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  • 8/13/2019 Metaphysical Dictionary




    Ancient Chinese form of medicine which uses needles to stimulate energy along the meridians of the body.

    Used to alleviate pain and treat physical, mental and emotional ailments. For more see acupuncture at wikipedia.


    [aeh-fer-ma -tion]

    Statement, declaration or pronouncement

    In the context of metaphysical beliefs, people repeat aff irmations to themselves (or write them for themselves) in order toreprogram negative thought patterns.

    Agnostic[ag-no s-tic] a person who does not believe, nor disbelieve, i n the existence of a god or gods

    a person open-minded to the possibility of god, yet does not hold a f irm beli ef in one or many


    [ah -ka]

    Shadow, essence, shadow spirit (Hawaiian) Etheric subtance

    Aka Cord

    [ah -ka cord]

    Etheric essence; means by which we connect with others, si tuations and our own three selves. Created by thoughts, telepathy

    Huna term analogous to silver thread in other metaphysical philosophies

    For more see aka cord under Huna.

    Akashic Records

    [ah-ka h-shic]

    Akasha, meaning sky, space aether (upper sky) in sanskrit Theory of the existence of a library of sorts, on a non-physical plane, that contains all the knowledge of the universe.

    It is theorized that the Akashic Records is what psychics connect to to access information.



    Ancient form of magic/sorcery, combined with chemistry/science Belief that all things are made up of the four elements: earth, air, f ire & water and that all matter (ie: all things made of

    elements) may be broken down and changed to a different form of matter.

    For more on alchemy visit:



    A charm or a piece of jewelry thought to protect against evil, danger, disease or negative forces A lucky charm or talisman

    For more on amulets visit wikipedia (

    Angel Spiritual being, divine messenger

    Protector (See also archangel; guardian angel)

    Animal Communication(in the metaphysical realm.) Communication between animals and humans through the use of telepathy

    Also known as "Interspecies Communication."


    Symbol of life, immortality, the universe, balance

    Loop represents the rising sun, ie; masculine energy; horizontal line represents horizon, or feminine energy

    For further information on ankh and other symbols, see ankh at



    High-ranking angels found in many major religions and spiritual philosophies

    Messengers of the divine

    Astral Projection(also known as astral travel)

    [as -truhl pro-je k-shun]

    Out of body experience Act of the astral or etherial body leaving the physical body to visit another plane or dimension.


    [a -st ro-lo-gy] The study of celestial bodies and their relation to each other at a specif ic point in time

    Used to determine personality, inclinations and as a divinatory tool


    [Ah-toon-mehnt] Most commonly associated with practice of Reiki

    An initiation ritual which all ows the person receivi ng the attunement to become a 'channel' for reiki energy

    The transferrence of an energy frequency from a Reiki Master to a Reiki Initiate


    [aow-mah- ku-ah]

    The "high self" or "inner god" in the teachings of Huna.


    [ao r-rah]
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    An energy field which surrounds the body

    Colors may indicate relative health and well-being, both emotional and physical, of the i ndividual

    Automatic Writing The act of writing through a stream of consciousness, allowing guides to present the content being written

    Bach Flower Remedies


    A form of alternative medicine using a mixture of f lower essences, water & brandy

    Intuitively derived in the 1930's by Edward Bach, an English physician and homeopath, based on his psychic connections with theplants Used primaril y for healing emotional and spiritual conditions

    For further information visit Bach Flower Remedieson Wikipedia



    Feng Shui "map"

    A template to lay over your home (or land or room) to acertain what part of your house correlates with what aspect of your l ife.



    Cat goddess (Egypt); Protector goddess of lower Egypt Goddess of the sun in Ancient Egypt

    Goddess of the moon (Greek mythology)


    [bib leeohmansee]

    Using a book as a tool of divination

    Randomly opening a book to get an answer to a question
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    Birds (as a symbol) Freedom

    Matters of higher spirit For more see Tarot Teachings

    Black(as a symbol)

    Sophistication, protection, power, mystery, hidden knowledge

    Negative connotations: Depression, sorrow, ignorance

    Blue(as a symbol) Honesty, truth, emotion, me ditation, dreams

    Fidelity, devotion, loyalty, contentment, connection with the divine

    Negative connotations: Aloof, dispassionate, sadness, depression


    Ancient tool of divination by means of casting

    Broomstick (also known as a besom)

    Used by witches in pagan rituals as a tool of purif ication

    Represents the element of air Were once thought to be flown on by witches, possibly due to a magical ointment possibly made from the skin of an

    hallucinogen type of frog

    For more see Brooms and Witchcraft in Wikipedia


    [ch a-kra]

    Indian concept relating to circular rotating spiritual/energy vortices existing in the etherial body

    Each of the 7 chakra energy vortices relates to a different part of the body as follows:

    Root: base o f sp ine ( red)

    Sacra l: below navel (orange)

    Solar p lexus: above navel, below heart (yel low)

    Hea rt : ches t (g reen ) Throa t: neck (blue)

    Brow or Third Eye: center of forehead (purple [some consider this to be indigo])

    Crown: top of head (white [some consider this to be purple])

    For more, see Chakraa t Wikipedia



    The act of allowing a spirit to communicate through the physical body of a medium

    Sometimes used interchangeably with the word medium
  • 8/13/2019 Metaphysical Dictionary


    Also see Trance Channelling

    Cheetah(as a spirit guide)

    [Chee-tuh] Swiftness, insight, intense focus.


    [chee] A Chinese term for "Vital Life Force", "Life Force Energy" or "Universal Life Force Energy"

    Also known as Ki (Japan), Prana(India) Ha or Mana(Polynesian cultures), Qi (Taoists), Chi (China), Ka (Ancient Egypt)

    Cho Ku Rei[Choh-Koo-Ray] Also known as the "Power" Symbol

    Used to increase the power of healing and the flow of Life Force Energy

    Christmas An annual holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ

    Established in 4th century CE, as a holiday to be celebrated on Dec. 25, to replace Yule, celebrations, to entice Pagans into the

    Christian faith


    [Clair-al-ee-ence] Meaning "Clear Smelling"

    Psychic perception through smelling without a physical cause for the smell


    [Clair-aw-dee-ence] Meaning "Clear Heari ng"

    Psychic perception through hearing

    May sound like an i nner voice or actual perceptions of external sounds

    Claircognizance[Clair-co g-ni-zance]

    Meaning "Clear Knowing"

    Psychic perception through knowing; the feeling of simply knowing without clear evidence of how or why the person knows it



    Meaning "Clear Tasting"

    Psychic perception through taste, without physically touching something to the toungue


    [Clairse nsheence]

    Meaning "Clear Feeling"

    Psychic perception through feeling; a se nse that one feels something without clear evidence of how or why the person knows it

    Intuition, hunch, gut feeling



    Meaning "Clear Seeing" Psychic perception through seeing; seeing an image in the minds eye

    Coyote(as a symbol &/or spirit guide)


    Survival, Adaptability, Cleverness, Family, Cooperation, Curiosity Teacher, Keeper of Magic (like the Raven)

    Court Cards

    Sixteen cards that are part of the minor arcana in the Tarot Each suit consists of a King, Queen, Knight and Page in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck (other decks may have different names

    such as princes and princesses)

    May or may not represent people in the life of a querent of a tarot reading

    Analogous to the court cards of a regular playing deck of cards: king, queen and jack For more information see Tarot

    Deer(as a spirit guide - also see Fawn)


    Gentleness, caring, ki ndness

    Innocence, vulnerability

    Keen psychic insight, observation, sensitivity, ability to listen

    Deja Vu[da yzhavoo]

    Already seen (fr.) The feeling of a present situation or event in time being extraordinarily familiar, as if having experienced it prior to that


    Some theories about what deja vu is include: memory recall of dreams or a past-life

    Dai Ko Myo

    [dee koh me-oh]

    Third degree Reiki Symbol

    Also known as the "Master" Symbol

    Used to perform attunements, and to heal the soul and spirit


    [divina shun]
  • 8/13/2019 Metaphysical Dictionary


    Relating to the latin word divinare meaning to be inspired by god. ( Wikipedia)

    The practice of divining or ascertaining information through telepathic or supernatural means

    Tools of divination include such things as tarot cards, runes, divining stones, bones and crystal ball

    For more information see divinationa t Wikipedia

    Divining Rod

    [deevaining rod]

    Tool used in the act of dowsing.

    Most-famously known as a y-shaped tree branch, but may be L shaped, may be wi re, metal, brass or even glass or plastic Also known as a dowsing rod or a witching rod

    Dreamhealer, Adam

    An energy healing prodigy from Canada

    Wrote his f irst bookon energy healing at the age of16

    Healed musician Ronnie Hawkins of cancer.


    [do gmah]

    A set of belief systems or principles dictated as true by a specif ic authority, usually a religion


    [da using]

    The practice of searching for water, minerals, gemstones or other naturally occurring objects underground by holding and

    interpreting the movement of, most-commonly, a y shaped tree branch (called a divining rod) May also be done with a pendulum, coat hanger or a variety of different tools.

    Also known as divining or water witching

    Dream Thoughts and images occurring during REM stage of sleep

    In psychology, dreams are sometimes thought to be caused by our subconscious working out problems that we are not aware of

    on a conscious level

    In metaphysics, some dreams may be prophetic and may sometimes be a v ehicle by which spirits communicate with those in thephysical world


    [eh k-toe-plaz-em]

    Paranormal substance or spiritual energy exuded from the body of a medium during a trance state which covers a spirit, enablingthem to interact on a physical level.


    [elehme ntahl] A spirit composed of one of the four elements; f ire, water, air, earth

    Elementals are as follows:

    Earth: Gnomes Water: Undines

    A ir: Sylphs

    F ire: Salamanders

    For more information see elementalson wikipedia
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    The elements that make up all that we know: fir e, water, air, earth

    Elements are the basis of many tools of divination such as astrology and the tarot

    Elephant(as a symbol)[el-ah-funt]

    Good luck

    Ancient wisdom

    Loyalty to family, fri ends

    Elephant(as a spirit guide)[el-ah-funt]

    Peaceful, Strength, Power, Loyalty, Affection,

    Deep Compassion, Intelligence, Ancient Wisdom

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    A small, elusive, supernatural human-type creature most well-known in folk tales

    Typically has pointy ears and magical powers

    ESP(Extra Sensory Perception)

    Ability to attain information by means beyond the five known and commonly accepted senses. Psychic ability



    An animal which assists a witch in performing magic.

    The most common image of a famili ar is the black cat, but it can be any animal. Considered a 'guardian angel' or 'spiritual assistant' to a Wiccan or Neo-Pagan

    Often carries a 'demonic' or negative connotation to fundamentalist Christians

    Fawn(as a spirit guide - also see Deer)


    Gentleness, caring, ki ndness

    Innocence, vulnerability

    Keen psychic insight, observation, sensitivity, ability to listen

    Feng Shui


    Ancient Chinese system of choosing or configuring environment based on elements of nature to create an harmonious andbalanced existence

    Literal translation: wind water

    For more information see 'bagua'

    Four Levels of Reality

    A set of beliefs in the Huna tradition which assumes that there are four separate levels of real ity

    Scientif ic/Physical: Everything is objective and factual. We are bound by physical, scientif ic laws.

    Subjective/Psychic: All things are connected, the world is defined not only by facts but by psychic and/or telepathic


    Symbolic/Shamanic/Dream: All of our experiences can be viewed and interpreted as symbolic, as a dream. Holistic/Mystical: Everything in the universe is one. Everything is made up of energy, and all energy is connected.
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    For further information, see 4 Levels of Reality

    Flower Essence

    A substance made from the blossoms of plants used for therapeutic purposes Uses 'vibrational' energy of f lower to match vibrational energy of desired physical or emotional state

    Developed by Dr. Edward Bach in 1932

    Free Will Ability to choose ones own life path

    Philosophical belief v. that of all things in life are predestined



    Norse pagan goddess of love, beauty and fertility

    Frog(as a symbol)

    Good luck, joy, transformation

    Protection, rain, fertility

    Gabriel[Ga ebreeael]

    One of the four major archangels, along with Michael, Raphaeland Uriel

    Archangel of communication: "Messenger of God"

    Helps earthly messengers such as artists, writers, journalists & teachers Archangel of communication also through intuition, prophecy and dreams

    Look to Gabriel f or assistance in wri ting, to help children and communication endeavors

    Also see Guardian Angel and Archangel .

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    The spirit of a person who has left his/her physical body but their etheric body remains in our physical plane.

    Often times the spirit is unaware they have left their physical body. This might be due to a sudden or traumatic death.

    Also known as apparitions

    Goose(as a symbol)

    Persevering, dogged, and ambitious to a fault" "Sets goals for accomplishment, and achieves them

    For more on Goose, see Whats Your Sign



    An Elemental; Representing the element of earth

    Small, human-like creature who lives underground

    Green(as a symbol) Growth, Cycle of Life, Regeneration, Abundance

    Harmony, Balance, Hope, Healing Finances, Potential, Reliability, Longevity

    Negative conotations: Greed, Jealousy, Stubborness, Envy, Suspicion


    [gra wk]

    To share another reality with another person, animal, plant or any physical entity Term coined by Author Robert A. Heinlein in book "Stranger in a Strange Land"

    Used in Hunato heal through 4th level reality

    Grounding Consciously focusing on ones own physical connection to the earth

    Creates a balance when working in the psychic and/or spiritual realm

    Guardian Angel An angel which protects, guides and assists those in physical body

    A spiritual guardian who has never had a physical incarnation (as opposed to a spirit guide)
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    A phenomenon of a person being woken up in the middle of the night by a suspected malicious spirit, or old hag, thereby

    paralyzing that person in fear, unable to speak.

    Also known as Old Hag Syndrome. Known in the medical community, wi thout paranormal belief, as night terrors, or sl eep paralysis.


    [hael-oh- ween] Celebrated on October 31.

    A holiday stemming from the pagan holiday Samhain, a festival celebrating end of harvest.

    Believed to be a night where the veil between those in body and those in spirit is very thin.

    Hawk(as a spirit guide)

    Messenger, Visionary, Protector

    Perspective, Focus, Priorities, Inner Visions, Wisdom


    Working with contractors

    Dealing with health insurance companies


    A non-psychotropic variant of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Often erroneously confused with marijuana. T

    Fibers are very strong; used to make rope, clothing, plastics and cosmetics, among other things.



    Priest who interprets sacred mysteries and esoteric principals. (Appl e Di ct io nar y. ) Fifth card of the major archana in the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck

    in the tarot: a person who holds the key, a teacher; may r epresent education or conforming to a belief system or set of rules.

    Higher Self

    Ones direct connection with what they consider to be God Ones direct connection with universal life force and knowledge

    Considered in many belief systems under a variety of names: aumakua, kane, god, inner god, pure love, universal mind, holy

    spirit, christ, angels, spirit guides.

    In Huna the higher self, also known as the Aumakua or Kane, is one of three selves: the low self, middle self and high self.These can be equated with the subconscious, conscious and ones own inner god connection with all that is


    [hoh-lis -tik] Healing philosophy &/or practice

    Takes into account the entirety of a person such as: social factors, mind/emotion, physical body and spiritual well-being.

    Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

    [hone sha zay sho nehn] Second degree Reiki Symbol

    Also known as the "Distance" Symbol

    Used to send distant healing (or attunement) be it something or someone in the past, present or future


    [Ho o-nah]

    An ancient Hawaiian belief system/philosophy (not a reli gion)

    Mixture of metaphysical beliefs and psychology which works on the premise that people can create their own reality throughfocused energy

    For book recommendations, see Huna Bookson my Spiritcaat site
  • 8/13/2019 Metaphysical Dictionary



    [Ho o-lah]

    Originally a form of worship during religious ceremonies A sacred Hawaiian ritual based on movement where dancer's body may represent such things as plants and animals such as palm

    trees and sharks

    A form of grokking to tell a story through movement and gesture



    Tool of divination (coins with symbols on them) arisen out of ancient Chinese text

    Symbol system used to identify order of random events (wikipedia) For more see iChinga t Wikipedia


    [ih-nish-ee-ey-shuhn] Ceremony used for a rite of passage into a specif ic group or society.

    Formal ceremony, may represent a transformation into a new societal role.

    Common initiations might include graduations or rel igious confirmations.

    Initiations are often used for people to join a coven (see wicca)


    [in-too- is h-uhn]

    Instinctive feeling or knowing without using conscious reasoning or rational thought process.

    Perceptive insight &/or understanding based on feeling rather than facts.


    [in-vo-ka y-shun]

    The summoning of a deity, divine power, spiritual guides or angels for ritual, magical and/or spiritual purposes Request for assistance from spiritual sources higher than ones self

    Said as a prayer or a chant


    [ir-i-do l-uh-jee] Means of diagnosing illness or conditions by examining the iris of the eye

    Judgement (tarot, major arcana)

    Rebirth, transformation
  • 8/13/2019 Metaphysical Dictionary


    Resurrection, spiritual awakening

    Cleansing, release from guilt

    Waking up to a calling

    Jupiter(in astrology)

    Thought of as the luck and good fortune planet

    Rules Sagittarius and Pisces, the 9th and the 12th houses

    Corresponds with Purple, Dark Blue & the Number 4 Represents prosperity, expanding social awareness & insight through knowledge


    Ancient Roman goddess

    Wife of Jupiter, daughter of Saturn

    Guarded over f inances of empire

    Justice(tarot, major arcana)

    A card of the rule of law, balance, values and ideals

    Ruled by Libra May relate to legal matters

    Represents objectivity, reason and balance

    Jung, Carl(Gustav) (18751961)

    [young, car-el]

    One of historys most influential psychologists

    Explored nature of the human psyche through more esoteric means than other psychologists of his day, such as dreams, art,

    religion, mythology and philosophy Explored both eastern and Western philosophies

    Major conceptual theories include archetypes, collective unconscious (also known as the Akashic Records) and synchronicity.

  • 8/13/2019 Metaphysical Dictionary



    [Ka-ba h-lah]

    Literally: means receiving

    School of thought that examines the mystical aspects of Judaism.

    A metaphysical or mystical e xamination of the Torah Uses the Tree of Life as an explanation of connection to God

    Also spelled qabalah or cabalah

    For more, see Kabalaha t Wikipedia


    [ka h-hee]

    A type of e nergetic healing traditional to Hawaii

    The transfer of universal energy, or "mana", to another person through a kahi healer for healing purposes Sometimes referred to as "Hawaiian Reiki", however, while simi lar in some repsects, the process is somewhat different

    Kahuna (In Hawaiian Context)

    [kah-hoo -nah] An expert in any given field, wi th extensive knowledge i n Hawaiian culture (

    Commonly thought of as wise men (or women) &/or healers

    A title like M.D. or Ph.D

    Spiritual leaders

    For more, see "What is a Kahuna?" @ Aloha International


    [ka r-mah] Based on the law of cause and effect

    Basic philosophy which holds that actions we take will affect us in kind later

    Some believe karma takes place only in this lifetime, some belie ve karma is across many incarnations, others believe both to betrue


    [kee]A Japanese term for "Vital li fe force", "Life Force Energy" or "Universal Life Force Energy"

    Also known as Ki (Japan), Prana(India) Ha or Mana(Polynesian cultures), Qi (Taoists), Chi (China), Ka (Ancient Egypt)


    Subconscious, or lower self, in the Huna philosophy

    Stores memory & habits

    Responsible for keeping the body functioning (ie: breathing, walking, eating)

    Law Of Attraction A spiritual law that is based on the idea that whatever we focus our attention on, we attract to us

    Makia: Energy flows where attention goes (Huna 3rd principal)

    Levitate[le v-i-tate]

    The act of rising and hovering in the air without physical contact, often by supernatural means


    [Le ebrah] Seventh sign of the zodiac

    September 24 to October 23

    Balance, justice, diplomacy; indecisiveness, timidity

    Life Force Energy(Also known as "Universal Life Force Energy")

    The energy of all l ife; the vibration of life itself
  • 8/13/2019 Metaphysical Dictionary


    Energy from "Universal Source"

    Also known as Ki (Japan), Prana(India) Ha or Mana(Polynesian cultures), Qi (Taoists), Chi (China), Ka (Ancient Egypt)

    Lightning(as a symbol) A flash of i ntuition or creativity, truth, inspiration

    Message from a divine source aiming to get your attention

    Just punishment in a negative context

    Lily(white: as a symbol) Purity, innocence, virginity

    Lion(as a symbol)

    Strength, courage, bravery, power, royalty, protection See more at Tarot Teachings



    The conscious, or middle self, in the Huna philosophy

    Major Arcana

    [ar-ka -na]

    22 cards in the tarot deck which represent a spiritual higher life purpose


    [ma h-nah] An Hawaiian term for "Vital Life Force", "Life Force Energy" or "Universal Life Force Energy"

    Also known as Prana in Hinduism, Ki in Japan, and Chi in Chinese culture


    [man-da h-lah]

    Sanskrit l oosely translated meaning circle representing wholeness or the universe Symbol of infinite life and our relation to it.

    For more information see What is a Mandala?



    A word or a sound consistently repeated as a focal point in meditation


    [med-eih-ta y-shun]

    A discipline of entering the mind into a deep state of relaxation

    May involve stilling the mind completely, or focusing on a singular word, sound or thought


    [me e-dee-um] A person with the ability to communicate with people who have crossed over into the spirit w orld (ie: with those who have died)


    [me e-dee-um-ship]

    A form of communicaton with persons who have crossed over into the spirit world, i e: persons deceased. Communication conducted by a medium.


    [mare-ei h-dee-anns]

    In acupuncture, pathways associated with specific organs, which carry mana, or universal life force throughout the body


    [meh-tah- fiz-eh-cal]
  • 8/13/2019 Metaphysical Dictionary


    Relating to metaphysics


    [meh-tah- fiz-icks] A philosophy based on beliefs, thoughts and investigation of realities beyond the known physical and scientif ic world.

    Concerned with such topics as psychic development, mediumship, divination, the supernatural, the soul, life after death,

    reincarnation and telepathy

    Often considered pagan beliefs



    One of the four major archangels, along with Gabriel, Raphael& Uriel Archangel of protection: Patron Saint of Police Officers Seek assistance from Michael for protection & courage, & to release fear and negativity

    Also see Guardian Angel and Archangel .

    Minor Arcana[mi-nor ar-ka -na]

    56 cards in the tarot deck which represent everyday aspects of life

    Mysticism[me h-steh-siz-em]

    Belief in or pursuit of knowledge relating to things mysterious'

    Belief system which goes beyond religion in seeking direct communication with ones god or gods, rather than going through the

    middle-man of religious functionaries such as a priest or rabbi

    Namaste[Nah-mah-st ay]

    Hindu Greeting Translated: I bow to you"

    Often used in yoga to mean "The light in me honors the light in you,"



    System of alternative healing based on using natural remedies, such as herbs, vitamins and eating right, to treat disorders and

    maintain good health.

    New Age

    A movement which encompasses a wide variety of beliefs including, but not limited to, paganism, astrology, alternative

    medicine, various forms of divination and all manner of mysticism and metaphysical belief sy stems.



    System of divination based on the study of numbers

    Precursor to modern mathmatics

    For more, see numerology at Wikipedia


    [uh-cult] Broad term that encompasses the supernatural, mystical beliefs, magic, witchcraft and paranormal, among others


    [oh -men] A sign believed to foretell good or evil

    She took the unexpected vision of a white owl to be a good omen


    A person or item (as in oracle cards) considered to be a source of worldly knowledge or prophecy

    Orange(as a symbol) Warm, determined, authoritative, energtic, action

    Compassion, harmony, sociability, harvest Impatience, reckless impulse

    A cross between the agression of red, and the intelligence of yell ow

    Ouija Board

    [we e-jah board] A tool of mediumship: a board with letters, numbers, words and/or symbols on it used to communicate with spiritual entities

    Also known as spirit board or talking board

    For more information see ouija board on wikipedia
  • 8/13/2019 Metaphysical Dictionary



    [pa y-gan] A person holding spiritual beliefs based on reverence to the earth and natural eleme nts

    A person who doesnt hold traditional religious beliefs i s often pejoratively called a pagan

    Many major holidays have their basic roots in pagan rituals, usurped and adopted by Christianity.

    Wicca is considered a pagan religion

    Palmistry(also known as palm-reading)

    [pa hm-ess-tree]

    A process of divination through examination of the lines on the palm of the querents hand



    That which cannot be explained by science.

    Commonly used to refer to such occurrences as spirit sightings and haunted houses. May also be used to refer to any psychic/telepathic activity

    Past Life Regression

    [past life ree-gre sh -shun] A technique of remembering previous physical incarnations while under hypnosis

    Used mainly for spiritual or therapeutic purpose

    Pendulum[pe n-ju-lum]

    A weight that hangs freely used as a tool of divination and/or to access the subconscious

    Pentacle[pe n-ta-cul]

    A pentagram surrounded by a circle: symbolizes unity and the connection of our being and all elements

    One of the suits of a traditional tarot deck: representing the element of earth


    [pe n-ta-gram]

    Traditional symbol for the religion of Wicca, just as a cr oss is the symbol for Christianity Four points represent the elements of air , water, earth and fire; the top point represents spirit

    Piko Piko

    [pe e-ko pe e-ko] An Hawaiian breathing technique used in Hunashamanism & healing

    Performed by breathing in while focusing on the top of your head and breathing out while focusing on your belly button


    A person who uses natural intuitive powers for divinatory purposes

    Psychic/Medium[si-kick /me e-dee-uhm]

    A person who is psychic, but who also communicates with the spirit world

    All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums

    Prana[pra h-nah]

    A Hindu term for "Vital Life Force", "Life Force Energy" or "Universal Life Force Energy"

    Also known as Ki (Japan), Prana(India) Ha or Mana(Polynesian cultures), Qi (Taoists), Chi (China), Ka (Ancient Egypt)

    Purple(as a symbol)

    [pur r-pull]

    Spirituality, i nsight, i ntuitiveness,

    Royalty, sacred connection to the divine

    Qabalah[ka-ba h-lah]

    School of thought that examines the mystical aspects of Judaism.

    A metaphysical or mystical e xamination of the Torah

    Uses the Tree of Life as an explanation of connection to God Also spelled kabbalah or cabalah

    For more, see "Hermetic Qabalah"

    Qigong[ch ee-gung]

    Chinese system of healing and energy through breathing, movement and meditation to accumulate and circulate Chi

    For more see What is Qigong
  • 8/13/2019 Metaphysical Dictionary


    Quartz Second most abundant mineral in the Earth's continental crust ( wikipedia)

    Also known as Crystal: used & known by metaphysicians for its healing & psychic properties There are many varieties of quartz (varieties link forthcoming)


    [k weerent] "One who queries" (wikipedia)

    Querent, or 'sitter', as it applies to divination, is the person who is being read by the psychic.


    One of the four major archangels, along with Michael, Gabrieland Uriel

    Archangel of healing

    Heals and assists healers on the Earthly plane Seek assistance from Raphael if you need healing or seek to become a healer

    Also see Guardian Angel and Archangel .

    Reiki[ra y-kee]

    Holistic healing technique which allows practitioner to transfer universal life energy to patient distantly or, most commonly,

    through the palms of the hands

    Known as a form or energy healing or holistic healing

    Reiki Master

    One who has been attunedto the energies of reiki to the Master (third degree) level.

    A person who is capable of performing attunements on others to initiate them to become Reiki Practioners

    Reiki Spool

    An intention set to send Reiki either continuously, or at specif ic intervals, for a specif ic amount of time

    Reiki Symbols[ra y-kee]

    Sacred symbols used in the pra