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  • message from our CEO message from our CEO

    Godfrey Hirst subsidiaries Godfrey Hirst brands

    R.G. McKendrickCEO Godfrey Hirst

    With our long established heritage as Australia’s leading carpet manufacturer, Godfrey Hirst’s brands have become household names with an established -and justified- reputation for quality and performance.

    Our extensive range is world-class in scope and variety, with offerings in wool, nylon, polypropylene and blends for both commercial and domestic use.

    message from our CEO

    Godfrey Hirst has always been at the forefront of the Australian carpet industry and continues to lead the way through successful strategies of vertical integration.

    The company is firmly focused on the future, investing in research and technology to maintain its reputation for quality and innovation and to ensure that the Godfrey Hirst name remains the standard by which others are measured.

    message from our CEOSince 1865, Godfrey Hirst has built a reputation for quality that has seen it grow into Australia’s largest carpet manufacturer and a company with a proud history of successfully combining innovation with tradition and skill in crafting its products.

    Today, Godfrey Hirst is the largest spinner of woollen carpet yarns in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the world’s leading carpet manufacturers.

    The company employs more than 1,000 people in its manufacturing and distribution facilities across Australia and has a number of overseas offices.

    The longevity and success of the company can be attributed to its willingness to embrace change without compromising its standards of quality and service. Standards our customers can rely on.


  • message from our CEO message from our CEO


    Located on the banks of the Barwon River, this site was established in 1865 and was Victoria’s first commercial woollen mill.

    Today, the site is 33 hectares in size, with more than 750 people employed across various areas of production as well as corporate administration.


    Acquired in 1998 from DuPont, Fibremakers is the only plant in Australia equipped to produce Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6 white (including Stainmaster), Nylon 6 colour, polyester and polypropylene fibres. It is also the only such plant with these capabilities in the Southern Hemisphere that is wholly-owned by a dedicated carpet manufacturer.

    Upgrades and investment in new machinery have resulted in a state-of-the-art facility with operations covering the extrusion, twisting and air-entangling of both white and solution-dyed synthetic fibres. Since acquisition, Fibremakers has achieved a four-fold increase in production and, while supplying all of Godfrey Hirst’s synthetic fibre requirements, also has the capability to supply third parties and extend into other non-carpet, markets.

    Drawing on its advanced technical expertise and ability to produce an extensive range of bulk continuous filament (BCF) yarns, Fibremakers has the capacity to meet custom order requirements, such as achieving targeted end-use characteristics during the production process. This design flexibility enables the plant to meet the specific needs of applications such as carpets, rugs and automotive textiles.

    Fibremakers’ advanced colour match capability also enables it to achieve fast turnaround in “make-to-order” colours.

    Godfrey Hirst is more than a single entity or just another brand name. We are a completely synergistic group of companies that work as one to produce the finest range of carpets in Australasia.

    Godfrey Hirst Australia Pty Ltd

    The site contains state-of-the-art continuous dyeing and printing facilities for both nylon and wool, comprehensive spinning works, computerised tufting systems and advanced finishing equipment for the production of wool, nylon, polypropylene and blend carpets.

    Each day, thousands of metres of fine tufted carpet is produced at our Geelong works.

    facilities facilities



  • message from our CEO message from our CEO

    Riverside TextilesGeelong

    In 1995, Godfrey Hirst established its own nylon yarn twisting and heat setting facility, Riverside Textiles, to obtain greater quality and production control of the synthetic yarn used to produce carpets.

    One of the most advanced nylon processors in the world, Riverside benefits from continued upgrades and investment and currently features six production lines with an average weekly output in excess of 120 tonnes using both Superba and Sussen heat-set lines.

    Riverside has excellent production flexibility, processing both Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6 in a variety of twist levels including frieze.

    Since 1998, the plant has operated a multi-colour dyer to produce the tracery or “space-dyed” nylon yarns that feature in a number of Godfrey Hirst carpet lines. Using the latest in dyeing technology, these yarns can be processed to almost any colour specification using totally random patterns and short length repeats from as little as 10mm. Riverside’s specially trained technicians can also supply to custom requirements in small to very large batches, with excellent batch-to-batch reproduction.


    Melbourne Logistics Laverton

    In 2000, Godfrey Hirst established Melbourne Logistics, Australia’s largest and most technologically advanced carpet warehouse and distribution centre. Situated in Laverton, it is centrally located to Godfrey Hirst’s major production facilities and close to all domestic and international freight terminals.

    With 13,000 square metres of floor space, the warehouse can hold over 550,000 lineal metres of carpet.

    All carpet rolls are individually identified and stored in separate racks and the centre boasts a state-of-the-art fire protection system.




  • message from our CEO message from our CEO

    Individual woollen fibres are aligned and processed to ensure consistent thickness and weight before being spun together into yarn.production

    Raw Fibre

    Clean, loose wool is dyed in batch lots, dried and then the batches are blended to ensure consistency of shade prior to spinning.

    Synthetic fibres are producedin-house at our Fibremakers’ plant in Bayswater, Victoria, as either solution-dyed or white continuous filament Nylon 6, Nylon 6,6 or polypropylene.

    Godfrey Hirst has established a fully vertically integrated production process to ensure complete quality control and consistency.



    Spinning & Twisting

    Individual woollen fibres are aligned and processed to ensure consistent thickness and weight before being spun together into yarn.

    Synthetic processed yarn is produced by twisting or air entangling extruded fibres together. Different textures can be achieved by adjusting the shape and thickness of the extruded filament, as well as varying the system for setting the twisted yarn.

    Yarns can be combined into single or multi-ply thicknesses depending on the strength or colour combination required.


    Following the spinning and twisting processes, the yarn is wound onto large bobbin-like devices known as beams. These are then loaded onto tufting machines in the correct lace-up ready for the tufting process to commence.

    As part of our ongoing commitment to improve manufacturing systems and practices, and with particular attention to environmental considerations, Godfrey Hirst is an accredited ISO9001 company and a member of the Australian Greenhouse Challenge.

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  • tuftingAll yarn is then converted into carpet using our state-of-the-art broadloom tufting machines.

    dyeing & printing


    All yarn is then converted into carpet using our state-of-the-art broadloom tufting machines, which can be configured to produce many different carpet styles and constructions (including loop, cut, twist and cut-loop).

    Godfrey Hirst works with the manufacturers of our tufters and is directly involved in the design and development of new pattern attachments. As a result, we offer many exclusive finishes, which combined with providing the complete spectrum of construction styles, presents a custom-carpet capability that is second to none.

    Improvements and upgrades made in recent years have also resulted in marked production efficiencies, such as decreasing the number of tufters in operation by more than 25% while achieving an overall increase in the amount of carpet produced.

    dyeing & printing

    Dyeing & Printing

    Godfrey Hirst operates fourdyeing systems:

    Solution Dyeing is used for selected synthetic fibres and is a process that fully integrates pigment with liquid polymer before extrusion.

    Batch Dyeing allows individual wool lots to be evenly coloured prior to the spinning process according to specific production requirements.

    Titan is the name of a computerised jet printing and fixing system developed by Godfrey Hirst for use on fully-tufted carpet. This award-winning system allows intricate designs and multiple colours to be applied in a single pass, matched completely for colour and correctness.

    The Kuster line is used for dyeing solid-shade woollen and nylon carpets. The dye solution is flooded over the moving carpet, allowing an even penetration of colour to be applied to the pile fibre.


  • message from our CEO message from our CEO

    qualityEach aspect of the production cycle, from raw material to delivery,is closely managed and rigorously inspected.

    finishing & quality


    Tufted carpet is fed through a laminating machine, which applies latex and a secondary backing to secure the tufts in place and give the carpet more strength. It then passes through a dryer to cure the latex. In cut or cut-loop products, the carpet will have passed through an off line shearing process to ensure uniform height and finish before the laminating stage. This is followed by a final inspection before the finished carpet is rolled and packed.

    Warehousing & Logistics

    All carpets produced by Godfrey Hirst are entered into inventory and despatched to our purpose-built facility in Laverton for warehousing before shipping throughout Australia or overseas.

    Carpet can be cut to specified lengths to suit customer requirements.


    Each aspect of the production cycle, from raw material to delivery, is closely managed and rigorously inspected. Testing and reporting procedures are implemented in accordance with our ISO9001 Quality Assurance Program Accreditation to ensure our high quality standards are maintained.

    finishing & quality


  • message from our CEO message from our CEO


    Godfrey Hirst is proud of its capacity to produce carpets that meet the very individual and complex needs of the residential carpet consumer.

    Our major brands, Godfrey Hirst, Carisse and Hycraft Carpets, comprise a vast range of textures, blends, patterns and colours to accomodate every consumer’s taste, style and budget whatever the application. Supported by an extensive network of retailers and retail groups throughout Australia, Godfrey Hirst products are readily accessible to prospective residential carpet consumers.


    A focus on the need for innovation, quick response to shifts in trends and constant development of new colour ranges and styles have helped position the company as a market leader.

    Godfrey Hirst carpets are engineered to be both stylish and practical and are available in an extensive range of patterns, blends and constructions. From polypropylenes and nylons to heavy-weight wool loop piles there is sure to be a carpet in the Godfrey Hirst range to suit most residential or commercial applications.

    Godfrey Hirst carpets are engineered to be both stylish and practical and are available in an extensive range of patterns, blends and constructions.



  • message from our CEO message from our CEO

    Made with premium quality wool, the Hycraft range features an exquisite palette of colour, texture and design, creating the perfect means to complement your style and enhance your home. Beautiful, practical and versatile, wool endures and has been the preferred choice in floor coverings for generations, offering summer comfort and winter warmth.

    Constructed with SoftelTM fibre technology, Carisse carpets offer superior comfort and performance within the home. Not only are they super-soft, they are also super-durable and stain resistant too. Supported by a vast range of colours and styles, the Carisse range is sure to appeal to the fashion conscious yet practical homeowner or interior designer.



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  • message from our CEO message from our CEO



    Godfrey Hirst, for decades has won Australian and international acclaim for the quality of its products and the reliability of supply to its markets. As testament to the company’s reputation, its carpets adorn the floors of major building developments across Australlia and the world.

    From a health or aged care facility to a five-star hotel, a major apartment complex or public building to a small office development, Godfrey Hirst has the experience to service the individual requirements of our clients far and wide.

    Our ongoing commitment to innovation and constant tracking of market trends ensures our capacity to inspire -and supply- the commercial sector with carpets that are both modern and practical.

    With the most advanced plant and technology in Australia, Godfrey Hirst can manufacture an endless range of products in a vast array of patterns, prints, blends, textures and colours.

    We offer an extensive range of stock lines and specialise in the supply of custom carpets, including intricate graphic and cut-loop designs, made to project specifications.

    A quality-endorsed ISO9001 company, Godfrey Hirst uses the highest standards and systems available. Our strategy of vertical integration provides complete control over manufacturing and beyond, from extrusion (nylon, synthetics) or spinning (wool, blends) through to logistics and distribution.

    In line with our Australian Greenhouse Challenge accreditation, we are committed to the environment and pro-active in finding ways to reduce greenhouse emissions and waste.

    As a leading carpet supplier tothe commercial sector, Godfrey Hirst services its clients with a dedicated team of sales representatives and a network of sales offices across Australia andin overseas markets.


    Godfrey Hirst produces the majority of its synthetic fibre requirements at its Fibremakers’ plant in Bayswater, Victoria, including its renowned Nylon 6 yarn system, Statron.

    Statron is a premium solution-dyed nylon yarn system developed and manufactured by Fibremakers. Characterised by its long-term resilience and durability superior stain resistance, static protection and anti-microbial capacity, Statron solution-dyed nylon is the practical option for commercial project carpets and particularly in Health / Aged Care applications. With a comprehensive bank of 70 base colours, Statron solution-dyed nylon offers high performing carpets with fashion and design flexibility in mind.



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  • message from our CEO

    Godfrey Hirst has been successfully exporting since the early 1980’s and ranks among Australia’s top 500 exporters with more than 300,000 broadloom metres of carpet supplied to overseas markets annually.


    Each year this figure grows.

    Godfrey Hirst produces more than 20 different tufted woollen carpets exclusively for export. Another proud facet of Godfrey Hirst manufacturing has been our ability to produce custom design carpets for hundreds of hotels throughout the world.



    Godfrey Hirst carpets grace the floors of private homes, corporate offices, hotels and other commercial installations in the

    Godfrey Hirst export offices are located in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore and are supported by a network of authorised agents globally.

    USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Korea, Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Brunei, Vanuatu, Guam, Bangladesh, Chile, Lebanon, Russia,Saudi Arabia, Oman and Fiji.

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    7 Factories RoadSouth Geelong

    Victoria 3220, AustraliaPhone 61 3 5225 0222

    Fax 61 3 5222 3885

    Email [email protected]