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  • 1. Metroland DigitalMaor Daniel Director Business Solution 1

2. Why Metroland Digital - Mobile Top Canadian mobile partner Application design and development foriPhone & Android. Mobile web development capabilities. Expertise in SMS campaign delivery Mobile Marketing Intelligence platform(MMI) Campaign management Comprehensive reporting capabilities ROI analysis Product based vertical solutions (SaaS) 2 3. Mobile Marketing PyramidSmartphoneApplications70% of Smartphoneusers have downloaded appsMobile Web47% of Canadians under the age of 55 have mobileInternet accessSMS Messaging93% of Smartphone users send or receive text messages3 4. OUR PROJECTS 4 5. Real Estate 411 Mobile Marketing Solution Overview Over 10,000 realtors and 250 offices use the solution Delivers real estate information to 100% of handsets with SMS, QR Code and mobile web capabilities. Direct connection to MLS database automates the setup and launch experience for agents. Agent dashboard allows to edit mobile website, collects SMS leads and view usage stats. QR Codes are automatically generated with every new listing.Technology HighlightsC#, ASP .Net, jQuery, Ajax 5 6. Metroland YAP Small Business Solutions Solution Overview Metroland YAP - Small Business Initiative Mobile internet optimization Over 3,000 SMBs on system currently 100 template designs Online sign-up and CRM Clickt-to-Call functionalityTechnology HighlightsC#, ASP .Net, jQuery, Ajax 6 7. SMS Shortcode MarketingStatistics:26 million Canadian wireless phone subscribers at the end of March2012 75% of Canadian households have access to a wireless phone. Canadians send 267.8 million text messages per day Source: & CWTABenefits: Ubiquitous Highly measurable response rates No download requirement Educated user base Easy to optimize, even after a campaign is in-market Long tail of SMS is application to person messaging 7 8. MOBILE PLATFORMCAPABILITIES8 9. Mobile Marketing Intelligence Ability to integrate with multipleshort-codes Real-time reporting interface Self-service message delivery QR Code generation SMS keyword management Opt-in management & user-flow- Web-based- Hand-set based Mobile internet connectivity Database redundancy9 10. Online Sign Up Form Simple form to allow user to self-segment their preferences (e.g. hockey,baseball, weather, news) Sign-up button placed strategicallythroughout other digital marketingchannels - Website - Email campaigns - Social media Clicking on sign-up button brings users tothe sign-up page Opt-in flow follows CWTA guidelines Sign-up form can be optimized forinteraction from a mobile device10 11. QR Code Generator11 12. SMS Campaign Management Statistics Total number of opt-ins Granular interactions per user Amount of push & pull messages Interacting users phone numbers Real time statistics Capabilities Multiple secure logins Self-serve campaign reporting and messaging Messaging scheduling White-label capability for agencies or brands Past campaign logs automatically updated 12 13. MOBILE TRENDS &PREDICTIONS 2013 13 14. 48% Smartphone Penetration in Canada Ranking by OS 1. Android 36% 2. Apple 29% 3. BlackBerry 27% Smartphone owners spend on average 2.8 hours per day on their mobile device. How Canadians use their smart- phones:90% send and receive text messaging70% take photos70% send or read email54% used apps48% check social networking sites34% played gamesSource: The Ipsos Canadian intr@ctive Reid Report 2012 Fact Guide 14 15. Smartphone Apps Over 500,000 apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play Blackberry BB10 launched on January 28, 2013 has 70,000 Native apps can use inherent smartphone functionality such as GPS, Gyroscope andAccelerometer Web based apps give the look and feel of a native app while using a mobile website to delivercontent 84% apps are related to weather information 79% use app for social networks, Instant Messaging, or blogs 73% use apps that link to travel, transit, mapping, or navigation information 64% use apps for video 61% use gaming apps including arcade, puzzles, action and casino games 53% news apps for regional, national or international news 15 16. Tablet Devices Canadians 2.4 hours spent on Tablets 20% of Canadians currently own a tablet 54% watch video, 49% get weather info 41% local news 2012 was the first time that ebook sales have accounted for more revenue than hardcoverbooks, up 28% on last year. 10% of tablet owners watch video every day vs. 3% of smartphone owners16 17. Mobile devices account for 20% of web trafficWEB TRAFFIC BY DEVICE TYPE PCs, including desktops and laptops,account for 79.8 % of online traffic. Smartphones represent 14.6 % Tablets take 5.6 %. 17 18. Google Analytics to measure mobile web traffic A lot of Google searches are done frommobile devices. View mobile traffic for your website as apercentage of overall traffic in theAudience report.18 19. The new Google AdWordsENHANCED CAMPAIGNS Set up campaigns across all devices based on their location, time of day. Track calls and app downloads as conversions in their AdWords reports. Google is removing the device targeting functionality that is currently available. All keywords will trigger ads across all devices. WHAT THIS MEANS SMBs without a mobile strategy could be unintentionally seen on smartphones SMBs will have to develop landing pages for the lowest common denominator 19 20. CONNECTING WITH THECONSUMER20 21. Mobile Couponing User Behavior 90% of CPG coupons were from free standing inserts. 10% of the overall couponing is mobile Mobile coupons have a10% redemption rate,compared to 1% for traditional print and PC coupons 10% of mobile phone want to receive coupons fromretailers in exchange for ads. 32% want to receive coupons to their cell phonebased on where they are at the time. 24% want to swipe their cell phone at a point of sale terminal or scanner21 22. Mobile Coupons - Benefits Delivery OptionsSMS promotionsretail and manufacturer appscoupon-specific appsemail offersmobile barcodesPassbook BenefitsEasier and less costly to set upChange offers on the goTrack and monitorSegmentationDeliver based on customer location 22 23. SMS Usage One fifth of mobile phone users (18%) have sent or received a text message froman organization in the past On average, it takes 90 minutes to respond to an email, but 90 seconds to respondto a text message 23 24. Apple Passbook Passbook serves as a mobile wallet to let consumers save passes and offers from vendorsthey visit on mobile web. Passes are triggered by location to alert consumers when they are near a store and canredeem an offer. Messages from Passbook are pushed to a users cellphone like an SMS message24 25. Mobile Social For the first time this December Facebooks Daily active users (DAUs) weregreater on mobile at 680 million then desktop at 618 million Facebooks mobile user base is growing at 57% a year Vs. 28% for desktop 25 26. Desktop Vs. Mobile WebKEY FEATURES Simplified layouts and navigationoptimized for the mobile screen Prioritization and summaries ofkey pages and calls to action Design that reflects existingbrand and website Faster load time for on-the-gobrowsing Social media and sharingelements Location features that helpspeople find and get to you (GPS) Live links to maps, emails andphone numbers for easyconversion 26 27. Responsive Website Responsive design provides a consistent user experience across devices. Responsive webpages are composed of elements that size, shape, and placethemselves based on the width of the browser screen. Responsive design is key for websites with strong mobile traffic. Google ranks sites optimized for mobile higher in mobile and desktop searches. 27 28. Mobile Web User ExpectationsWHEN THINGS GO WRONG 50% of people said that even if they like a business, they will use them less often ifthe website isnt mobile-friendly 48% said that if a site didnt work well on their smartphones, it made them feel likethe company didnt care about their business.WHEN THINGS GO WELL 74% of people say theyre more likely toreturn to a mobile friendly site in thefuture. 67% of mobile users say that when theyvisit a mobile-friendly site, theyre morelikely to buy a sites product or service28 29. Responsive Website Responsive design provides a consistent user experience across devices. Responsive webpages are composed of elements that size, shape, and placethemselves based on the width of the browser screen. Responsive design is key for websites with strong mobile traffic. Google ranks sites optimized for mobile higher in mobile and desktop searches. 29 30. Business SolutionsWhat do we do?We design, develop & execute sustainable digital solutions for Metrolands advertisers usingsocial, mobile, web and search-based products & services and by integrating our Advertisersinto our existing online properties.Who do we work with?We work with all of Metrolands sales teamsWhats our goal?Our goal is to increase Metrolands digital revenues & profits while maximizing Advertiser ROIHow do we do what we do?We analyze digital trends, competitive landscape, feedback from the field & potentialpartnerships to create the best digital products and services to meet the changing needs of ourAdvertisers.30 31. Metroland DigitalSolutions Pyramid CRM ENGAGEREACH PRESENCE31 32. The Digital Product MixCustomer Relationship / Loyalty / ReferralContent Reputation Social Media Search EngineReporting &Creation ManagementManagement OptimizationAnalyticsSearch Engine Flyers, Coupons & EmailVideo Paid ListingsBanner Advertising Marketing Deals 32 Web DesignMobile DesignBusiness Profile & Articles 33.