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  • 8/12/2019 Mers (Mermaid Dystopia)


    Mers by

    Ami Blackwelder

    Mers Chronicles: Book oneMERS

    Copyright 2011 by Ami Blackwelder

    Artwork 2012

    All rights resered! "o part o# this book may be $sed or reprod$ced by any means% graphic% electronic% or

    mechanical% incl$ding photocopying% recording% taping or by any in#ormation storage retrieal system witho$t thewritten permission o# the p$blisher e&cept in the case o# brie# '$otations embodied in critical articles and reiews!

    Ami Blackwelders books may be ordered thro$gh local book en$es and online retailers or by contacting the

    a$thor: http:((amiblackwelder!blogspot!com

    )his is a work o# #iction! All o# the characters% names% incidents% organi*ations% and dialog$e in this noel are

    either the prod$cts o# the a$thors imagination or are $sed #ictitio$sly!
  • 8/12/2019 Mers (Mermaid Dystopia)




    +$blished by Elo'$ent Enrapt$res +$blishingEdited by Elo'$ent Enrapt$res

    Copy edited by ,enni#er Brad#ord% Connie -ebb% and Ashley EganCoer art by Elo'$ent Enrapt$res

    +rinted in the .nited States by /ightning So$rce

    Complete series:


    2Ethans Empire

    Big )hank yo$ to my +eeps

    Alpha-Readers: Candi C$rtis% Anne Clark% Ao Bibliophile% rysta Banco% /inda Bass% 3enise 4aky% rdasila%

    /eilani% Chaarmedone

    Beta-Reader: Ashley Egan


    -hat lies beneath the s$r#ace56ne h$ndred years #rom now the world haschanged and bro$ght with it new #orms o# li#e!

    -ho are the Mers5 -ho is Mira5

    7 am not a Mer A simple b$t pro#o$nd statement that changes Miras li#e #oreer! Shealways knew she was di##erent! She neer '$ite #it in with the Mers! 8oweer% when her '$est to$nderstand her past leads her across the border that diides two astly di##erent worlds% shethinks the 9o$rney to #ind o$t who she really is will be an easy one!

    B$t% in ,ersey she #inds more '$estions than answers! )he arden State has become a

    conol$ted mi& o# Aristocrats who hate the Mers% +irates who want to sell them% and Magi whowant to $se them% #inding her tr$e identity will be a challenge% especially when her traelingcompanion is a Mer willing to #ight to the death!

  • 8/12/2019 Mers (Mermaid Dystopia)


    3edicated to my niece Brianna Blackwelder 3ais

  • 8/12/2019 Mers (Mermaid Dystopia)


    Table of Contents/iberty Shore/ate

    Reb$ildingCloserArg$e3e#iance;irst Sight3isg$ises3istinctionsEthan+oseidons SecretsCo$rtMaps

    Ma*esBreakreystorm+iratesShackledE&plodingi#ts o# the SeasAdri#tingshipMer oodsR$naway

    ;renemies"erissa"amesArt o# -ar3emiseRestoration

    +rolog$e: -e knew it was coming! Scientists warned $s that one day the +olar 7ce Caps wo$ld melt%coering most o# the land with water< with #ew e&ceptions! B$t% no one listened $ntil thewealthiest o# the world decided to create a sanct$ary% o# sorts% and hired workers to pile $p soilon a #ew regions to prepare them!

  • 8/12/2019 Mers (Mermaid Dystopia)


    7n this manner% Manhattan% along with Ellis 7sland% and "ew ,ersey were saed! )hey hadbeen cleared o# the pop$lace and their b$ildings destroyed by demolition teams% and then newdirt had been mo$nded $pon the old $ntil the once sea leel regions became high eno$gh toaoid the predicted #loods! Some considered barges% b$t as the sea leels raised% t$m$lt$o$s andoersi*ed waes destroyed them! )he rich knew they had to b$ild more stable gro$nd!

    )he planning and deelopment took decades% b$t the scientists co$ld not predict how early thereat 3el$ge wo$ld begin! 7ce caps melted #aster than reali*ed and the rain contin$ed #or monthsat a time! )he wealthy may hae b$ilt their land% b$t they did not hae time to b$ild the illasand condos as planned! Many o# them died in the #looding% leaing the land #or the s$riingpoor!!!!

    A#ter the #looding s$bsided% there was not m$ch le#t o# the old world% the sodden #actorieswere $nder water% as was most #armland! 3ry heat #rom the so$th migrated to the north in theEarths global warming stages! At least something good came #rom all the heat: cotton! Eeryoneco$ld $se it #or clothes!

    )he reat 3el$ge killed many h$mans% those who s$ried becamediided! )he h$man

    epigenome began to adapt% more '$ickly than anyone reali*ed it co$ld! -ithin decades% new

    #eat$res began appearing on a n$mber o# babies% tho$gh not all o# them shared thesecharacteristics! A new s$bspecies had been born and separated% e&iledas others called itb$tit didnt matter the name gien! )he treatment and the res$lts were the same! 8$mans did not

    want to intermi& with this new breed!!!d$bbed the Mers!

    /iberty Shore

    6n the abandoned shores o# what was once Ellis 7sland% Mira watched the pink hori*onblend with the s$btle tones o# grey and m$ted p$rples $ntil the broken sky became an endlessabyss o# blackness and co$ntless stars! 6nly the #aint tip o# the Stat$e o# /iberty s torch st$ck o$to# the bra*en waters% a reminder o# what once had been "ew =ork!

    Mira only knew o# a #ew liable places still in e&istence% s$ch as the states o# "ew =ork and"ew ,ersey! Certainly the Rocky Mo$ntains and Mt! Eerest s$ried! She had heard r$morsthere were bits o# land in what wo$ld hae been A#rica% E$rope% and Asia% b$t she had neertraeled o$tside o# "orth America to know #or s$re! Besides% she wo$ld miss "erin too m$ch i#she eer le#t% and she had eerything she wo$ld eer need right here% right now! 3idn t she5

    Mira #elt webbed #ingers slide oer her le#t sho$lder% as "erin plopped ne&t to her on the rockoerlooking the sea! 8e placed a doe into her open palm< one o# his many lea# origami designs!

    ;or yo$! ;or peace!!!and #or oercoming #ear! Mira watched his glowing eyes as he took a

    deep breath% en9oying the smell o# the salty sea! 8e co$ld hae any Mer on the island% and yet% hekept hanging o$t with her!

    )hanks% Mira bl$shed!

    7 knew 7d #ind yo$ here! "erin glanced in her direction% his eyes bright! =o$ know mewell% 7 g$ess! Mira bl$shed again% her #reckled cheeks reddening as she tilted her head towardhim!

  • 8/12/2019 Mers (Mermaid Dystopia)


    She shiered in the cool bree*e and bro$ght her legs $p and h$gged them with arms coered in amaroon sweater! "erin% so#tly combed his webbed #ingers thro$gh her bea$ti#$l% cherryred hair%as i# enchanted by it! -hat is it abo$t this spot5 "erin raised a dark brow aboe his yellow eyes% $ntangling hishand #rom her hair!

    7 don

    t know%

    she shr$gged!

    7 #eel on the brink o# discoery here!!!!like there is somethingmore beyond the hori*on!

    =es% more ocean% he ch$ckled< the crooked corner o# his lips rising as he la$ghed!3ont poke #$n! Mira n$dged him with a hard elbow! Besides% this place is important to

    yo$r!!!yo$% too! She almost said%=o$r kind% too% b$t remembered she didnt want to make that distinction% yet! 7# the othersnoticed her di##erences% as she did% no one said anything o$t lo$d!

    =es! "erin rolled his head back in tho$ght< his shining% yellow eyes matched the stars

    radiance in the darkened p$rple sky! Mira neer got oer the #act that his eyeseeryones eyesglowed yellow! -hy didnt hers5 )heres a lot o# history here% "erin contin$ed! 7ts notcalled /iberty Shore #or nothing! My parents told me this is the one place where Mers can lie


    Mira sighed% the mention o# the word Mers always bro$ght her tears close to the s$r#ace! 7tso$nded as i# they somehow did not belong to the h$man race% as i# their $ni'$e #eat$res e&istedonly to remind the h$man world o# the abominations o# od! -hy were there s$ch distinctions5A#ter all% the Mers didnt ca$se the #lood! 8ae yo$ eer een seen the o$tside world5 )he sleee o# her sweater #ell #rom hersho$lder! She #i&ed it% and then met "erins ga*e with her greybl$e eyes! She stared into hisglowing eyes% as i# trying to read his so$l!

    )he o$t!!!side world5 )he words ca$ght in his throat! 8e had been to the border where Ellis7sland met ,ersey% b$t no #$rther! .h!!!no% not really! -hy5 =o$ plan on going5 8is e&pressioncast a shadow o# dread oer her!

    7!!!dont know%

    she shr$gged% pretending she hadn

    t tho$ght abo$t it or planned it oer andoer again in her mind! 8ow she wo$ld sneak o## in the middle o# the night and peek% only peek%

    oer the border and% i# no one was aro$nd% how she wo$ld hightail it into the #orbidden city!S$re% she might get dirty and ac'$ire a #ew scrapes% and maybe een hae a #ew h$ngry andhomeless nights% b$t the answers she so$ght co$ld not be #o$nd on /iberty 7sland!!!

    >Mira% we hae been #riends #or ten years% 7 see the longing in yo$r eyes! =o$ can t hide it

    #rom me! And she co$ldnt!)hey had been best #riends since they were seen! "erin had s$rprised her as she stood

    by the water% the tide lapping oer her bare toes! ;iddling with her damp dress% she had splashed$p water with each wae! iggles were p$##ing her cheeks% and her cherryred hair was billowingo$t behind her! 8er attention had been #oc$sed on the salty sea% as he tiptoed behind her! -hen "erin hadreached her% he tapped her on the sho$lder and ca$sing her to spin aro$nd to greet him #or the#irst time #aceto#ace! +$ckering his lips% he had waited #or a kiss! 8e had balanced on his toes%teetering as he leaned #orward!

    7nstead% Mira had slapped him across the cheek% her cheeks t$rning bloodred while"erins #ace bl$shed pink! 8er #ace was #$rio$s% as i# she was warding o## enemies% she watchedas he had st$mbled backward in s$rprise

  • 8/12/2019 Mers (Mermaid Dystopia)


    )hat was ten years ago% now% the