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Slidedeck for the November 16, 2010 "Top Ten LinkedIn Tips" presentation. The content for this presentation was crowdsourced from the Silicon Halton members, largely via a LinkedIn Group discussion thread. Breifly: Slides 4 - 7, 14 address SEO, being sure *you're* found on the internet and *what* they find. slide 9 - to share your knowledge with those in your network. Slide 11 & 13 - Groups & Answers. Can be a huge value add to your professionally or to your business, or sink-hole of time. Slide 15, 17, 20 - find people.

Transcript of Meetup 13: LinkedIn Top 10 Tips

  • 1. LinkedIn Top 10 Tips

2. Un-Agenda Top 10 Tips Do and Dont 3. 1. Have a rich full profile: Add a photo Write a summary Use lots of keywords regarding your expertise to allow you to be found Enable "full view" to increase your Google page rank Emphasize you, not your company your site, not your companys Give and get recommendations (Just a single one looks silly) 4. 2. Claim your short public profile URL your brand. Have it contain your name. bad 5. 3. Insert your email address and/or phone no. in your Summary section of profile (or part of your "Name"). You want to be easily reachable. e.g. John [at] 6. 4. CRM - Use the LI comments section for your own notes about the contact. 7. 5. Add high-value content infrequently to your connections. Just enough to keep the connections alive. Example: promote your blog or website. 8. Be selective in including Twitter or Facebook updates on LinkedIn. Think of your audience and your goal! 9. 6. Groups: Join relevant groups to increase your connectibility and represent your target audience/buyers Participate to build brand Turn off group updates to reduce LI noise. (Groups | My Groups | visually select group | Goto | Settings | check/uncheck as desired ) Sort Groups (Groups | My Groups | Edit the order of your groups ) Expose Groups that help build your brand (Youre known by the company you keep!) 10. 7. Remove LinkedIn Contacts when needed 11. 8. Answer Questions. Follow Questions via RSS! Subscribe to the RSS feed for question categories that relate to your area of expertise so you can easily track and answer. Being seen at the top of the answer list provides exposure and builds credibility. 12. 9. Add appropriate applications Slideshare,, etc. 13. 10. Use Google to data mine for people. E.g. Fuse Networks 3 hits, anonymous 74 full hits (inurl:in OR inurl:pub) -intitle:directory -inurl:dir -inurl:jobs fuse networks" 14. BONUS tip for iPhone users Get the free LinkedIn app and use the In person feature (with Bluetooth enabled) to instantly connect with people you meet 15. Review event lists see whos going Personalize your invites Engage with your groups Use LI to keep in touch as connections move to new organizations 16. Never spam Do not send generic invites Dont dominate your LI updates with tweets Remember to make your email address visible 17. Configure LI with at least two email addresses. You don't want to get locked out. Engage in discussion boards to do market research. 18. Use for recruiting; its a great way to find passive candidates. Post jobs on Group job boards that target your candidate market at no cost. Networking - post jobs in Activity Updates to expand your candidate- search reach. 19. Your tips?