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How did you Attract/Address your Audience?

Media Studies As- Evaluation Q5How did you Attract/Address your Audience?

Magazine FeaturesLanguage:Within the text based part of the magazine I tried to keep the language balanced with elements from both formal and informal styles of writing to cater for most audiences who are interested in the genre of music I am presenting within my magazine.

Magazine FeaturesFont:Throughout my production work the fonts I have used vary consistently, however I have kept a general theme in terms of the style. This includes fairly bold, lengthy fonts for titles, subtitles and headings to represent captions and information. Then leading onto fonts which are more stylistic in terms of the magazines name; Blizzard. These fonts have been used to post a house style for the magazine and to maintain that throughout. However the fonts used in general for text also varied consistently as I didnt want to use the same three fonts throughout the magazine.

Magazine FeaturesImages:Imaging has also been consistent throughout my production work in that the way that the individuals have been dressed represents the theme of the magazine. This includes clothing such as parkers/hoodies, baggy trousers, trainers/shoes etc. The images taken include low angle shots, reaction shots, group shots, rule of thirds and medium shots so that a variety of shot types are provided to give the magazine more complexity.

Magazine FeaturesMasthead:In terms of production my masthead was well thought out and themed with the house style colours of the magazine. The design included an almost blood red background with the logo, Blizzard and a layered image on top. This representing smashed glass in relation to the CVI as it seems as though the reaction from the reaction shot has taken effect on the background of the logo. Leading to magazine being more visually appealing towards the reader.

Magazine FeaturesLayoutThe layout of the magazine was based on ideas taken from multiple magazines including Q, NME and KERRANG! From this I was able to develop my style of magazine through the planning and production stage of work incorporated with the correct and appropriate conventions.

Magazine FeaturesText:The only text heavy parts of the magazine were as part of the double page spread to caption and explain the interview previously planned and written.As for the other parts of the magazine, text was only necessary to caption images or to highlight importance such as the use of titles on the front cover and images followed by captions throughout the content page to relate to a meaning or purpose.