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Swords, Armour, Jewelry

and More!

2002 Edition

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17th Century War ArmourWearable Armour Made in Italy!The Armour of War is defined as the type of armour for combat that afforded protection to the vital areas of the body, yet was light weight and comfortable enough as not to tire a knight, nor constrict his freedom of movement in battle. This incredible articulated wearable suit of reproduction War Armour of Milanese design is made in Italy, the renown hub for armour manufacturing during the middle ages. The steel has been treated to create an antiqued finish that not only has a look of authenticity but is historical. Armour used in battle was often darkened so that it would not shine in light, as to keep a knight from becoming a glistening target for the enemy. It also afforded protection for the metal in wet battlefield conditions. This armour is is a true site to behold, as it stands about 6-1/2 foot in height on its hardwood base. A glorious armour for all historians and warriors at heart!

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1-800-516 EDGEe would like to thank our old friends who have helped us grow in the last eight years, and welcome new ones to share in the magical excitement and wonders of our medieval world...


Believing that everyone likes unusual items which inspire awe and admiration from their friends and colleagues, Knights Edge Ltd. continues to travel the world from ancient medieval towns to bustling modern day hubs with one mission in mind - "To find great treasures and bring to you their charm and romance at an affordable price." We don't stop there, and unlike other companies who merely resell, Knights Edge Ltd. is the designer and exclusive importer of much of what we carry. From our Majestic European Swords, awesome medieval weaponry and hand-crafted pieces, you can be assured of the quality, as we personally evaluate and test each item for consideration in our catalog. We are especially proud of our exclusive product lines such as RitterSteelTM, StageSteelTM and Valiant ArmsTM lines of weaponry and with your support, we will continue to grow and add new and exciting items by seeking out artisans and craftsmen from around the world. As was once said, "Life is what you make of it! Paupers to Princes, the happiest are those who are self-fulfilled". So if you wish to touch upon the age of Chivalry and Honor, just browse through these catalog pages, visit our website or make an appointment to visit our authentically themed 2000 sq. ft. showroom filled with items that will fill your heart with the excitement, mystery and magic of an unforgettable medieval era ! Look throughout the catalog for these fine product lines:

17th Century War Armour6221 $3,998

On the Cover...The Armour of Friedrich des SiegeichenThis very fine fully articulated and wearable reproduction of the 15th century armour belonging to German Noble, Fredrick I, Count Palatine of the Rhine is a sight to behold! You may visit The Waffensammlungen (Arms Museum) in Vienna, Austria to view the original or own a magnificent suit of historically styled quality armour emulating the style and workmanship of the renown medieval Milanese Missaglia armoury of Italy wherein the original was made. This very impressive, quality steel suit of armour comes complete with stand towering almost 7 feet high on a heavy wood museum base. A Magnificent Wearable Masterpiece Made in Italy! 6220 $6,998

Knights Edge exclusively designed high quality premium functional hand-made weaponry produced for us in the Philippines using age old techniques. They are works of art, to be handed down to future generations. Sharp high carbon spring steel blades hand forged in hot coals.

Knights Edge exclusively designed functional stage quality weaponry hand-made and produced for us in the Philippines incorporating mostly full tang and welded design for superior strength. Strong, thick blunt edge carbon steel blades are great for live action combat.

Knights Edge is proud to offer a fine array of hand crafted armour, helms and swords made for us in India. Blades are made of tempered carbon steel of much higher quality than most available. Unsharp blades can be sharpened.



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A Time of Knights...Dragon SeasThis fearsome dragon dramatically sits upon the bank of his island perch. He is ready to defend his treasure against any pirates and all others who seek to approach his shore and steal his fortune! Glowing with the colors of coral and armed with his magical orb, he is invincible and a truly magical sight! Cast in cold resin and meticulously hand painted with superb detail this wonderful creature stands 7 high. 5012 $29.98

Medieval Knights HelmetThe Kings DaggerIn the legends of Knights in Shining Armor, the gallant knights wore helmets styled as this! Our actual working replica closely resembles the original snug fitting Armet style helmet that became so popular throughout Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries. Each is a very authentic full size wearable collectors piece, hand-crafted in 18 gauge steel. An impressive addition to all collections! 8108 $250

A regal dagger fit for a King! This unique and stealth dagger is a must for every collector of quality blades and makes the perfect companion piece for our 2007 Lord of Kings Sword (Shown opposite page). Each piece is individually made with a blade of high carbon spring steel that has been hand forged over hot coals. Each solid brass pommel and guard has been hand cast to fit the handle made of exotic ebony wood. This sharp and regal dagger comes complete with leather sheath. Blade is 1-1/8"W x 11-1/2"L. Overall length 17-1/4". 2202 $96

Lord Of Kings SwordThe Gallant Knighton HorsebackThis skillfully crafted sculpture of a princely knight in shining armour courageously charging into battle has been individually hand painted using a variety of special techniques to bring out the rich and delicate tones. This hand melding of colors and attention to detail make each figurine a true masterpiece in beauty and design. Cast in cold resin. 15 high. 4875 $76.50 The majestic Lord of Kings SwordTM is a hand and a half treasure measuring 46 long with a 36 long carbon steel blade which is hand forged and tempered over hot coals for authenticity. The solid brass pommel and guard are very ornate with a look fit for a king! The hardwood handle is sectioned by brass spacers allowing for a comfortable and sure grip. The hand poured brass creates the gleaming pommel and guard. A swift and fully functional blade made for those who see only the BEST!


Giant Banner FOUR FEET TALL!

Knights on Horseback

Rampant Knight BannerThis silvery Knight in Armor charges gallantly into battle upon his rampant steed! Deep black top with complementing Royal blue bottom. LARGE (48 H x 22-1/2 W) 602 $38

These beautiful Italian crafted pewter knights mounted on regal steeds add the perfect touch to your castle decor! Each is 6 inches tall, elegantly gold accented and mounted on a black wood base. Complete with a miniature knights weapon. Knight with Mace 4864 $39.20 Knight with Sword 4866 $39.20 219 Sword Hangers 222

Included is a custom fitted brown leather sheath. Blade: 1-5/8"W x 35-1/2"L. Overall length of 46 2007 $268

SWORD HANGERSDistinctive ways to display your sword and weaponry collection!KNIGHT: A pair of medieval knights displayyour weaponry in style! For horizontal or angle mounting. Antique pewter finish. 219 $16.98 VERTICAL SCROLL: Vertical set for 1-3/4 maximum width blade. Scroll design. Silvertone finish: 217 $14.98 Bronze finish: 222 $14.98



Armour Made in Italy!

Knights, Faith and the Holy Wars that changed History!

Medieval Full Suit ArmourItalian armour has been highly sought after throughout the centuries by Knights and Nobility in Europe. Our superb reproduction of Medieval Armour is crafted in the styling tradition of those master craftsmen who created the originals for kings and their soldiers. This suit of wearable articulated armour has a highly desired blued plate finish duplicating the appearance of the medieval originals that can be seen today in museum collections around the world. This exquisitely crafted blued steel armour stands about 6-1/2 foot tall on a quality wood base. Complete with sword and stand. Medieval Blued Full Suit Armour 6210 $2,998

V ideo Set

Over 2 Tall!A magnificent four volume chronicle of the Crusades, one of histories most epic chapters. Filmed on location throughout Europe and the Middle East, this acclaimed production brings the Crusades to life with an army of innovative techniques including animated mosaics, restaged battles and extra-ordinary computer graphics. Witty, factual and fascinating, this incomparable collection will delight both young and old! Hosted by Terry Jones, of Monty Python fame. (4 video set) Running time is about 50 minutes each tape. 552 $59.98**Only unopened videos in original packaging will be accepted for returns.

Sterling Silver


Chainmail armour at its best! Each incredible armour is painstakingly and skillfully created by hand using 7/16 inner diameter steel rings. Amazingly, each ring end has been flattened and riveted to prevent separation of links and styled in the European 4 into 1 ring fashion just like the museum originals! You can marvel the originals or get your own fantastic creation, fully wearable and very hist