Merlin Gerin MCset Metalclad switchgear with withdrawable ... ... Schneider has equipped medium...

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Transcript of Merlin Gerin MCset Metalclad switchgear with withdrawable ... ... Schneider has equipped medium...

  • Merlin Gerin MCset Metalclad switchgear with withdrawable circuit breaker 1-24kV

  • 1Schneider Electric


    MCset presentation 2

    MCset range 10 Presentation 10 Technical characteristics 12 Operating conditions 13 Protection of people 14 Internal arc protection 14 Dependable mechanical control devices 15

    Choice of functional units 16

    Cubicle description 18 AD type cubicles incomer and feeder 18 CL - GL type cubicle line-up bussectioning 20 TT type cubicles metering and busbar earthing 22 DI type cubicles switch-fuse feeder 23

    Protection, monitoring and control 24 The protection system 24 Sepam 2000 26 Instrument transformers 30

    Switchgear 34 Withdrawable parts 34 LF Circuit breaker 36 SF circuit breakers 40 Rollarc contactor 44

    DI switch cubicle 48 Withdrawable part extraction 51

    Installation 52 Implementation examples 52 Connections 54

    Cubicle equipment 56

    Current transformers (Selection guide) 58

    A few references 59

  • MCset presentation Field of application

    MCset adapts to all electrical power distribution requirements from 1 to 24 kV. MCset is an indoor, metal-clad switchgear unit intended for the MV section of HV/MV substations and high power MV/MV substations. ■ for all your applications: ■ power station auxiliary substations ■ industrial process substations

    ■ MCset offers you: ■ pre-engineered and adaptable solutions tailored to your specific

    requirements ■ significantly reduced maintenance ■ local support centres throughout the world.

    ■ MCset gives you the advantages of: ■ continuity of service for your networks ■ enhanced safety for your staff and operations ■ optimized investment throughout the life of your installation ■ the possibility of integrating your Medium Voltage switchboard in a

    monitoring and control system.

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    2 Schneider Electric

  • MCset presentation Field of application

    The MCset offer Protection and control of medium voltage switchboards is possible at three levels: ■ the MCset cubicle: ■ MV switchgear and connections ■ transformers (current, voltage, etc.) ■ auxiliaries (earthing switch, lightning arresters)

    ■ the protection, monitoring and control unit for each cubicle: ■ pre-engineered low voltage systems, based around the Sepam offer ■ custom designed systems.

    ■ monitoring and control software for your electrical installation allowing you to manage your MCset switchboard.

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    3Schneider Electric

  • MCset presentation The experience of a world leader

    Schneider has equipped medium voltage networks with switchgear and protection, monitoring and control solutions for over 40 years. The MCset range benefits from the cumulated experience of an equipment base of over 100,000 functional units, 200,000 MV circuit breakers and 300,000 MV digital protection functions.

    MCset: the advantage of experience ■ 1950, invention of the “factory-built cubicle” concept ■ 1974, Merlin Gerin's first factory-built switchboard combining breaking

    and protection ■ 1985, invention of the digital “protection, monitoring and control unit”

    concept (Sepam range) ■ 1989, first integrated protection circuit breaker in the world without an

    auxiliary power supply ■ 1996, market launch of MCset

    In choosing MCset, you have the key advantages of: ■ the extensive experience of the world leader in medium voltage ■ a host of solutions derived from the most modern concepts ■ a comprehensive solution designed to meet the most exacting

    standards of professionals involved in installing and operating public or private networks.

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    1958: Belledonnne 1980: Fluair 1987: Venus 1996: MCset

    4 Schneider Electric

  • MCset presentation Continuity of service and complete safety

    MCset is solidly based on extensive experience acquired throughout the world and provides your networks with a high level of dependability and safety. MCset integrates a host of innovative solutions designed around proven techniques: high performance switchgear, digital protection, monitoring and control systems, enclosures capable of withstanding internal arcing. From its very conception, MCset has taken account of three key user requirements:

    Reliability ■ type testing was carried out for each performance level in the MCset

    range ■ three-dimensional computer modeling techniques were used to study

    the electrical fields ■ the design, manufacturing and testing of MCset was carried out

    according to ISO 9000 quality standards.

    Simplicity ■ a user interface which is easily understood by everybody ■ interlocks and padlocks preventing operator errors ■ Sepam-type protection units enabling on-site information retrieval

    without any additional devices ■ maintenance limited to simple, routine operating checks and cleaning

    and greasing every 5 to 10 years ■ easy installation due to identical civil engineering dimensions for all

    cubicles and installation being possible against a wall.

    Safety ■ operations are all performed from the front, including access to

    connections and busbars ■ racking in and out is only possible with the door closed ■ the power-on indicator is situated on the front of the functional unit ■ the earthing switch has making capacity ■ one single ‘‘anti-reflex‘‘ handle is used for all MCset operations ■ internal arc withstand developed for all functional units.

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    5Schneider Electric

  • MCset presentation MCset, a comprehensive solution


    74 39

    1 Monitoring and control Optimizing your power supply means finding ways of reducing direct and indirect costs and ensuring continuity of service. To achieve this you need to know more about the way your electrical installation operates: protection plan, consumption, disturbances, harmonics pollution, etc.

    Mastering your power from A to Z…

    Operating costs

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    Operating and maintaining ■ real time network information ■ identifying available capacity ■ preventive maintenance ■ printing of reports.

    Ensuring power quality ■ detecting problems through anticipation ■ diagnosing disturbances due to harmonics ■ monitoring neutral point currents.

    Availability of supply Minimizing power cuts ■ diagnosing network faults ■ managing the network from a remote site ■ trouble shooting assistance ■ network reconfiguration following a fault.

    Enhancing reliability ■ detecting voltage disturbances ■ providing automatic source transfer ■ monitoring the protection plan ■ managing the load sustaining plan.

    Power consumption Reducing energy costs ■ managing peaks in consumption ■ optimizing your power contract ■ improving the power factor ■ automatic load shedding.

    Saving energy ■ analyzing operating trends ■ making users aware of costs ■ internal cost allocation.

    6 Schneider Electric

  • MCset presentation MCset, a comprehensive solution


    72 99


    Protection and control Real time circuit breaker monitoring ■ circuit breaker position (open, closed, tripped) ■ trip threshold, load percentage ■ fault diagnosis, information on causes of tripping.

    Circuit breaker control ■ remote control through the communication system (open / closed) ■ automatic control diagram display.

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    Schneider Electric monitoring and control solutions ■ Protection, monitoring and control units (Sepam) for functional units ■ A standard power logic system (SMS) software package for installation control ■ Integration of MCset in all monitoring and control systems: ■ communication with a Modicon plc unit ■ open-endedness through a standard protocol (Modbus). ■ Customizing the system to meet your exact requirements.

    7Schneider Electric

  • MCset presentation MCset, a comprehensive solution


    74 39


    Schneider Services, by your side throughout the life of your installation

    Specifying We help you to define your solutions: selection guide, technical assistance, advice…

    Implementing We oversee the completion and commissioning of your installation: design, cost optimization, guaranteed performances and dependability, commissioning tests, etc.

    Operating We help run your daily operations in real time: maintenance contract, technical assistance, supply of replacement parts, corrective and preventive maintenance, operation and maintenance training, etc.

    Modernizing We can bring the performance of your installation up to date: installation audit, switchgear diagnosis, adaptation and modification, end of life recycling, etc.

    Examples of services provided ■ Warranty extension: A warranty extension is proposed if your installation is checked by ourselves before being commissioned.

    E 74

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    ■ Circuit breaker-contactor diagnosis: Throughout the life of the equipment, it is possible to carry out routine measurement of its characteristics in order to optimize maintenance. This service may be part of a global installation maintenance contract.

    ■ End-of-life recycling: Schneider Services has an operational subsid