean thal every man shoulcJ receive those papers and be capable o{readjng them. I am convinced thal those societies (as the lndians), which live withoul government' enjoy in theirgeneraj mass an jnfinilely grealer degree ol happiness than those who live under the European governments'Anarchists played a role jn many ol the labor movemenls, uprisings, and revolutions o'f the late 191h and eariy2othcenturies;includingtheRussianBevolution(1917) lntheUnitedStates,manynewimmigranlswereanar-chists; an especially noLble group was the large number ot Jewish immlgrants who had left Bussia and EasterriurcpeOuringtnetatelgtha;dearly20thcenruries ThesegroupsweredisruptedbylheRedScareoll919 Aoeriod in which there existed stionq anii-communjst teelings in the US

    I1'ItrACSTRATEG]C REFORT11-2A-2AAAAnarch!st lMovennent

    On 16 September 1 920 al aboul noon time, if New York City New York, alimed improvised explosive device (lED) exploded in the back ol a horsedrawn wagon al the corner ot Wall Slieet and Broad Slreet in iront ol theJ.P. Morgar building and Assay Oflice, killing between 38 and 40 civilians,iniurinq between 300 and 400 others, and causing exlensive damage toseveral nearby vehicles and buiJdings. The American Anarchisl Fightersclaimed responsibility, bul no arrests were ever made.A surge oi popular interest in anarchism occuffed during the 1960s and -1970s: lntheUKthiswasassocialedw1hthepunkrockmovement;thebandcrassiscelebratedlorlisanarchistunO-pu"it"l ideas; ol note is atso the Sex Pisiols hit "Anarchy in the UK' ln Denmark, the Freetown Christiania"ui !t"ut"O t ao""to*n Copenhagen. The housing and employmenl crlsis in mosl oJ Westerf Europe led lo theformation ol communes and squatter movemenls like the one still thriving in Barcelona' SPain'


  • 8/14/2019 MIAC Report: Anarchist Movement


    Anarchist ldeologyThere are many dillerenl ideoloqies that an anarchist may iollow. Althouglr lhere may be a number of difierences,they al coriain the same central beJief. Anarchism is lhe idea that government (lhe siate) is unnecessary andharmful. Anarchy is society withoul governmenl. Anarchists are people who desie io live n a sociely wiiho!1rllers as their anceslors once did. The main beJiej is thalthe communiiy in whichthey live be dependanl onlyupon itseli. PeopJe who believe in governmenl (such as liberals, conservatives, socialists and fascisls) are knownas "slatis1s". Anarchism opposes alllorms oi hierarchical control.The lerms "anarchism" and'anarchy' are oilen contused in their meaning When mosl people think Anarchisl,they think ol the chaolic [4olotov cocktail throwing teenager (whi6h grew ou1 oi the Anarcho-Punk persona) orALF/ELF members (Anima Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Fronl _ Eco-Anarchism, Green Anarchish, orAnarcho-Primitivism ideologies). Allhough there are a Jew direct aclion radical sub groups nol all belleve in vio_lence.Anarcha-Mascu I in ismAretE-MmllnisN sel oi socialphilosophies thal locus on ihe rights and erperiences of men. [lasculin_ism is sometimes conlused with palriarchy (slructuring ol society on the basis ol lamily units where iathers haveprimary responsjbjlily lor the weliare ol, hence althority over, their lamilies) while its main goal is to complimenlmale t;minism and to provide a way to show lnequaljties presenl ir today's system Some of their campaigns in-cJude: draft resislance (in the majority oi countries males are draited instead ol jemales), breaking the tabooaround male adull virginity, acceptance of sensilivity of males (in many cultures il is assumed that "men don'lcry"), and more equally shared parenlal resporlsibilily wilh children i.e. paternal ieave.

    irom other syndjcales, making ii in lheir besl interesl to share. Anarcho-Communism also advocates the ab0lilronoi work in thi sense ol waoJslavery, and recommends worker seli'managemenl to improve working condjtions,ifcreaseefliciency,andmakeworkingenjoyable. Symbolisared(communist)andblack(anarchist)flag

    Anarcho-syndicalism is the Anarchisl wing of the labor union movement ltsprimary aim is the end ol the wage system. Their basic princjpals are work-ers solidarity, direcl aclion, and sellmanagement. Anarcho-syndicalisls be-iieve thai only drrecl action-tha1 is, action concentrated on direcliy atlaining agoal, as opposed to indirecl action, like elecling a represenlalive 10 a govrn-;enl-will allow workers to liberate themselves The lnduslrial Workers oi theWorld, a once-powerful, stii aclive, and again growing laboMion, is consid_ered a leadino pan ol the anarcho'syndicalisl philosophy in the Unjted Stales

    Radical ieminlsm supports the beliei thal patriarchy is a lundamenlal problemin our society. Feminisl Anarchism, or Anarcha-Feminjsm a lerm creaiedduring second-wave leminism, views pairlarchy as the firsl manifestaiion ol hierarchy in human history; thus, the 'first lorm of oppression occured in thedominance of male over female. Anarchisl ieminjsm appears in individualistand collectivisi forms, with individualisl forms having mosl adherents in theUnited Slates, while in Europe anarchisl feminism has had more emphasis oncollectivism Symbol is a plnk (feminism) and biack (anarchist) llag

    Anarcho-Communism, or Liberlarian Communism, is a politica ideologyrelated lo Libenarian socialism. Anarcho-communlsm stresses the abolition olmoney and the introd!ctior oi the gifl economy (an economic syslem in whichgoods or services are given, rather than tladed) to lacilitale the exchange ofgoods.in Anarcho-Communism, proiil no longer exists. Goods are given away as giitsin the faith thal others will also oive producls back (in an industrial setting, thiswould occur belween worker syndicates as weil as belween individuals). llone syndicaie does nol share their products, they will not receive resouTces



  • 8/14/2019 MIAC Report: Anarchist Movement


    An a rc h o-Prim itivism Anarcho-primitivism is an anarchisl cntique ol lhe origins and progress ofcivilizalion. Primilivists argue thal the shifl irom hunletrgatherer 10 agricul'luTal s!bsistence gave rlse io social stratification coercion, and alienation.They advocate a return to non "civiljzed" ways of llle.through deindusrializa-t on, abolii on ol division ot labor or specialization, and abandonment ol tech_nology. There are however, numerous other non anarchisl Jorms ol primiliv-ism, and not all Primitivisls poinl to the same phenomenon as the source ofmodern, clviiized problems. Anarcho-Primilivists are often djstjng!ished bytheir focus on the process of achieving an unlamed staie through 'rewllding .Bewllding is aboul 'overcoming" human domestication and relurnjng io lheinnale wildness. Though ollen assocjated with primitive skiJls and learning knowledge aboul wild plants and animals il emphasizes primal llving as a holistic realily Fewilding is mosl associated wjlh Green Anarchy and anarcho-prlmitivjsm. Symbol is a llghler green over black liag.

    Green Anarchism puls an emphasis on envilonmentalissues. Some green.anarchists can be described asAnarcho'Primilivisls and sometimes Anli-CivilizationAnarchists, lhough nol all Green Anarchists are Primitiv-istslvlany Green Anarchisls choose lo iocus nol on philoso-phical issues Jor a Juture society, but on lhedefense ol the eadh and social revolution inthe preserl. Besisting systems in the pre-senl, and creating alternaiive, suslainabJe ways ol living are often deemed morermpodanl than f rivolous protesiing-

    l\lost Green Anarchlsts hold their jdeals passionaleiy and some engage ln direclaclion. Organizing themselves through grolps like Eafth Firstl, Rool Force, oImore draslically, the Earlh Liberation Fronl (ELF), Earlh Liberation Army (ELA)and Animal Liberation Front (ALF). They may take direct aclion agalnst what they see as systems oi oppression,such as the iogging industry, the meat and dairy industries, animal testing iaboratories, genetic engineering facili-ties and, more rarely, governmenl institulions-Such actions are normally though not always, non-violenl. Though nol necessarily Green anarchisls, activistshave used the names Anjmal Bights Militia, Justice Departmenl