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Transcript of MFAA Fall 2016 Conference/EXPO - Mass Facilities MFAA Fall 2016 Conference/EXPO September 21st -...

  • MFAA Fall 2016 Conference/EXPO

    September 21st - 23rd 2016 UMASS Amherst Hotel and Conference Center

      “Dedicated to the improvement of our profession, our  facility personnel, the health and safety of our public  facili es  through sharing knowledge and resources.”


     $125 for members (MFAA*, MHEC, MAPPO, RISMDA, MASBO)

     $100 (25% discount) for three or more attendees from same district

     $150 non-members  $75 single day  50% student discount  MFAA Retirees no charge *MFAA members registered for full (3-day) event are allowed (5) five-free guests passes for ½ day Lunch with EXPO on Wed. Sept. 22nd. Full Event information, course descriptions, speaker bios, can be found at: MFAAWP/events/mfaa-fall- leadership-conferenceexpo- 2016/

    Conference Registra on

    The MFAA 2016 Conference/EXPO will be held at the Hotel and Conference Center at UMASS Amherst, MA September 21, 22, and 23rd. This year’s event is packed with professional develop- ment opportunities, a top notch EXPO, along with a list of speak- ers from various industries and state agencies who will provide updates and insight into what lies ahead for our public facility pro- fessionals.

    Being a Public Facilities Administrator, as you all know, requires us all to be “Experts” in all areas of the business of managing our communities most valuable assets. The MFAA takes great pride in providing a forum with diverse learning opportunities to help sup- port our members and colleagues. We are excited to help all facili- ties professionals continue their professional growth with a focus on providing safer, healthier, and sustainable learning environ- ments for our staff and students.

    Do you think you are too busy to make this event? One look at our agenda and you will know that this is the one event you, and your district, can’t afford for you to miss. Spend a few hours of profes- sional development to save hundreds of hours back in at your of- fice. This is the only conference in Massachusetts geared specifi- cally for public facilities professionals.

    Our event will feature:

     Networking opportunities with peers, idea sharing with time for collaboration on success strategies 

     Four separate educational tracks targeting leadership and   facility operational excellence 

     Key presenters from various state agencies providing legal   updates and program changes 

     Over 90 vendor exhibits, many who are on OSD or MHEC contracts, targeted with supporting your facility’s maintenance programs 

     learning lab

    There are a block of discounted rooms reserved for the MFAA. Make sure when you call to reserve your room you say you are with the MFAA Conference to get the reduced rate of $129 per night. The num- ber of rooms is limited so make sure you call today and reserve your room.

    Use Promo Code : MFA16C

    (The above rate is per room, per night, for run of house guestrooms, plus cur- rent 11.7% Massachusetts Rooms Occupancy Tax, which is subject to change. Room attendant and bellmen gratuities are not included.)

  • Conferences offer the opportunity

    for you to be introduced to several

    industry experts in a short amount

    of time—typically over a 2‐3 day

    period—and most importantly al‐

    low you to network with others

    who work in your field. An industry

    expert who’s a good seminar speak‐

    er—which most tend to be—will

    provide you with a magnitude of

    usable content that will be benefi‐

    cial to your work and industry in‐

    sight almost immediately.

    The Importance of A ending Industry Conferences.

    GlobalDMS by Zach Bodack 8/9/2012 

    You are not too busy to a end!

    In our increasingly virtual world, there's still no substitute for face-to-face engagement. The MFAA Annual Meeting & Expo brings together Massachusetts school facilities leaders to learn and to connect—sharing challenges, successes, best practices, and more. Attending the meeting will not only en- hance your knowledge and skills, it will also provide un- matched career opportunities:  Interact with experts in school facilities management.  Participate in face-to-face dialogue with your peers on top-

    ics most relevant to you.  Expand your network and build new relationships.  Acquire creative ways to increase efficiencies and reduce

    costs for your district.  Build confidence in your ability to communicate and negoti-

    ate in high-stakes situations.  Develop skills to budget effectively despite unknown varia-

    bles.  Discover valuable products and services for your schools

    and your office.  Earn CPE and CEU credits at our informative hands-on

    workshops and educational sessions.

    Who should a end? The Annual Meeting & Expo is designed specifically for school facilities professionals who want to exchange ideas, build rela- tionships, broaden their expertise, enhance their leadership skills, advance their careers, and better serve their districts. Can’t make the entire event……don’t forget our one day pass option.


    Premier Sponsor:


    EXPO Bag Sponsor: 

    ServiceMaster by Gilmore

    MFAA’s EXPO Philosophy Our EXPO runs a little different than most. We pride ourselves with providing our attendees a more inclusive environment to discuss and ques- tion industry leaders throughout the entire EXPO day. Vendors are welcome to join us during our morning professional development sessions. Not to sell or push product, but to see the world through our lens. What better way to learn how to best support their customers by learning and sharing with us. The EXPO itself will be the afternoon of the 22nd. The event will feature over 90 vendors that provide products and support service for public facilities throughout New England. Many of the vendor/ sponsors are on OSD’s State Contracts or on an MHEC contract. All are currently working with an MFAA member or state agency. This simple checks and balance provides piece of mind for attendees that the vendor/sponsor is reputable and familiar with the logistics of working with public agencies. Don’t forget, MFAA members that register for the full Conference/EXPO experience can also bring up to (5) five—free guests from their districts to the af- ternoon of the 22nd to take part in lunch, our amaz- ing afternoon keynote speaker, and then benefit from visiting with our vendors and learning about new services and technologies that will help im- prove the delivery of maintenance services for your towns and schools.

  • MFAA Fall 2015 Conference/EXPO

    Wednesday, September 21st - Friday 23rd,2016 The Hotel & Conference Center @ UMASS Amherst, MA.


    Wednesday September 21st At‐A‐Glance UMASS Hotel/Conf.Cntr.

    8:00 am ‐ 12noon Development & Outreach Commi ee's Networking Sessions    "Rod and Reel" or "Cart and Club" * separate evite, registra on, and a endee payments will be handled by the D&O Commi ee    12:00 pm ‐ 1:15 pm Registra on/Check In (Campus Center Dining Solarium)    12:00 pm ‐ 1:15 pm Lunch and Roundtable Discussion (Campus Center Dining Solarium)   

     1:30 ‐ 4:30 pm Tour UMASS Amherst Facili es

       5:30 pm ‐ 7:30 pm President's Welcome Recep on  (Campus Center 10th Floor Amherst Rm)                                                   "Refreshments & Heavy Appe zers" 7:30 pm Member Dinner "On Your Own" Enjoy downtown Amherst!!!     7:30 pm ‐ 8:30 pm Board of Director's mee ng   

  • Thursday September 22 At‐A‐Glance UMASS Hotel/Conf.Cntr.     

         7:00 ‐ 8:00 am                                                    Breakfast & Registra on                 (Campus Center Auditorium)         8:00 ‐ 8:10 am Welcome Address                 8:10 ‐ 8:40 am                                                     Morning Keynote                                        Greg Lookabough ‐ What We Do and How We Do It Ma ers!      

           Leadership/Personnel IAQ/Health/Safety Maint. & More Energy/Sustainability    Dude

    (Room 163C)    (Rooms 162, 175)    (Rooms 165, 169)    (Rooms 174, 176)     Lab