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  • 1.DemotivationalPosters
    Jack Gamble

2. Motivational Posters
A Demotivational poster is a parody of a motivational poster. Motivational posters are pictures with an inspirational quote created in order to motivate the reader. They try to make the reader achieve more and to see things in a new and interesting light. The posters are meant to have a positive effect on the people looking at them.
3. Demotivational Posters
Demotivational posters are parodies of motivational posters. The posters are usually humorous, others can be cynical in the terms of there content. An example of a cynical poster: a picture of a sinking ship with the caption "MISTAKES: It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others."
4. Cynical Poster examples
5. 6. 7. Humorous Posters