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  • 1. Target Audience Research ConclusionsThe proportion of males and females that took part in the research.Males8Female76543210 Janay (f)Robert (m) Rahul (m) Julio (m)

2. Everybodys results combined Males FemalesThese results show that we had used a sample size of 40 people.50% of our respondents were males and 50% were females. Wechose this proportion because our target audience consists of bothmales and females. Janay, the only female in our group, receivedresults mostly from females. This was helpful as it helped to bringthe total results to be 50/50 between males and females asRoberts results were mostly from males. 3. Most popular results30Hip-Hop25RnBRock20Soft RockAcoustic15FolkElectronic10HouseGarage5DubstepDrum and0Bass Favourite Musical Genres Pop Our results show us that by far, our samples most popular genre was Hip-Hop and RnB. The reason for this could be because the majority of our respondents were Asian and they tend to typically favour these genres compared to the rest of the other genres. Other genres, like Rock, Electronic Dubstep and Pop were fairly at consistent levels. These tend to be favoured mostly by White males and females. Folk music was the least popular, mostly likely because it is most favoured by older people but only 2 people who were +41 participated in the survey. This however may be not important as they are not particularly our target audience. A few genres that were not given mention as selections were bought up by respondents like Reggae, Bashment and Metal 4. Most popular aspects in a music video2520 The Performance15 A Narrative A Concept10 Visual/Visual Art CGI/Animation50Favourite Aspects of a Music Video Visual Art was the most popular option, with narrative being second. Performance was the second least popular option. This was surprising as most big budget music videos (for example Lady Gaga and Rihanna) are performance based music videos, with some narrative playing a part. . 5. Age Make-up of Total ResultsUnder 15s16-2425-3031-4041+Racial Make up of Total ResultsWhiteBlackAsianMixedOther 6. Should a Music Video of a Particular Genre Stick to a Particualr Style Yes NoNumber of People Who Watch Music Videos Made by Independent/Unsigned Artists Yes No Do Not Know Majority of respondents answered that they do listen to independant/unsigned music. The majority of those who answered yes were those who listen to Dubstep, Drum and Bass and Acoustic music. Those who answered No and Do Not Know were mostly those who ticked Hip-Hop, RnB and Pop music. 7. Opinons Changed by a Music VideoOpinons Changed2520151050YesNoYes NoDepends onPositively Positively Negetively Negetively the Genre Preferance of Where a Music Video Should Be Shot At 18 16 14 The 12majority answered that a music did change their opinion of a song because of a music video. This is interesting as Pop music is often 10 associated with fancy and big budget music videos, yet in our survey, this was the least popular genre. Therefore, perhaps the music industry relies8 on the music video, rather than the actual song, to get aPreferance of single high the6 singles chart. Where a MusicVideo Should Be4Shot At The majority had responded by saying the it doesnt necessarily 2 matter on where a music video should be shot. Perhaps indicating that it is more so the creativity of the music video that keeps the 0 Interior External Mixture Doesnt audience watching. Studio Locatation Matter