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1. Question 5How did you attract/address youraudience 2. Must of my focus was on my front cover, this isbecause this is what will stand out most whenpeople see it in shops and base their decision tobuy a magazine on what it looks like the first timethey see it. Although I have used quite dark colours to stickwith the genre of the magazine, I have also usedsome yellows to highlight some important pointsas the bright colour will attract the reader to themagazine.Having the price set as 1.90 attracts the audience as it is a reasonably low price topay for a magazine that comes out every two weeks that contains a lot of thingsinside.The website also attracts the audience as they have more than one way of reachingthe magazine as they can interact with Krash online 3. The photo also has direct address as the artist in thepicture is looking directly into the readers eyes andthey feel like they have a connection and moreinclined to buy it. The photo also has a symbol of adrum kit in it as the magazine is a music magazineand the artist is a drummer so this contrasts welltogether. The language I have used is also important to thesocial groups I am representing. I have usedsimplistic language and nothing to ambiguous orcrude it aims at a wide range of people, it also makesthe magazine seem more mature and language thateveryone can understand and read. 4. The cover lines will then makethe reader want to buy it asthey dont give away to muchinformation and draw in thereader. I have also kept a degree oforganisation to the page so thereaders know what story iswhat and they arent put off bybusy, clustered page. 5. The double page spread isrelatable to the audience as it is atypical punk rock band and it isabout how they are back on themusic scene, something fans willbe interested in. The title is also soblunt that it makes a point andmakes the article soundinteresting as the return indicatesthey have been somewhere sofans will want to know where theyhave been and why they havecomeback.The use of different picturesalso attracts the audience as itis almost like a story of the duoin pictures and fans like toolook at pictures of bands andnot being serious and having asilly side to relate to fan baseas they are real people 6. By asking people in my target audience to voteon different things and have their opinion reallymattered in the making of my magazine as if itdidnt go with what they wanted they wouldntbuy it. I put up polls on my blog and when I wasmaking the magazine I asked people how theythink I should change things to make it moreappealing to the audience so their was morethan one opinion in the making of themagazine, although some of the responses wasfrom people outside my target group it wasbeneficial as every opinion matters and helpedme make a magazine that fulfilled expectationsof target readers.