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  • 7/25/2019 MGA 621.doc


    MGA Chapter 621

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    MGA: Chapter 621 Exposed

    *poof* Seeing the two of them enter the sea, a thought sprung up in Chu Fengs

    head. After verifying the direction they were heading towards, he went around the

    crowds ine of sight and secrety su!merged into the sea. "e used the Secret S#i,

    the A$ure %ragon %ashing &echni'ue, and wanted to chase after them.

    (%ammit, ) cant catch up &hey are reay too 'uic#.+ ut it was useess as the

    difference in strength was too great. -ven though Chu Feng had a supreme SecretS#i, he simpy coudnt reach them.

    (iyayiya, !ig !rother, you want to catch up to those two/+ ut 0ust as a of Chu

    Fengs hope was neary ost, a peasant voice suddeny rang out from his arms.

    1owering his head and oo#ing, he saw the itte specia gir, 1itte Fishy, !in#ing

    with her cear and !ig eyes as she aso oo#ed at Chu Feng.

    (2m.+ Chu Feng su!consciousy nodded his head.

    3uite unexpectedy, 1itte Fishy suddeny smied da$$ingy, reveaing her row of

    pure white teeth, and said, (ig !rother, hod onto my feet e sure tod on tight4+

    (5#ay.+ Chu Feng #new that 1itte Fishy wanted to !ring him after the monster

    and a Fei. So, he did not hesitate, and as he spo#e, he gra!!ed 1itte Fishys ight

    itte an#e.

    *swish* "owever, 0ust as Chu Feng gra!!ed her an#e, he fet an enormous force

    crashing straight towards him. &he surrounding water currents actuay !ecame

    rows of white ines and endessy !rushed past him.

    1itte Fishy was swimming forward with speed far 'uic#er than the A$ure %ragon

    %ashing &echni'ue, and !ecause the speed was reay too fast, even Chu Fengs

    face changed and he invountariy gasped.

    (1itte Fishys speed in water is actuay this fast/+

    Chu Feng was extremey shoc#ed. Athough he aready #new that she was very

    specia, and that her swimming speed was extraordinariy 'uic#, he never woud

    have thought it reached thateve of 'uic#ness. )t simpy surpassed his

  • 7/25/2019 MGA 621.doc


    At that instant, Chu Feng was more and more curious a!out 1itte Fishys origin.

    Ceary, she seemed to !e a very ordinary ady, as she had no discerni!e

    cutivation, so how coud she have such frightening capa!iities/

    *whoosh whoosh whoosh*

    (iya, yiya+

    1itte Fishy was truy i#e a water dragon in the sea as she speediy swam. As she

    drifted through the water, she even made cheerfu and happy sounds. And, in such

    a situation, 1itte Fishy soon caught up to a Fei and the monster.

    *!oom !oom !oom*

    At that instant, a Fei and the monster were fighting against one another. 1ayers

    of wid rippes unceasingy dispersed seawater and ru!!e deep in the sea and theypermeated that area.

    &he might of the !atte !etween two ran# five 2artia 1ords was too horrifying.

    -ven Chu Feng didnt dare to come too cose !ecause if he were swept into it,

    even the remnants of the !atte coud possi!y ta#e away Chu Fengs puny ife.

    )n a situation i#e that, Chu Feng coud ony use the ac# &ortoise Armor

    &echni'ue, the Secret S#i, to protect himsef !etter and increase his safety.

    Aso, after oc#ing onto the monsters position, Chu Feng started to communicate

    with the monster with menta messaging. ut, it was useess as the monster

    simpy didnt repy, as if it didnt even receive his messages

    (6ho are you/ 6hy didnt you #i me !efore/

    (ou definitey #now who ) am ou saw through my mas# and #now that )m

    Chu Feng right/

    (6ho exacty are you/ 6hy are you saughtering the innocent at this pace/

    Pease repy to me. ) have no i intents, and perhaps ) can even hep you.+

    ut, Chu Feng did not give up. "e firmy !eieved that the monster heard his

    menta messages, and he aso !eieved that the monster was inteigent.

    ut as moments and seconds passed, their circe of !atte !ecame more and more

    chaotic. Chu Feng was simpy una!e to ucidy see their actions. 6hat he coud

    see was ony terrifying might, as we as the undersea word in compete havoc.

    *!oom* Suddeny, another exposion !urst out and a figure shot out exposivey

    from the !atte. )n a !in#, it came up to Chu Feng. )t was a Fei.

  • 7/25/2019 MGA 621.doc


    (Foow me.+ 6hen a Fei came up to Chu Feng, she extended her hand,

    unexpectedy going straight through Chu Fengs ac# &ortoise Armor &echni'ue,

    and gra!!ed Chu Fengs shouder.

    *whoosh* 3uic#y afterwards, she said nothing ese and dashed straight towardsthe surface of the sea as she had her hand on Chu Feng.

    *aoo44444* At that instant, Chu Feng coud hear endess !ursts of furious hows

    resounding from !eow. An extremey powerfu aura was rapidy nearing, and

    without even thin#ing, Chu Feng #new it was definitey the monster.

    Athough he didnt #now why a Fei gra!!ed him, Chu Feng su!consciousy

    #new that the events that were happening were heading towards a !ad direction.

    So, he hurriedy sent a menta message to 1itte Fishy. (-scape+ As he sent her

    that, Chu Feng threw out 1itte Fishy from his arms.


    Seeing Chu Feng reease 1itte Fishy, a Fei was enraged. ut, she didnt chase

    after her and instead, with changes of her steps, increased her forwarding speed.

    6ith such speed, the soundpuchirang out as the two of them charged out of the

    sea, !ut a Fei didnt stop moving yet. 5ny upon entering the vast couds did she

    stop, and she cast her ga$e downwards, nervousy surveying.

    Aso at that instant, Chu Feng discovered that a Fei was in0ured. Around her eft

    shouder, there were a few !oody wounds. &he ran# five 2artia 1ord was

    actuay wounded from !eing cawed.

    a Fei didnt pay attention to Chu Feng. She stared at the surface of the sea for

    'uite a ong whie, and ony after she found no traces of the monster chasing after

    them did she cast her fierce ga$e at Chu Feng and started to carefuy examine

    him. A ga$e i#e that was simpy as though she wanted to competey see through

    Chu Fengs entirety of a person.

    (Crap, shes actuay a 6ord Spiritist as we 6ith her strength, she might have

    detected the menta message !etween me and the monster+ Feeing the strongga$e and powerfu Spirit power, Chu Feng murmured in his heart.

    )ndeed, after carefuy examining Chu Feng, a Fei suddeny as#ed fiercey,

    (oure on the same side as that monster/+

    (6hat are you saying/ "ow is it possi!e that )m with that monster+ Chu Feng

    hurried denied. At present, he was within a Feis hands, so naturay he coudnt

    admit that he was together with the monster, or ese it woud simpy !e i#e

    oo#ing to die.

  • 7/25/2019 MGA 621.doc


    esides, even he himsef coudnt ascertain whether that monster was truy

    together with him, !ecause he coud not determine who that monster was.

    ("mph, ess of this. 7ust now, the menta messages you hiddeny sent to that

    monster were a caught !y me. ) #now everything you tod it. ou even dare todeny it/+ a Fei cosey interrogated.

    (Since you aready #now what ) said to the monster, then even more so, you

    shoudnt !e wronging me Ceary, ) was cursing that monster %ont te me that

    cursing it means )m together with it+ said Chu Feng cunningy.

    Chu Feng was ma#ing a !et. 6hat he !et was a Fei ony detecting that he sent

    menta messages to the monster, !ut, not the things he tod the monster.

    &he reason why Chu Feng made such a wager was !ecause he did have some

    confidence. Athough he #new that a Fei was aso a 6ord Spiritist and verypossi!y her Spirit Formation techni'ues were a!ove his own, Chu Feng fet that

    even if his menta messages were pic#ed up !y a Fei, she might not have ceary

    heard what Chu Feng said.

    MGA Chapter 622

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    MGA: Chapter 622 Hidden Poison

    (ou are 'uite sy. 7ust now, you were ceary not cursing the monster, !ut

    communicating with it.

    (oure on the same side as it, otherwise how were you a!e to have !een with

    that pecuiar itte ady/

    (&hat itte ady is 'uite specia. She ceary ac#s cutivation, yet she grasps

    power that ordinary peope do not have. 2oreover, not a singe iving person canapproach her. As such, )ve determined that shes with that monster.

    (et She wa#ed aong with you. &hat aready says everything ) need to #now.+

    a Fei was not a simpe person. She didnt !eieve Chu Fengs denia and

    continued 'uestioning him.

    (6hat are you ta#ing a!out/ Ceary, ) was cursing the monster. 2y sworn

    !rother died !y its hands, so ) hate everything a!out that monster Athough )

    #now ) cant defeat it, can ) not even curse it/
  • 7/25/2019 MGA 621.doc


    (As for 1itte Fishy, she is indeed very specia, ) admit that, !ut even ) dont #now

    why shes so attached to me. For some reason, )m on 'uite good terms with that


    ()f, with ony these things, you ma#e a random concusion, and insist on saying)m on the same side as that monster, ) reay have no more words.

    ()ts 0ust that8 youre a part of the )mmorta -xecution Archip