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Night shopping in the bazaar

New sweaters for Mussoories cold weather

Mussoorie StyleHats & Gloves

Walking the Mussoorie Mall

Chicken shopping for Christmas dinner curry

Grandmas Christmas dinner spread

Dosa for Dad at the Madras Cafe

Sabzi under the stairs

Stepping out from the Pine Point flat

Aarons school through grade 3 class of 99

When Daddy was very small, he enjoyed fitting himself almost completely into this little hole in the wall!

We lined up here every morning to go to our classrooms

Woodstocks Quad, where they still play four-square

Looking outover the Doon Valley and Woodstocks dorms

Exploring the climbing wall in Woodstocks magnificent new gym

Behind the water pipes

Hanging out at Chhaya Cafe

A stop at Kulris Coffee By The Way

Breakfast with Lori & Kunwar in Sainji on a side trip that also included Herbertpur, Dehradun, and Rajpur

Sainji cricket with Rohnit and Kajal

Road above the Jamuna River

Rainbow Falls

Foot bridge over the Jamuna River

Jamuna yucca in bloom

On the grounds of Lehman Hospital in Herbertpur, where Aaron had eye surgery at age 3

Lunching along Chakrata Road

Strolling in Dehraduns Paltan Bazaar

The Morris Traveler we drove when Aaron was very young now part of Vijay Aggarwals collection of antique autos

In the Pine Point living room

Sun setting behind Mussoories winterline